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July 13, 2016 

4 Years Ago We Were Warned: 'Something Evil Is Coming' - Now We Have A Full Communist Revolution Underway Sanctioned By The Highest Office In The Land 

What Happens If Obama Blankets Amnesty To Over A Million Radical Muslims Now In Prison? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

'Squirt Guns' Banned At RNC 'Event Zone' - Real Guns Allowed As New Black Panthers Announce They'll 'Open Carry' In Cleveland

The next week of July 18th through the 21st is setting up to be one for the ages for America. Fresh off the massacre of 5 innocent and dedicated public servants in Dallas and heightened race relations all across the country with ongoing calls for violence against law-enforcement officers and whites, Cleveland, Ohio will suddenly be cast into the spotlight on the global stage with the Republican National Convention coming to the 'rock and roll' capitol of the world.

As if we needed any more evidence that next week could quickly spiral out of control, we learned today that the chairman of the 'New Black Panther Party' has warned that his group will carry guns for self-defense during protests at the Republican Convention next week 'if permitted by Ohio law'. While 'new black panther' party 'chairman' Hashim Nzinga condemned the shootings of five law enforcement officers in Dallas last week as a 'massacre' and stated that his group played 'no role in the attack', we hear in the 1st video below from the organizer of the Huey P Newton Gun Club that he could understand why the violence in Texas was carried out and stated the shotgun is a political tool. Why would anybody justify such violence against innocent human beings? In the 2nd video below we learn that the new black panthers have teamed up with black lives matter and are raising their fists in anger. How can that be good?

Interestingly enough, several other groups have also stated that they will be carrying in Cleveland next week including the Oathkeepers as well as Donald Trump delegates as detailed more below, setting up Cleveland to be the city to watch and pray for as America potentially reaches the 'end of the line' and a 'full communist revolution' plays out before our very eyes. With so many Americans with differing opinions armed and tempers flaring already nationwide, it's clear that it wouldn't take much at all to turn the city into the stuff of our nightmares. We pray that cooler heads prevail in Cleveland but are very concerned it appears huge trouble could be in the works with dozens of leftist groups and more violent radicals preparing to go to Cleveland. Donald Trump recently warned "it's far worse than what Obama believes" and "the Dallas attacks were just the beginning". For the sake of civilization and all of humanity, we pray that Donald Trump is wrong this time. 

However, as has been documented in many stories on ANP, what we're witnessing now in the streets of America has the full-backing of the highest office in the land as they instigate the masses, already leaving American blood on Obama's hands that he can't wash off according to Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association President Steve Loomis. We've warned of rioters being paid by George Soros and have given evidence that martial law and canceled elections were the overall plan, the 'Hegelian Dialectic' being used against the clueless masses. While Obama outwardly called for 'unity' in Dallas, his remarks there once again have proven he's the most divisive president America has ever had.    


One look at the banned list for the RNC event zone shows that any kind of fake guns such as squirt guns are banned, as are tennis balls, coolers, canned goods and lasers, although REAL guns are NOT among the banned items in that RNC event zone though they will be banned completely within the arena where the event is being held. A full list of the banned items at the RNC 'event zone' can be seen below videos at bottom of the story. 

While guns are allowed in the RNC 'event zone', many RNC convention goers are upset that they won't be allowed inside of the arena, concerned that they will be attacked by 'terrorists and Democrats'

We also learned that 'black lives matter' refuses to follow RNC rules during the convention and will not get a permit as is required for groups protesting - we're also told that Cleveland police will be preparing for 'unsanctioned actions' and will handle them on a case-by-case basis. 

rnc-road-closures-jpg-d537de8e31d1f8fe.jpg title=

One note of great concern from this story tells us that, at least at first, Cleveland police will be wearing 'light-weight uniforms' including short sleeved shirts, slacks, polo shirts and NO military-style equipment. However, we're also given this disclaimer: "You won't see officer's in personal protective gear unless the situation dictates that they put on that gear." After what happened in Dallas we have to ask, hasn't the changing situation already dictated that they put on that gear? 

An emergency operations center will be open 24 hours a day at which they'll have over 100 cameras at their disposal of which they'll be able to display up to '20 sources of information all at once'. 

"With the scope and the complexity of the event of this summer, we're going to need to be on the same page," said Alex Pellom, the city's recently hired EOC manager.


