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November 17, 2016

'Fake News' Or 'Real News' THEY Don't Want You To Know About? It's Time America Puts The Mainstream Media Out Of Our Misery

- The MSM Has Become 'Dead Lies Walking'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story from Jessica Roy over at the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday PROVES to America and the world just how desperate the globalists now are to complete their takedown of America before the remaining American people AWAKEN and find out that we've been lied to by mainstream media harlots for a very, very, very long time. As this story from The Hill tells us, the BIGGEST LOSERS in 2016 were the MSM.

Listing some of our favorite websites publishing TRUTHFUL NEWS such as Breitbart, Zero Hedge, Infowars and Mike Adams' Natural News as purveyors of 'FAKE' news while the 2016 presidential election PROVED to Americans and the world that the REAL 'FAKE' news continues to be 'spewed out their blowholes' by websites such as the NY Times, CNN, MSNBC and the LA Times. With their complete noxious endorsement of everything 'Hillary' while declining to report upon the still-growing Clinton body count and her endless war crimes and crimes against humanity, Americans KNOW who the 'real' fake news is. You can see the full list of who's who in 'fake news' at the bottom of the story.

In their absolute last-gasp desperation to remain in business while their numbers continue to plumment and Americans continue to call them out for their never-ending series of despicable lies, reporter Jessica Roy and the LA Times are on their last legs and NOW is the time to put the MSM out of America's misery, peacefully and legally, of course.

With Steve Quayle recently calling for a massive boycott of the mainstream media, joining Barack Obama's own brother in seeking a boycott of the MSM, it's time that America 'puts the shank into the MSM's back' the way that the MSM desperately tried to 'put the shank in Donald Trump's back' along with their talking down to every 'deplorable' across America.

As we're told in this story from Vox, the top 20 'fake news' websites outperformed the REAL fake news (mainstream media) at the end of the 2016 election as seen in the chart below. And with the alternative news HUGELY favoring Donald Trump and REAL change over war criminal Clinton and the obvious 'same old same old' that she would have brought to this country, it's not the least bit surprising that the MSM is dying at a time when America is 'awakening en masse'.


Notice how the chart shows ALL alternative news listed as 'fake news'. They KNOW the MSM is 'dead lies walking'.

With the MSM and those who used to control the flow of information hoping beyond all hope that the alternative media will simply go away, the fact that the Drudge Report has been linking to many of those stories deemed 'fake' by those who don't want Americans to know the truth about what is really happening in our country and in our world helps prove that 'truth' does indeed have a chance in this world we're now living in.

And while crybully liberal college professor Melissa Zimdars and her 'list of fake news' largely targeted independent websites that didn't gush and swoon over 'everything Hillary', this new story from Mike Adams over at Natural News tells us that Merrimack College, the hub of liberal hatred and totalitarian censorship dreams, was DENIED accreditation for its business school according to its own students!!!

As Susan Duclos recently asked in a story on ANP, exactly WHO determines if news is 'fake' or 'real'? Should Americans simply allow communist totalitarians who despise truthful information such as Zimdars hold a monopoly over the truth? As Adams explains, Zimdars thinks that she alone is qualified to determine the "truthiness" of a website, and if your website doesn't obediently conform to liberal lunacy, Zimdars is going to name you "fake" even if you're more scientifically accurate and honest than all the leftist, lying media outlets put together.


With the Drudge Report recently linking to a story telling us China is looking for 'global governance of the global internet', America and the free world may be running out of time for truth if they're successful at bringing it all crashing down. As Adams also tells us, that is EXACTLY what those who want a totalitarian regime in America are looking for:

What she (Melissa Zimdars) wants, of course, is to erect a Communist China-style "great wall" blockade of truthful websites. This is necessary to catapult the false propaganda of the left, which Politifact will certify as "true" even if it's blatantly and absurdly false.

With even Google now vowing to 'fix fake news' (despite the fact they actually LINKED TO a 'fake news story' as their top story showing final election results), it'll be up to the American people to decide what news is 'real' and what news is 'fake' by their visits to websites. Of course we feel that ALL 'fake news' should be run out of business and that will be determined by the visits their websites are receiving.


Let the American people determine what is truthful or not truthful, not totalitarian dictatorial slime-scum such as Zimdars who determined that ALL news outlets not pushing the kind of news SHE wants to read is 'fake'.

As even president-elect Donald Trump tells us in the 1st video below, fake news websites such as CNN, BBC, NBC and all of the other websites pushing globalist dung exist for one reason and one reason alone - to enrich themselves, their globalist overlords and the corrupt DC swamp at the expense of the American people. In the 2nd video below we hear more about how desperate the MSM now is with them losing viewers 'en masse' while in the 3rd video below, Alex Jones from Infowars announces the Infowars 'fake news' analysis center.

So, ANP readers, we bring this to the floor. We welcome you to 'vote' via your comments in our comment section below. Are websites such as CNN, MSNBC, the NY Times, the Washington Post and ALL of the other garbage pushers the 'fake news' or are websites such as Zero Hedge, Infowars, Natural News and all of the other websites that you visit regularly actually the 'fake news'?

We'd also like to thank Mike Adams for the extensive list of names, email address and contact phone numbers for those pushing globalist lies and garbage at Merrimac College published below these videos. Please feel free to call and let them know about what YOU think about their 'list'. If you call, please let us know in the comment section below. We'd love to read your comments and we'll try to use some of them in a follow-up story in the next several days.

Tell Zimdars what you think... better yet, tell her colleagues! So, as an exercise in REAL feedback, from the real readers of a real website, I'm calling upon Natural News readers to politely contact Zimdars and all her colleagues, either by phone or email, to tell them what you think about being labeled a moron for reading a "fake news" website like Natural News (or All News Pipeline for that matter!)

You can reach Melissa "Mish" Zimdars at: [email protected]

Call Merrimack College directly at: Merrimack College 315 Turnpike Street North Andover, MA 01845 (978) 837-5000

If you'd like to reach the faculty staff at Merrimack to share your "fake" views with them, here's the contact list:

Jacob Turner Chair & Associate Professor of Communication
Room B17, Cushing Basement
[email protected]

Lisa Glebatis Perks Associate Professor of Communication
Room CB17, Cushing Hall
[email protected]

Andrew Tollison Assistant Professor of Communication
Room 306A, Cushing Hall
[email protected]

Raechel Tiffe Visiting Assistant Professor
[email protected]

Kevin Salemme Media Center Director
McQuade Library, Basement
[email protected]

Susan Bagley Koyle Adjunct Lecturer
[email protected]

Samantha Bruno
Department Admin Room B17, Cushing Hall
[email protected]


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