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June 12, 2018

Insanity! Dems Turn To Hollywood To Spread Message..... Again, After it Failed Spectacularly In 2016


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Having watched their 13 point lead in generic polling heading into the mid-term elections, dwindle down to single digits, with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi producing gaffe and gaffe, showing how disconnected from the voters their party is, Democrats have now come up with a brilliant (yes, that is snark) idea.

Politico announced the "new" strategy on June 11, 2018: "The Democratic National Committee and members of Congress are turning to Hollywood for help with voter turnout and messaging ahead of the midterm elections and 2020 presidential campaign, quietly consulting with a group of actors, writers and producers here."

What is the "message?" Well Politico's sub-header says it all, "We lost to an insane person."

The same people who applauded Robert DeNiro recently for standing on stage at one their never-ending award shows and screamed "F*ck Trump," before raising his fists into the air, with people like MSNBC's Joe Scarborough saying those that applauded were "unwittingly helping the president get re-elected."

The same people that supported Samantha Bee, another Hollywood favorite, calling Ivanka Trump a "feckless C*nt," just to see two-thirds of her advertisers pull out of her show, Full Frontal." Oh, and her ratings are free-falling.

Hollywood itself is seeing the same type of free-fall, with movie-going attendance in 2017 hitting a 25 year low.

If Hollywood's recent antics and the backlash against them for it, wasn't enough to think that perhaps it isn't the wisest choice to depend on celebrities and their "fame" to push a political party's messaging and drive for voter registration, then recent history should have done so.


Who pushed Hillary Clinton on voters more than any other industry group, aside from the liberal media? Hollywood. Movie and television stars packed videos claiming it was their responsibility to tell voters who to vote for, or more accurately, who not to vote for. In fact they were even narcissistic enough to highlight the need to have "lots of famous people" tell them to register and vote and to not vote for Donald Trump.

They  created a "fight song" to introduce Hillary Clinton at the DNC. Katie Perry and Miley Cyrus were canvassing colleges, knocking on dorm room doors to encourage them to get out and vote for Hillary! Hollywood star after star endorsed Clinton. Celebrities held fund-raisers for Clinton.

How did that work out for them? 

It didn't end after the election, oh no. Then "Hollywood" tried again, creating more videos, pleading with the electoral college members to not honor their commitments and refuse to cast their electoral college votes for the President-Elect.

That too did not work out well for them.


Having Hollywood fail spectacularly in "helping" in the 2016 presidential election, Democrats now think that Hollywood is their answer to clawing back their edge for the 2018 midterms and 2020 presidential election.

Did I mention the word "insanity" yet? Yes, ok, just wanted to be sure.

The fact is heartland America doesn't want celebrities trying to tell us what is best for us. They are so disconnected and living in their own bubbles, they are incapable of recognizing that their "base," and voters they have always assumed would always vote for the (D) on the ticket, can no longer be relied on as a definite vote.

Hollywood can spread their "message" all they want, but that message as stated by Nancy Pelosi in multiple statements is to repeal the tax cuts and raise taxes. Yes, please Hollywood, spread that message.

Pelosi has also called $1,000 bonus for workers, by companies in response tot he Tax Cut bill, "crumbs," to which did not go over well. In press conferences Pelosi has made boneheaded comments that when shown in brief clips, are more like ads for the GOP in mid-terms. "Hip hip hooray, unemployment is down. What does that mean to me in my life?"

I can see that "message" being used by every Republican on the ballot. I would also bet Republicans would welcome Hollywood spreading that message all over the place.

Bill Clinton is back in the news for saying "I think the norms have really changed in terms of, what you can do to somebody against their will, how much you can crowd their space, make them miserable at work." Hillary Clinton is still whining about the 2016 election, castigating everyone from the DNC to white female voters.

Those are the faces of the Democratic party and add Hollywood celebrities to the mix, filled with hate and vitriol, and they may just turn that much-talked about "blue wave," into a tide of red.

So, yes, by all means, let's get Hollywood to help.

We welcome it.


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