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May 1, 2016

HAARP Weather Warfare Or 'Signs Of The End'?

Texas Pummeled Again As Scientists Warn 'Earth Changing Quakes May Have Power To Split Countries'  


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Over the past several weeks we have been witnessing a massive uptick in volcanic eruptions across the planet and according to this story from the Awareness Act, nobody really knows whyA story from Red Flag News last week told us that 40 volcanoes were erupting at that moment in time, 34 of them sitting along the massive 'Ring of Fire' that has also seen so many earthquakes in recent days. With some scientists now saying our planet is preparing itself for a world changing mega tremor with the power to split a country apart we have to ask, is what we are now witnessing across our planet simply 'natural' Earth changes or something much, much more? 

With the massive uptick in planetary earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in 2016, are we watching some of the results of HAARP, chemtrails and other forms of weather warfare as written about by Steve Quayle in his book "Weather Wars And Un-Natural Disasters" in which he warned of 'manmade earthquakes', and the men who'd like to be God playing with the 'devils HAARP'? Are all of these 'Signs of the End' as argued in the 2nd video below by ANGEL OF APOCALYPSE?

As we learn in this linked story from Dane Wigington on his GeoEngineering Watch Blog and in the 1st video below directly from Dane, the 'all out anthropogenic assault against planet Earth continues to decimate the entire web of life'. Are all of the myriad planetary changes that we're now watching a 'side effect' of 'weather warfare' being used upon our planet? Dane gives us a list of reasons seen below why we must all stand together
 and make our voices heard, for it is only in so doing that we can alter the outcome of what we are now watching unfolding we are told.: 

From the ongoing climate engineering insanity to the completely out of control military "exercises" that are killing countless life forms in what is yet left of our once thriving oceans, collapse will come soon on the current course. Global temperatures are skyrocketing and shattering all former records. Deadly heat and record drought in India are wreaking havoc on the population and it is only April, the hottest months of the year are yet to come. Climate engineering is nothing less than weather warfare, and it is playing a massive part in the unfolding climate chaos (though there are countless other contributing anthropogenic factors). Why is such a large percentage of the population so willing to completely ignore the insanity? Because they are in one way or another invested in the very companies helping to create it.


The story on Saturday over at the Extinction Protocol tells us that people are more likely to die in an 'extinction level event' than in a car crash. While the study done by the UK-based Global Challenges Foundation seems quite far-fetched considering the lack of 'extinction level events' that the world has recently witnessed, the study also found that across the span of our lives, the average American is more than five times more likely to die during a 'human-extinction event' than a car crash. To make what seems to us to be 'fuzzy math' more clear, over a lifetime scale, one in 120 Americans will die in a car crash but it is estimated that there is a 9.5% chance of a 'human-extinction event' in the next 100 event that will wipe out just about everybody. Do they know something that we don't know? 

We also see once again that the state of Texas is being hit with massive amounts of horrible weather as 
read in this story and seen in the 2nd and 3rd videos below. We've previously reported on ANP that Texas appeared to be under 'weather warfare' by the NWO for standing up against several of their plans including Texas' plans to 'repatriate' their gold from the Federal Reserve as well as standing strongly against the NWO's 'open door' immigration policy for America and the UN's disarmament agenda

Is the deadly weather that we're now witnessing in Texas 'geoengineered weather warfare' as looked at in the 4th video below from 
jonah70757? Whether or not what we're witnessing in Texas and elsewhere around the world has been caused or influenced by man's attempt to 'play God' or not, we know our planet needs no help from man and as Wigington proves to us in the 1st video, mankind's attempt to 'play God' could lead to our extermination.

As for our planet, as the 5th video below from DutchSinse shows us with another volcanic eruption, Earth has been extremely volatile and highly creative for far longer than humanity has been here. 
The changes that have taken place upon the surface of our planet throughout its history are almost uncomprehensible to the human mind which leads us to ask, are we really now witnessing 'end times' events as warned of long ago? Adding 'weather warfare' into this already highly volatile mix clearly ushers us onwards towards destruction.


In the final video below, a video that Steve Quayle previously linked to as his 'video of the day', we learn from the Bunker Report that a high-level FEMA meeting recently took place after which our videographer came to the conclusion that humanity will soon be facing disasters of a new caliber in the future. He shares with us alarming information about possible future events that were discussed within this high-level FEMA meeting, future events for which massive preparations are being taken at this time to deal with the future implications and devastation.

While we do not have all the answers to the questions that have been posed within this story nor do we know the exact reasons for all of the unexplainable weather and Earth change events, it's clear that preparation is being taken at the highest levels to deal with future catastrophes. As Wigington proves to us in this first video that America and the free people of the world will never get anywhere as long as the companies involved in creating 'climate chaos' are not held accountable for their crimes against us all. He also warns we must make our voices heard before it it too late.   


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