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October 30, 2016

'America's Sheriff' Talks 'Revolution' And 'Civil War' As FBI Insider Warns: 'It's Like A Boiling Cauldron'

- The Final Hillary Bombshells Are About To Be Dropped As America Prepares To 'Drain The Swamp'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The headlines lined up almost in succession on the front of this morning begin the last full week of the 2016 presidential election with a salvo of explosive stories which Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party hoped would never come. As if we're watching the grand finale at a fireworks show that never seems to end and keeps delivering us more and more surprises, we hear in the 1st video below the full interview between Judge Jeanine Pirro and former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom that the 'final bombshells' still haven't exploded upon the Clinton's, and he expects them to in the next 10 days.

Telling Judge Jeanine "I think something big is going to happen" we have to ask, what do the FBI and James Comey know that the American people don't know and how will we find out about it before the election with Obama's DOJ now blocking the FBI's warrant to search Weiner/Abedin electronic devices? As Kallstrom warns, if DC doesn't get it out, he surely expect 'leakers' in local New York FBI offices who know what's going on probably will. "It's like a boiling cauldron inside there" Kallstrom tells us of the FBI.

As if what we've witnessed so far this election season hasn't already been huge, America may soon finally see the finishing touches of an absolutely amazing election season unlike anything we've ever witnessed before with a 'truth bombshell barrage' that not only 'takes down the beast' but restores our country to the American people.


And as we hear in the final video below featuring 'America's Sheriff' David Clarke from Milwaukee, this election may be the last chance America has against what we're now all seeing is a corrupt and evil global government, short of an all-out revolution or another civil war which we all pray never come. Sheriff Clarke expands upon his warning in the interview with the Daily Caller in which he tells us America's last chance for survival depends upon the election of Donald Trump. He also shares with us America's history of revolution and civil war that should be required listening in colleges across the country.

The bombshells lined up on Quayle's website include Hillary canceling public events amid an ongoing MSM 'blackout' and Susan Duclos story on ANP informing us 'early voters' have already gotten 'buyer's remorse' and want to change their votes in some states. Another Quayle-linked story asks if America really wants an alcoholic in Clinton as president when we have a clean and sober Donald Trump waiting in the wings while Lew Rockwell asks a very pertinent question to where this all goes from here: Is Hillary About To Be Arrested? Also linking to a story from WND telling us Hillary sent 'marked classified' information to an unsecured Huma Abedin account and a story from the Daily Mail telling us Huma Abedin swore under oath she'd given up all her devices that had State Department emails on them, we hear the rat-a-tat-tat of machine gun fire of round after round of truth, leaving Hillary and the globalists unable to dodge the incoming salvos.


With the Chicago Tribune now publishing a story that suggests the Democratic Party should ask Hillary to step aside, we see what could be the end of the Democratic Party unfolding before our very eyes. And with more and more and more calls to 'Drain The Swamp' coming every day, even from those who've long considered themselves Democrats, we see what many have long believed might take an Act of God might soon become our new reality: America returned to America. 

Despite the fact that we see what appears to be an organized effort by social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter to 'tamp down' these latest explosive revelations that Hillary is back under investigation, they too will go the way of the dinosaurs (just like the now-dying mainstream media) if they continue to push the globalists plan of mass distraction as the American people continue to awaken to the never-ending-series-of-lies that we've been told.


Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton continues to prove to us just how much she hates and looks down upon the American people by once again lying to our faces on Twitter as seen in the screenshot above and as Wikileaks recently exposed about Hillary as also heard in the 2nd video below, young Americans are really dumb in her opinion and will never find out the truth about her.

Just imagine if somehow, Hillary is able to dodge these final bombshells that are being pelted at her and dodges the will of the American people by proceeding to steal the election - we'll have somebody in charge of America who the large majority of America dislikes and completely disrespects, someone who talks down to those who would take a bullet for her, someone who actually lies and then lies about her lies and then lies some more and expects what she calls 'stupid young Americans' to believe her. Does anybody NOT think such a presidency would be 'the end of America'?


And what about the high-level security clearances that she already has? How come those haven't already been revoked for the safety of the American people? Just knowing that a war criminal drunk with a body count dating all the way back to Mena, Arkansas still has a security clearance should be a huge warning sign to the American people - Hillary will burn down the country with her if she's going to take the fall and as we hear in the final video below, a must-hear plea to the American people from Milwaukee, Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke, 'America' is almost out of time.

Having said that, we've never been more hopeful that Hillary and those responsible for the mess that America is in will be held responsible though we won't hold our breaths waiting. With the FBI clearly in a mutiny that reports have said led to James Comey's latest revelations, we thank the good men and women who've stood up for America and for the truth, no matter how viciously you knew the Democratic establishment would be attacking you.


Judging by the number of resignation letter's piling up on the desk of FBI Director James Comey according to this new Daily Mail story, it's clear that the very last thing that those who truly work towards justice within the FBI and law enforcement want is a liar in the White House who nobody believes. And to see good people speak up when faced against obvious evil in very high places, evil that is willing and able to 'take down America', speaks volumes. Our Founding Fathers never said that taking down domestic enemies of America would be easy. ANP salutes you!

As we reported yesterday on ANP, with Hillary and the globalists now on the ropes, the danger level for America has gone up 10 notches. We still expect them to attempt a final false flag before or soon after the election that allows the globalists to crackdown upon America. As Sheriff Clarke tells us in the final video below, the amount corruption in Washington DC is absolutely uncomprehensible as he warns us of the dangers that corrupt government's have posed to 'free humanity' since time began as he urges Americans onward towards draining the foul-smelling DC swamp.

To double down on the Clinton's this morning, former FBI assistant director Kallstrom dropped a new bombshell upon the Clinton's, outright calling them a 'crime family' and the Clinton Foundation 'a cesspool' of corruption. With election season coming to its grand finale, and Hillary Clinton one of the final horses standing, all eyes and ears should be wide open between now and January 22nd, 2017 as we reach the most important days and hours of America's lifetime.

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