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May 24, 2016

'Things Could Explode' - The Beast Prepares At Home And Abroad As Collapse Survivor Speaks Out: 'It's A No Win Situation, They're Slaughtering One Another In The Streets Right Now'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The heartbreaking story out of Caracas, Venezuela tells us that 1 out of every 4 school children in the country has to drop out of search through garbage for food. This CBCNews story from today tells us that, according to one opposition candidate, Venezuela is "a real pressure any time, things could explode."†Grappling with total economic meltdown, protesters are clashing with the Venezuelan military while the government of Venezuela "plays hardball" in an attempt to block the opposition's recall effort of President Nicolas Maduro. While government plays games, Venezuelans starve. From Agenzia Fides.:

The economic, food and political emergency within the Latin American Country continues. In past months, in order to survive and find something to eat, one Venezuelan child out of four was forced to leave school and look for food among garbage. Insecurity, hyperinflation, hunger, is the dramatic economic and social situation that in particular the most vulnerable segments of the population of Venezuela is experiencing. In the last half of 2015 and in 2016, child malnutrition has reached 30% of the population, according to a sample of 4000 children examined in different schools in the Country by Bengoa Foundation, engaged in nutritional issues for more than 50 years. Currently, 25% of children had to leave school because they have nothing to eat. The pediatrician, vice president of the Foundation, says that most of the families have no money to buy protein foods, fruits and vegetables and only eat pasta.

Even though most Americans are hardly paying attention at all to what is going on in Venezuela, seemingly far away from our lives here, as we learn in the 1st video below fromjonah70757, 2016 is unfolding as 'an endless series of 'tanks across America' and debt as the NWO continues attempting to fully implement their 'beast system' in the West. In the 2nd video below, we hear directly from a 'survivor' of the economic collapse in Venezuela and the advice he shares could save lives.†


In a new story from Adam Taggart and in the final video below, we get an 'insider's' 1st hand experience of living through the current crisis in Venezuela.†
Having lived through, and escaped from, Venezuela just in the nick of time, these words of warning also ring true for Americans and may help to explain all of the preparation that we see in the 2nd video below. You can actually hear the interview with this man who was fortunate enough to escape a collapsing country before it was too late. His words of warning ring loud and clear to us here in America.:

The greatest points to keep in mind is overwhelming corruption. People get lost on what exactly went wrong in Argentina, in Venezuela, or whatís happening right now in Brazil. What they all have in common is that the people in charge had no real interest in doing things right; they really didn't care about destroying the country. They just cared about filling their pockets as much as possible.

Think of Venezuela this way: you have a country where water is more expensive than gasoline. What sense does that make? I mean, you had Hugo Chavez walking down the street pointing with his finger saying ďNationalize this. Nationalize thatĒ. And when he was saying "nationalize", he was saying "Steal this". He didnít have any great plans or political grandeur going on in his mind. He just wanted to steal as much as he could.

I know for a fact that theyíre slaughtering one another in the streets right now in Venezuela. For at least three years itís been a case of out-of-control crime and corruption over there. Itís not getting better any time soon unless something changes on a deeper level.

For the average "middle class" person in Venezuela -- educated and still holding on to a good job -- he needs two years of wages to buy a single plane ticket in his own currency. He needs to work for two full years to buy one single plane ticket -- he's stuck there. The problem is that he waited too long to leave. That's something important that I write about often: You have to know when to leave.†You needed to leave Venezuela at least three or four years ago; now youíre getting to the point where youíre stuck there. The official exchange rate between the USD and Bolivar is 1 to 10, but unofficially which is the real one you experience, †is more like 1 to 1,000. So they basically are starving you to death through a completely devaluated currency which is what youíre getting paid in.

Basically need to find ways of leaving the country by any means possible. What I would do if I was in Venezuela right now is I would leave on foot. I would leave any way I could, because itís not safe. I know people that have killed people surviving Venezuela, I actually know guys that had to do that to live. You can't even find some land and grow your own food. You cannot do that when you have the government stealing it from you. Itís a no win situation.


All across Venezuela, Americans are getting an up-close-and-personal look at what economic collapse looks like. Empty stores, blood running on the streets and a nation on fire, Venezuela is a nation in turmoil and now on the verge of total collapse. Imagine having to spend a full two-years worth of wages just to leave the country via airplane. We know that a record number of Americans have left this country; will the rest of us be simply 'stuck' here if we don't 'get out' soon enough? We have reported time and again that food has been used as a weapon for many centuries; it's clear that food is being used as a weapon against the people of Venezuela.†

We've also seen the ongoing preparation for a still unnamed event by government all across America that we've been reporting upon for the last several years on ANP. As Jonah tells us in the 1st video below, every day we get more proof that the 'nwo' is preparing to bring the beast system in. Is what's happening now in Venezuela a 'warning to the world' as Andy Hoffman suggests? In America, it's becoming more and more clear, we're running out of time.†

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