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November 10, 2015

  In Broad Daylight And In Plain Sight - The    Federalization Of Our Police Has Occurred


By Undrtaker - All News Pipeline

We have all seen what has been happening around us now for a very long time. We have all seen our police departments transform from entities that deserved and received the respect of the people, into something, that for all practical purposes, is looking like another branch of the military.

We have witnessed “The War On Drugs” for how many decades now? Has it done anything to make this problem go away? Not one bit. The only thing that it has done, is allow the Federal Government the transform our once “Protect and Serve” Police departments, into an organization that looks at each and every one of us…… As an enemy.

I watched a video last night from the Next News Network, with Gary Franchi. It was titled: Breaking… Obama Federalizes Police forces in six US cities. I watched that video, and as it got done I sat there thinking of a video that I had watched years ago, I couldn’t remember exactly who did it, but I remembered that it was in regards to the Christopher Dorner case. I found the video last night, it was done, the day after Christopher Dorner was burned alive. Christopher Greene of AMTV did the video called, “Red Alert!! Obama to Federalize local Police Departments”. This was done on Feb. 8th of 2013. He saw it and tried to warn of it then.

I listened to videos of the Dorner case, where police are calling out to others to get the gas cans, and set it on fire. And then they laugh. They laugh until they realize that they were being listened to. I thought back then….. Why would these officers do this? Dorner must have known something, about someone, and that someone wanted those secrets dead.

Then lets go to last year with what the left wing media called…. The killing of the Gentle Giant, Michael Brown. Now, the point of this article isn’t whether the gentle giant was innocent or guilty, or if he deserved what happened or not. The topic of this article is what happened from it. Let’s look at what happened in Ferguson, MO after the death of Brown.

Our government, and the very anti-freedom players, in this chess game of One World Everything, bussed in protestors from numerous locations to partake in what became the destruction of areas of that city. That made us all raise a brow. Then the government called in the National guard, and that made us raise a brow. They had every available cop in riot gear from head to toe, looking exactly like those from the Guard, only they were in blue or black instead of camo. But, they didn’t stop the madness… The didn’t stop the burning of buildings and cars, they didn’t stop the looting of stores. They didn’t stop it at all, they just sat there and watched. They had reporters from places such as Infowars go up to them and point out the location of Moltov cocktails that would be used, and these officers didn’t seem to care, at all.

So, we could easily see that there was a bigger agenda with the Ferguson story, and wouldn’t it all become clear when the Power Brokers of the left, people like Al Sharpton, came on to the scene. We watched Sharpton and others talk about all the unfair treatment of one race and how the ONLY way to make that change, was basically, to destroy the city. Now, this man doesn’t seem to care at all when 15 or 20 black people get killed every single week in Chicago, I haven’t watched any videos like this of him demanding his people stop killing themselves, every single day, in places like Chicago, Detroit, and so on…..

No, guys like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, they show up when the White House needs the attention on something. And, this event was the beginning of what would soon become the title of this article. Reverend Al got up in front of the world, and spoke of all these unjustices. He spoke of all the horrible things that have happened to black people, by being the victims of all this discrimination. He didn’t call for the people of Ferguson to stop destroying the innocent business owners stores, he didn’t call for the protestors to calm down, so no one else got hurt. What did Reverend Al call for? He called for FEDERALIZING the police….


If, up until that point, one did not think there was an agenda, or there was a possibility of this all being a staged event….. That comment should have been the “light coming on”.

That would not be the only thing that happened where the Reverend would make this call out. After Ferguson, we would have Baltimore and many others. Places like Baltimore, we actually had the leaders of the city, tell law enforcement and the military, to stand down, to give the people time and space to vent, to destroy, to hurt others… Basically, all of these events, were similar in the fact, that no matter what the real event that caused it was, protesters where bussed in from all over, and guys like Reverend Al got up, and made the call out that the federal government needed to take over the task of policing the people. This should have scared the heck, out of EVERYONE in this nation. These callouts where not buried on some little Alternative new site, or on Youtube. These callouts were being broadcast on EVERY major mainstream news outlet, in the world.

Which brings us to where we are now. In March of 2015, Obama and his minions have declared a program where they are taking over control of our local police departments. They didn’t get a lot of people stepping up to volunteer for this, so they had to look for police departments, in counties that were having massive financial trouble, and in exchange for some temporary financial relief, these counties sold out the people that they are supposed to….. SERVE.

Obama has lauched what has been dubbed “National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice.” He has picked six cities, where each and every city has the majority of the residents being minority of some sort and every city except one, is massively controlled by the left.

The first six cities to be targeted as pilot sites will be Birmingham, Alabama; Fort Worth, Texas; Gary, Indiana; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Stockton, California.

Now I will add in here also, that in my research I have found that there are many other cities now open to this also. So, I will ask you all, how can this possibly be good? So, these six cities, at least these are the ones they admit to, will be run, under control of the federal government. Doesn’t that not sit well with enough people that someone stands up to fight against, or try to stop this? And Texas? How can this happen in Texas? Doesn’t Governor Abbot talk constantly about how he is NOT going to allow the Federal Government to tell him what to do?

This will bring up all kinds of new questions. If it is a federal police force, will violations now be federal? Will something that would have been a local issue, now be a federal issue? I don’t know for sure, that is why I am asking. This is something that we should all look into more, and find out more about.

I will put out the links for the NNN video, and the AMTV video from 2013, but, all one has do, is type in Obama federalizes police in six cities, and so much comes up that it will make your head swim. I even read an article on the Huffington Post, now, the Huff Post is definitely not a place where most freedom loving Americans go, but even on that site there is an article from 7-10-2013 titled, 7 ways Obama Administration has accelerated police militarization…. That is on the Huffington post people…

I don’t want this to get too long, but I want to point out that this in no way can end up being a good thing for people who want and love freedom, and the Constitution. Look at what has happened in the last couple years. Whether a false flag or not, the shooting in Charleston has eliminated things such as the Confederate Flag from our lives. There is no debate on these things, they are just done and nobody stands up to stop them. Some might say, I don’t care about the Confederate flag, ok, but what if tomorrow it is the American flag? No debate, no voting, just removed and gone… People banter back and forth, to the fact of whether these events that bring upon all of these new dictatorial powers are real events, staged events or a combination of both. I guess people it doesn’t really matter, because, the federal government is doing things that are so removed and illegal to the Constitution, that is SUPPOSED to be the law of this land, that if something doesn’t happen immediately to stop them I fear this once great nation will completely cease to exist.

Think about something else in researching this also. The federal government has and does use the military in certain ways pertaining to federal things. Does this open a doorway to the day when we might get pulled over for speeding by the Army, or the National Guard? Think I am being silly? Think it could never happen?

I don’t know, you tell me….

Here is the video from the NNN.

Here is the video from AMTV from 2013 where he warns of this very thing happening.

Like I said above, all you have to do is type it in, and there is so much that will come up for you to look into, it is mind boggling.

This is a first for me, writing like this for you all. I am doing this to help get the word out, and give the two who run this site, that we all enjoy, maybe a second to sit back and relax. I cant even imagine what they go through getting this all out to all of us every single day.

So, let me know what you think. If there is something I need to do different, speak up. I will not be offended. If I am going to do it, I want you all to enjoy it.

My rant for the day….



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