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November 10, 2016

Globalists Terrified About Trump Not Being 'Bound,' Beholden And Controlled By NWO Puppet Masters

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

One of my main criticisms over the last year of the coverage on Donald Trump supporters had been the consistent labeling of supporters as white nationalists, racists, xenophobic "deplorables" by pundits and liberal media outlets that were fast to ascribe reasons and motives to his supporters without ever bothering to observe conservatives sites, comment sections or even ask the question "Why do you support Donald Trump?"

Not wanting to make the same mistake as I have criticized them for, I have spent the better part of the day on liberal sites, observing their reactions, explanations, justifications to their readers as to how they got it all so wrong.

Four Advil and two very large cups of coffee later I have found the rare acknowledgment and mea culpa from those admitting they lived in a bubble, only listening to those in their own echo chamber of ideology, smug in their world view that they knew better than their readers or any American that disagreed with them, but the majority of others have remained completely clueless as to why, on November 8, 2016, Donald Trump won the presidential election.



One of the most clueless pieces I ran across this morning was over at the liberal website Slate, where the globalists supporting writer admits that liberals wanted a "bound" and beholden President, that could be "tied down by large donors," who would "guide" and "constrain"  or "steer" the president elect.

Below are two very telling quotes from that Slate article:

"The president-elect owes hardly anyone. The number of people who’ll be able to rein him in is vanishingly small."

"If Trump won’t be tied down by large donors, might he instead by hemmed in by the Republican Party?"

In other words Trump will have no puppet master and liberal are terrified of a president that cannot be controlled, that has run a campaign dependent on rural Americans, to which if you look closely at the map Stefan Stanford put into his latest article, delivered the election to Donald Trump.


The image above became a rallying cry for Trump supporters, understanding that those standing against Trump were the very people that were ultimately responsible for the dismal condition this nation is in right now. Trump campaigned against globalism, was labeled a "populist," and rode a wave of anti-establishment, anti-NWO, anti-globalist, sentiment.

What the Slate writer still doesn't seem to understand is the very reason given to their readers to be scared of a Trump presidency, is the exact reason that America voted in president elect Trump to be the 45th President of the United States.

When Donald Trump makes a mistake, and be sure he will, it won't be because people like George Soros is pulling his strings, it will be because Trump is not a "typical" by the party Republican, nor a career politician, hence the need to surround himself with those more familiar with how political maneuvering within Congress works to get laws enacted.

Flashback, January 2016:

Moving along to Huffington Post we see a screed that conclusively proves yet again that liberals learned absolutely nothing from election day, nothing from the "forgotten" and ignore voters, rising up and voting for a man beholden to no puppet master. The writer castigates his "friends" that voted for Trump:

I barely got any sleep last night. It wasn’t because the outcome of this election made me realize how many morons populate this country, I already knew that. It’s that trying to come to grips with the fact that a good portion of you, the people I know and like and respect, some of whom I even love, and whom I consider of above average intelligence, just shocked the sh*t out of me. Bottom line, I had no idea you were that selfish. No idea you were/are that stubborn, obtuse and so apathetic you’d happily sacrifice what’s left of our respect for each other, and our nation, just to prove a point. I’m literally speechless.

Unlike elections past, there’s nothing to feel good about today, as more than a few of you, my friends and relatives, cast your vote for a man who’s made clear his first order of business is to kick half his country’s citizens to the curb. This was not a win based on “Democrat” or “Republican.” This was a win based on hatred, discrimination and division. You just helped put in the highest office in the land, a man who’s been endorsed by members of the KKK, a man who’s demonstrated every trait we’ve been taught to despise since kindergarten ― lying, cheating, hatefulness, pettiness, name-calling, selfishness, bigotry, bravado, etc., etc. ― and a man who cares about nothing but himself. Basically, the exact opposite of what we’re taught a president should be, let alone a human being.

Another liberal so busy ascribing motives to his so-called friends but obviously didn't bother to ask them why they voted for Trump, showing he still doesn't get it.... voters didn't so much vote for a man, they voted against "business as usual," politicians that go into office with nothing and end up leaving as millionaires despite a modest salary, because they are so beholden and paid off by special interests, they generate wealth from the pockets of those living paycheck to paycheck and that can barely make ends meet. They voted for the "forgotten man and woman."


Perhaps instead of spending his time penning his screed he should have spoken to Trump voters across the nation, those rural voters that came out by the masses, despite the media's failed attempts to depress the vote by claiming Trump didn't have a chance. Perhaps he should have listened, watched, observed conservative websites, comment section and forums to understand that Trump supporters are everyday Americans sick and tired of the puppet masters running the show and turning our nation into a socialist experiment in order for them to line their pockets.

On and on it goes, liberal sites blaming the media as Salon does. The Daily Beast blames "Racism. Bigotry. Apathy. Third-party voters." Think Progress blames "racism." Vox highlights Samatha Bee blaming "white people."

I couldn't find one that blames themselves for supporting policies that ignored the suffering of those living in rural America. Not one willing to highlight Obama's open border policies that the majority of Americans believe is a problem. Not one willing to call out policies that have caused the persecution of Christians in America. Not one that acknowledges the disaster of Obamacare that was shoved down Americans' throats. Not one that willing to take responsibility for gleefully encouraging all the policies that the rural Americans just stood up and repudiated.