Between 4,000+ officers, 2000+ riot gear suits, $10 million for 'protest insurance', 3.7 miles worth of steel barricades, 2,000 'tactical batons', 100+ bullet proof vests for firefighters, and hundreds of thousands of helmets, shields and 'other gear', it's clear that they're pulling out all of the stops in Cleveland.

As we stated earlier, Americans should be watching closely and praying for Cleveland for with everything else that we're watching there and all of the warnings of possibly cancelled elections given, things could unravel there very quickly if those who have the intention to cause violence are given the space to cause violence as happened last year in Baltimore. Are we about to watch the culmination of a long-held plan to overthrow America with Cleveland the latest and possibly final 'catalyst'? Are we about to witness the next 'event'? 

In a January of 2012 story from RT we were told that according to the best predictions of billionaire investor George Soros, "riots, a police state and 'class war' were coming to America" in the not-so-distant future. Keep in mind, what you read below was from 2012 - how did Soros know? What 'evil' was he talking about 'coming to the Western world'? If evil has invaded the western world, it's clear that Soros is largely responsible for it as he pushes mass migration of those who hate us into our countries. The 'Hegelian Dialectic' is now playing out before our very eyes.


Below Soros' eerily prescient 2012 remarks we see several new videos that help to tell the full story of what we're watching now unfolding including Infowars in the 3rd video sharing with us the growing evidence that the 'elite' are financing BLM to start a revolution as well as the 4th video in which we learn that the Islamic invasion of America and the West that Soros warned of 4 years ago, then helped launch, has gone critical. If we think what's happening now in America is bad, what happens if Obama suddenly grants blanket amnesty to over a million radical Muslims now in US prisons?

Now proven to be pushing for a nation within a nation, as Susan Duclos warned us of about over year ago, this isn't the first time that we've heard about treasonous plots to divide the USA from agencies within this adminstration. The fact that US police have entered 'military mode' following Dallas should be another warning we're almost where Soros warned us of 4 years ago. Do Americans want a 'police state' crackdown upon our liberties? Do the police want such a crackdown knowing that it would also affect their families and loved ones? Of course not. Will the 'elite' be able to use the clueless masses to do their bidding in Cleveland and later in Philadelphia when the DNC takes place? The following weeks should tell us all. Remarks from Soros below were from 2012.:

Billionaire investor George Soros has a new prediction for America. While it might be as dire as it gets for the financial wiz, this bet concerns more than just the value of the buck. According to Soros, there's about to be an all-out class war.

Soros, 81, previously bet against the British pound in the early 90s and made $1 billion off its collapse. Speaking to Newsweek recently, Soros neglected to acknowledge his past successes, but instead offered a word of warning: a period of “evil” is coming to the western world.

“I am not here to cheer you up. The situation is about as serious and difficult as I’ve experienced in my career,” Soros tells Newsweek. “We are facing an extremely difficult time, comparable in many ways to the 1930s, the Great Depression. We are facing now a general retrenchment in the developed world, which threatens to put us in a decade of more stagnation, or worse. The best-case scenario is a deflationary environment. The worst-case scenario is a collapse of the financial system.”

Soros goes on to compare the current state of the western world with what the Soviet Union was facing as communism crumbled. Although he would think that history would have taught the globe a thing or two about noticing trends, Soros says that, despite past events providing a perfect example of what is to come, the end of an empire seems imminent.

“The collapse of the Soviet system was a pretty extraordinary event, and we are currently experiencing something similar in the developed world, without fully realizing what’s happening,” adds Soros.

Soros goes on to say that as the crisis in the Eurozone only worsens, the American financial system will continue to be hit hard. On the way to a full-blown collapse, he cautions, Americans should expect society to alter accordingly. Riots will hit the streets, says Soros, and as a result, “It will be an excuse for cracking down and using strong-arm tactics to maintain law and order, which, carried to an extreme, could bring about a repressive political system, a society where individual liberty is much more constrained, which would be a break with the tradition of the United States.

With almost seven percent of Americans living below half of the poverty line, four unemployed Americans for each job, a shrinking middle class and an increasingly overzealous police state, it could very well be a tough road to get there, though.


Pre-Modification RNC Official Event Zone Permit Regulations by stevennelson10 on Scribd


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