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May 17, 2016

Sickly Hillary To Put Sickly Bill In Charge Of Fixing America? That's Like Sending In The Cleanup Team After The Globalists Have Finished Assassinating America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to the story over at Breitbart on Monday, if "Hillary Clinton aka the Queen of Blood" succeeds at winning the White House in November, she'll be putting her husband Billy-bob back in charge of one of the biggest roles of her presidency, revitalizing the US economy, "cause you know he knows how to do it" Hitlery said at a rally in Kentucky this past Sunday. 

With America already having successfully 'extinguished' one 'royal family' from our lives with the thrashing of Jeb Bush in the Republican primaries by Donald Trump, the only 'royal family' in America still standing is the Clintons, and as we see in this story from Susan Duclos, Hitlery's 'Clinton crime family' is pulling out all stops to make sure they remain our 'special family', including paying professional internet trolls millions and possibly murdering those who might expose their myriad crimes against the American people and the US Constitution.


As Susan tells us, the 'body count' that follows the Clinton family around is legendary, as are the 'endless Clinton scandals', yet somehow this family once again stands only months away from the White House. No one family represents the fall and total corruption of America more than the Clinton's do, with only the Bush and Obama families running close. Considering that the Clinton's, Bush's, and Obama's have inhabited the White House continuously since 1989, for almost 28 years straight now, we have to ask, does America REALLY want another 4 years? Can America even SURVIVE another 4 years of Bush/Obama/Clinton? 

The fact that Hitlery has already thrown Bill, who many believe is very ill and may be dying of AIDS, into the roll of revitalizing the US economy surely helps to prove the globalist scum have no intention whatsoever of fixing our country and the forecast from for 2025 America shows an America broken and depopulated. With Bill looking like he has aged tremendlously and looking very ill in recent appearances that he's made, and Hitlery herself recently looking like she's having very serious health issues, can this family even lead America out of the 'hole to hell' they have helped dig for us?

We also have 100% proof that both Hitlery and Bill have betrayed our public servants in uniform - they have totally sold out our brave men and women who sacrifice their own lives for our country. Is this REALLY who America wants to lead our country into 2020? The pattern is quite easy to see. Clinton foreign policies bring death and destruction to Americans and to the world. 


One recent comment on a political story over at the Daily Mail said it all: "Bernie Sanders supporters and Donald Trump supporters stand united against Hillary Clinton". Here ye, here ye. Is America ready to overthrow the Clinton beast? Short of a miracle at the Democratic convention, the easiest way for America to do that is for a huge percentage of Bernie Sanders supporters to come over to the Trump side, and while we won't hold our breath waiting for that to happen, we learn in the 1st video below from Gary Franchi of the Next News Network that Trump does indeed have a secret weapon against Hitlery: Bill Clinton.

If you're actually considering voting for Hitlery in November, we suggest that you watch the 2nd video below as we see very good proof why a Hitlery presidency will bring nothing but 'the end' to America...if she even makes it to the November election with her candidacy now imploding and completely spiraling out of control as Americans, en masse, reject her.

As has also been pointed out numerous times on the Drudge Report, the 'queen of bloods' coughing fits are almost as legendary as the body count that follows her around, the list of at least 90 names of people close to the Clinton's who have met their untimely ends which is elaborated upon more in the 2nd video below. If you're STILL thinking of voting for Hitlery after watching the 2nd video, the final video has over 5 million hits on YouTube and is called "Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal", and we strongly suggest that you watch it before casting your next vote. 

This video touches upon many different subjects, including 'the scary truth about Hillary Clinton'; Hillary contradicting herself, over and over and over again; Trump on Hillary: "Hillary has a lot to hide"; Hillary's corrupt dealings all across the board and as previously outlin; and, the Clinton body count 'rumor' - the eRumor vs Truth. As we're told here within, the truth is just about as scary as the 'Clinton body count' rumor. 




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