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October 16, 2015

Insider: 'Hell Is Literally Going To Break Loose' - The Final Act Is About To Begin


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


There is a reason that all eyes are on Syria right now and it isn't the four year long civil war that has devastated the country, it is the forces aligning, nuclear forces, taking sides and using Syria in their proxy war, where just one "event," one spark could very easily result in the annihilation of millions, perhaps billions.

That event could take the form of a supposed "accident," where US jets and Russian jets face off as they each bomb Syria locations that are held by the terror group ISIS, where the US, the UK, and NATO are at odds with Russia and China... where the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) are being dispatched to Syria tasked to take part in a wide-scale offensive backed by Russian airstrikes, joining Hezbollah groups in carrying out a ground campaign. (Source

Reports of Cuban forces and the Russian elite special forces known as Spetsnaz are also reportedly joining in the battle.

That is a lot of players on the field, cooks in the kitchen.... whatever analogy one chooses to use, but we are reminded of a warning we received not long ago, that no matter what sparks all-out war, the U.S. has plans to "blame Russia," and that Syria would be the "game changer."

Basically it has all been scripted and the "actors" are playing their parts and what we are being told by the MSM is nothing more than theater.

There have been a series of events over the last months, that when seen together, lead many to believe that we are about to witness the final act.

I read an alert over at Steve Quayle's website the other day, which stuck in my head because it encompasses the thoughts, opinions and headlined news we are seeing come out almost daily now.


If this war starts, DHS is going to attach itself to the military, If this starts then we may know why all those MRAPs have been given to all these local town police departments and such. Can you imagine the total anarchy that we are facing at any moment? One missle loosed, one US,NATO, OR EU plane shot down..and the armies will be raised and the march is on for Damascus and then the Kremlin. The White House would be obliterated by tactical nukes or the ICBMs. Hell is literally going to break loose. Cling to your bibles America and find God. For no amount of munitions and arms can prevent this judgement.SQ: I ASKED THIS BROTHER WHEN HE THOUGHT THE FIREWORKS AND WW3 WOULD GET UNDER WAY ...AND HIS RESPONSE IS HE'S AFRAID IT HAS ALREADY STARTED-TAKE THIS AND EVERY OTHER ALERT TO THE LORD IN PRAYER


The reference to the MRAPs stems from the controversial U.S. policy where millions of dollars worth of military equipment, described as  "tools of combat by the New York Times, has been given to local police departments across America, including MRAPs, M016 rifles, grnade launchers, silencers...and more.

Over the past few years we have noted government agencies stockpiling weapons and ammunition, such as Homeland Security buying 1.6 billion rounds of ammo, the USPS  seeking to buy a large amount of ammunition on the heels of similar purchases by the Social Security Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Add that to the July report of the Bureau of Reclamation wanting to buy 52,000 rounds of ammunition for use in law enforcement at Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

If that isn't enough we now find out that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now under investigation for wasting billions of dollars, including an attempt to "to create its own militia with a prosecution arm to mirror the FBI’s. "


Regardless, some-200 EPA “special agents” have the “latest state-of-the-art ‘policing’ gear such as ‘guns and ammunition up to 300MM,’ ‘camouflage and other deceptive equipment,’ ‘night vision,’ ‘unmanned aircraft,’ ‘radar,’ ‘body armor,’ ‘surveillance equipment,’ ‘mobile GPS monitors,’ and (they) train and investigate frequently alongside joint projects with Homeland Security,” the report said.

Add all of that in with the recent Jade Helm 15 military "exercises" held across America, where tens of thousands of military assets caught in images and videos  were pre-positioned, yet only a handful of reports show those assets returning to their point of origin.... and we have a nation prepared for massive civil unrest where some believe the U.S. government has everything in place in preparation for war against it's own citizens.

Military members have publicly stated they would not follow orders to fire upon their fellow Americans, but with the Obama administration now listing significantly large segments of the U.S. populace as "extremists, including Christian groups, preppers, survivalists, conservatives, gun owners, and constitutionalists, we have a situation where "we the people"  are now considered "enemies of the state."


From the search giant Google to social media sites like Facebook we have noted time and again the attacks againt Alternative Media aka Independent Journalism, with censorship on Facebook, the Google owned YouTube demonetizing videos that do not conform to Washington's propaganda, and the much-talked about recent signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement which has been called the "Biggest Global Threat to the Internet," by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, with others asserting it would "curb free speech online."

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News That Is Not Washington Approved Being Censored! All Out Attacks Against Alternative News Increasing Exponentially - Soon All That Will Be Available Is DC Propaganda!

Say Goodbye To Internet Free Speech - Comply Or Be Purged And Shut Down! The End Is Not Near.... It Is HERE

When the final act begins, governments across the globe do not want people to know until it is too late, so those that refused to only report Washington approved news, are the ones they need to silence.


This morning I read something very interesting over at The Telegraph, who reports that "Russia 'tried to cut off' World Wide Web."

The tests, which come amid mounting concern about a Kremlin campaign to clamp down on internet freedoms, have been described by experts as preparations for an information blackout in the event of a domestic political crisis.

Andrei Semerikov, general director of a Russian service provider called Er Telecom, said Russia’s ministry of communications and Roskomnadzor, the national internet regulator, ordered communications hubs run by the main Russian internet providers to block traffic to foreign communications channels by using a traffic control system called DPI.

The objective was to see whether the Runet – the informal name for the Russian internet – could continue to function in isolation from the global internet.

The experiment, which took place in spring this year, failed because thousands of smaller service providers, which Roskomnadzor has little control over, continued to pass information out of the country, Mr Semerikov said.

Russian officials have denied the reports, but reports that have come in to ANP over the last months have also brought about the question of whether the U.S. is also experimenting with a "killswitch," where readers have emailed concerns, such as the following from a March ANP  report by Stefan Stanford:

For the past two days (since net neutrality!) many alternative news sites, including yours, are messing with my computer, and I assume it's TPTB. Videos don't load (you can offset this by manually posting the link above/below the video), can't scroll the pages, they hang up my browser, can't get a new tab on my browser, can't close my browser. It only happens on alternative news sites and some alternative radio shows.  Other sites work fine. I don't have any viruses or even cookies.  Just thought you might want to know.

Other indicators that some type of BETA testing has been ongoing for months, include "Power, Phone, Email And Cable Outages" on the very same day Jade Helm 15 began, and again in August in the midst of the supposed training exercises.


Nearly one year ago, Stefan Stanford brought a government sourced website, to our attention, a site which used government data to project a population drop in the U.S. of 78.2% from 316+ million now to ONLY 69 million people in 2025. By  April 2015, those numbers had been updated, showing a dop of an addition 4 million people.

While those are only projections and I have just highlighted the numbers for the U.S. alone... there is no doubt that a world war, if it goes nuclear, and we are talking about multiple nuclear powers in Syria, and comes to American shores, those "projections" would end up being conservative compared to the actual death toll when we include the chaos we would see on the streets, the anarchy, the riots, the food shortages..... the people vs the government.


Everyone seems to be waiting for the other shoe to drop in Syria, so to speak, and when it does we will know the "final act will have begun."


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