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National pollsters got it wrong, all but LA Times and IBD, that both listed Donald Trump as ahead going into election day, and now we are seeing them all frantically try to figure out how they got it so wrong, explain their methods and justify their biased projections using flawed data that was not representative of the electorate that showed up to vote.

This brings me to a Huffington Post article titled "Why HuffPost’s Presidential Forecast Didn’t See A Donald Trump Win Coming," where they explain their forecast was based solely on polls, and that "The model structure wasn’t the problem. The problem was that the data going into the model turned out to be wrong in several key places."

The the forecaster asserts "We don’t have a lot of answers about why the polls were wrong in the states where they missed. It’s still too early to tell. Rest assured, there will be a lot of analysis from pollsters and from the HuffPost Pollster team to figure that out."

This is basically representative of other articles attempting to explain why using polls that over-sample one group over another, and ignore key parts of the electorate, could be so wrong.

The simple answer without all the justifications they are offering, is that almost all the polls ignored the very people that Trump was talking to, campaigning for, addressing the issues of, and listening to.

The Trump campaign's internal polling "picked up disturbances others weren’t seeing—the beginning of the storm that would deliver Trump to the White House," as Bloomberg explains, where the campaign recognized, albeit late in the campaign, that they actually had a chance in places like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, which decisively put him over the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

Inside his campaign, Trump’s analysts became convinced that even their own models didn’t sufficiently account for the strength of these voters. “In the last week before the election, we undertook a big exercise to reweight all of our polling, because we thought that who [pollsters] were sampling from was the wrong idea of who the electorate was going to turn out to be this cycle,” says Matt Oczkowski, the head of product at London firm Cambridge Analytica and team leader on Trump’s campaign. "If he was going to win this election, it was going to be because of a Brexit-style mentality and a different demographic trend than other people were seeing."

Trump’s team chose to focus on this electorate, partly because it was the only possible path for them. But after Comey, that movement of older, whiter voters became newly evident. It’s what led Trump’s campaign to broaden the electoral map in the final two weeks and send the candidate into states such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan that no one else believed he could win (with the exception of liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, who deemed them “Brexit states”). Even on the eve of the election Trump’s models predicted only a 30 percent likelihood of victory.

The message Trump delivered to those voters was radically different from anything they would hear from an ordinary Republican: a bracing screed that implicated the entire global power structure—the banks, the government, the media, the guardians of secular culture—in a dark web of moral and intellectual corruption. And Trump insisted that he alone could fix it.

That is key. The Trump campaign didn't ignore those that the Democrats always ignore while they focus their effort on illegals, to which Obama told to vote, and sucking up to minorities in order to control them, then cast them aside once the election was over, or the "elites" and Wall Street to which they then become beholden and "bound" to - Trump spoke to and counted on those fogotten voters.... and they delivered.

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We are already seeing Snowflakes unable to accept reality, having their "safe space" ripped out from under them by Trump's election as president, rioting, protesting and having their little temper tantrums. This will continue with every decision Trump makes. Hopefully the Trump administration will make it policy to prosecute anyone committing violence and vandalism and those breaking the law, instead of peacefully protesting which is all of our right.

A message to those snowflakes outside the Republican party - Grow up. Life doesn't always offer a trigger warning and had you listened to Trump supporters instead of assuming you could read their minds and understand why they were supporting Trump, you might not have been caught so unprepared.

Before Donald Trump chose his Vice presidential pick, I said that he would undoubtedly choose a politician, he had to because the very reason many supported Trump, the fact that he himself was not a career politician, demanded and necessitated it in order to navigate congress since Trump had never had to do it.

That is exactly what happened.

A Message to snowflakes within the Republican party - 1.) Trump is a businessman, he will negotiate and any successful negotiation is dependent on give and take. The "art of the deal" is to ask for much more than you originally plan on getting and haggling to the point where each party walks away having gained something.

2.) Trump is not a career politician, therefore he will be surrounding himself with policy experts, many of which have been in the game for years, that is what makes them experts after all, so please don't whine at every pick, choice and decision because anyone that has been in the business for any length of time is going to have connections, and associations with groups or organizations that may not be approved of.

The proof will be in the pudding, the fact that their job now, no matter what it was before, is to help Donald Trump accomplish as much of his to-do list, called his "Contract With The American Voter," as the law will allow and which Congress will work with him on.

If you voted or supported Donald Trump for the presidency, knowing he was not a politician, then you had to do so knowing he would need career politicians in his administration in order to get anything done, so if you are going to moan about it despite having been aware of these facts before supporting him, then the same way you have the right to your opinion, I reserve the right to call you out for being a snowflake too.



Watching the complete freakfest by globalists and liberal supporters of the globalist agenda, where a shadow government pulls the strings of our nation's leaders, all terrified because a man who is "bound" by no one was elected,  shows that they have learned nothing..... and I say that not as ascribing this assertion by assuming what they are thinking, but by having spent my whole day reading their assertions.

Donald Trump's first day in office will be January 20, 2017, and then, and only then will his supporters know if he is going to fight to keep his campaign promises.

Everything he does until then, every person he chooses for his administration, every expert he consults with, should be with the goal of stepping into the White House prepared to fight for what he promised us.

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