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March 20, 2017

'Stranger Than Fiction' - Lake Turned Into Acid After Underwater Volcanic Eruption As 'Explosive Events' Rock Pacific Ocean

- Eruption Dropped pH Of Lake From 7.5 To 3.2 Almost Instantly


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The newly published story over at reports 'explosive events are rocking the Pacific Ocean' with the Bogoslof Volcano in the Aleutian Islands 98 km northwest of Dutch Harbor, Alaska still in the midst of an 'active eruption sequence' that has been ongoing since the middle of December 2016. Erupting at least 38 times since then, the underwater volcano sent up another ash cloud on Monday, a short, 12-minute eruption compared to the average of 30 to 60 minutes since this 'eruption sequence' began according to authorities with the USGS.

Also claiming that the drifting clouds of ash being spewed by the volcano have been reaching altitudes exceeding 30,000 feet, they report that Alaska's volcanoes lie under Pacific aircraft routes and both commercial and recreational airspace have had ash clouds erupt within them, putting air traffic in possible danger.

“Eruptive activity has been dominated by a series of explosive events originating from below sea level,” according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

“(That has) resulted in drifting clouds of ash that threaten not only local air traffic, but also wide-body jets flying between North America and Asia.

“The most significant — and common — hazards from Alaska volcanoes are those created by ash clouds and ash fall.”

As we learn from several other new and recent stories outlined below, the continuous eruptions since Christmas of the Bogoslof Volcano aren't the only recent 'explosive events' now rocking the Pacific Ocean region.


Bogoslof Volcano is disintegrating its Island home as seen in photographs above.

First we'll look at an October 2013 story from Live Science titled "Stranger than Fiction: Volcanic Eruption Creates Deadly Acid Lake" within which they reported upon the 1996 underwater volcanic eruptions at Karymsky Lake in Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula which completely decimated the lake's ecosystem, killing off fish and trees throughout the region. 

Calling one chapter of their story 'a real life acid trip', the pH levels of the lake was so greatly changed by the underwater eruptions they discovered the pH had dropped from 7.5 to 3.2 almost immediately after the eruptions.

"Before the eruption, the lake was absolutely clear and after it was like an acidic hot spring," Taran told LiveScience's OurAmazingPlanet.

Comparing it to part of the 'acid lake' scene out of the 1997 Hollywood movie 'Dante's Peak', the lake which turned to acid
in Russia was followed quickly by the lake's death and destruction.:

But unlike "Dante's Peak," the acidity didn't kill the thousands of salmon living in Karymsky Lake, Taran said.
Death did come from below, but life in the lake first cooked to death, then was torn apart by tsunamis.

Here's what happened: The lake water steamed and boiled as superheated gas and lava broke through vents beneath the surface. Tsunamis up to 32 feet (20 meters) high pounded the shore with each new outburst, tearing out trees. New hot springs appeared. A small volcanic crater formed near the outlet of Karymsky River on the northern lake rim. Eventually, everything was covered with a layer of mud.

"The enormous waves, along with the sharp change in chemical composition and water temperature, led to the death of practically all life in the lake," researchers concluded in a 1998 account of the eruption published in the Proceedings of the International Symposium on Water Rock Interaction.


The February 23rd story from Fox News Science reports the mysterious 'warm water blob' in the Pacific Ocean (seen in photo below from Sept. of 2016) has been linked to a spike in ozone levels across the western United States. Also claiming this warm water anomaly was responsible for a "scrambled food chain" and warning it had brought "a host of strange ecological effects", we also see a well-needed dose of truth coming to us from the Fox News story.:

The toastier waters fueled some of the worst-ever toxic red tide algal blooms, and marine mammals died in droves as they struggled to find enough food in normally cold, food-rich waters. 

"What is now going on in the Pacific Ocean?" this new story from Sputnik News asks, pointing out the continually rising number of mass animal and sea-life deaths happening there, something that the MSM still refuses to properly cover. Whether via volcanic eruptions changing the pH levels of our oceans or something even more sinister and man-made such as radiation from Fukushima, the Sputnik News story points out our ecosystem is getting absolutely hammered whether or not the mainstream media reports upon what's really happening there.:

A local Alaskan website recently ran a story noting that, following last year's massive die-off of Alaskan seabirds, scientists still looking for answers. A biologist with US Fish & Wildlife Service, when asked how many had died, noted: "I would say possibly hundreds of thousands were killed." The biologist also noted something strange when she said: "And it's not just how many died, it's where they died. There were some in Lake Iliamna, down on the roads along the Kenai Peninsula, and all the way up to Fairbanks. (The birds) aren't supposed to be there."

When asked about the cause of death, the biologist noted: "Almost always it's been starvation… Sea birds are top predators." Asked about the importance of these birds, the biologist noted: "They're sort of sentinels for our environment. They have definitely let us know that there's change going on in the ocean ecosystem." Taking it all into consideration, the biologist summed it up by saying: "The refuge has been monitoring these colonies for 4 decades and it's like nothing we've ever observed before."


The shattering new story from ENENews reports 100's of millions of salmon are 'missing', presumed dead, and the state of Alaska has issued an 'emergency order' along the West coast canceling spring fishing due to the historically low number of salmon. Also reporting that ALL forms of life are now dying in stunning numbers in the Pacific, even the Trump administration wisely declared a state of emergency over Alaska's salmon fisheries industry.

This recent story from Fox News reports iron particles expelled by hydrothermal vents along underwater volcanic mountain ranges in the Pacific Ocean can travel thousands of miles according to a recent study. Proving to us once again that regional 'Earth changes' can have global effects, the 'most productive' volcanic systems on Earth are under the Pacific Ocean, accounting for 75% of the Earth's output of magma yearly and numbering over 75,000

The recent story from Stock News USA also warns us of the 'blob' and the 'explosive algae' growth along the West coast which is having devastating effects, not only on sea life and animals but human's as well. Warning that "Ozone pollution can cause numerous health problems, especially severe breathing disorders such as pneumonia, asthma and bronchitis", we see in their story another dose of truth we'll never get from the mainstream media.

Are the eruptions of underwater volcanoes somehow contributing to the massive die-off of fish and animal life that we've been witnessing for several years all throughout the Pacific Ocean region? Certainly between what is happening to our oceans and ecosystem via radiation from Fukushima and the underwater volcanoes continuously erupting under the Pacific Ocean, what is now happening to our fish and wildlife dying in mass numbers makes a little bit more sense.   

In the first video below we see a brief report about Bogoslof Volcano in Alaska while in the 2nd video, we see a quick video filmed recently at the 'lake that turned to acid', Karymsky Lake in Russia, and see the lake and some of the 'hot geysers' that are still exploding out of the ground there.

The third video below is an impressive collection of volcanic eruptions around the world, many of them filmed up-close-and-personal by unsuspecting witnesses capturing the actual moment of initial eruption. In the final video below we get a disturbing report from Gabor Zolna on the Pacific Ocean who warns that Fukushima is likely part of the globalists 'end game'. 


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