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August 9, 2016

Harry Dent: 'It Has Begun' - Something Big Is Coming To America - 'Very Scary Scenarios Ahead'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the 2016 election now less than three months away, it's become completely clear that whoever is voted into office in November will have a huge number of problems to deal with, not the least of which is the economic situation in America that continues to deteriorate.

One of the huge problems that our next president will have to face is the upwards of 7 million Americans who have stated that they flat-out refuse to pay back student loans because they feel 'scammed by colleges and government'. Feeling like they're now left with "worthless degrees, no jobs and no prospects for the future", we hear why so many people are so 'down in the dumps' in the 1st video below featuring Harry Dent along with Gary Franchi of the Next News Network in which Dent tells us why he believes "it has begun".


The story from Michael Snyder over at the Activist Post tells us why so many young Americans feel scammed by universities and government, job markets for Americans are not nearly as strong as we are being told by the mainstream media. While the MSM was buzzing with their 'happy days are here again' theme after the economy seemingly added 255,000 jobs during the month of July, as this story from Zero Hedge tells us, the truth is the unadjusted numbers tell us quite a different story. As this story from Infowars tells us, job creation simply isn't keeping up with the growing youth population

What does Harry Dent know that most of the American people don't know? 

"Since 2015, luxury retailers around the world have just seen their stocks go down. From Ferrari to Nordstrom's and everybody else in this is starting. The question is, when do the central banks lose control and when do investors finally get the junk bond holders and the smart money futures traders are already seeing, that we're about to go into another big crash."

Dent continues:

"The everyday investors and the institutional investors still think the central banks can keep the stock market from falling and guess what, China already saw its bubble burst 50% in late 2015 so they were not able to stop that and they're going to see another big drop ahead as they've been buying up their own market to prop it up and you can't do that forever." Those last words from Dent obviously 'words of wisdom' to the 'plunge protection team' here in America. 


Why might Americans think that the economic policies of Donald Trump will be any better than the economic policies of Hillary Clinton? As Trump recently stated in this Washington Examiner story, "Detroit is a living, breathing example of Clinton's economic poliicies". The final 2 videos below take a look at the economic policies of Trump vs the economic policies of Clinton. Which will be better for Americans? 

In the 2nd video below, Alex Jones from Infowars talks with us about Clinton's economic plan for America which he tells us amounts to nothing more than sabotage. Beginning at the 1 minute 15 second mark of the 2nd video, Trump talks to the residents of the city of Detroit, Michigan and slams Hillary's economic policies (globalism) as the reason why Detroit has fallen so far so quickly in this 'rigged system'. Trump warns us why Hillary's economic policies will surely do for America what they've already done for Detroit. 

Trump further scathes Hillary: "If you were a foreign power looking to weaken America, you couldn't do better than Hillary Clinton's economic agenda. Nothing would make our foreign adversaries happier than to tax and regulate our companies and our jobs right out of existence. The one common feature of every Hillary Clinton idea is that it punishes you for working and doing business in the United States. Every policy that she has tilts the playing field towards other countries."

As we have reported again and again on ANP, a Hillary Clinton presidency will likely bring about the final stake in America's heart. While many, especially on the 'America-hating-left', want nothing more than such an 'end result', tens of millions more Americans love this country dearly and will do anything in their power to restore this nation to 'respectability'.

Harry Dent once again joins Gary Franchi in the final video below to talk with us in great depth about the economic challenges that America faces in the years ahead and tells us exactly why were are now witnessing 'very scary scenarios ahead'. Dent shares with us the 'urgent information that we need' to navigate the coming crisis. 

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