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November 7, 2016

Bombshells! Barack Obama Makes Staggering Endorsement Of Donald Trump For President As Globalists Prepare To Complete Their 'Take Down' Of America And Install 'Queen Hillary'

- More Signs The 'Last Days Of The Republic' May Bring Bloodshed To US Soil


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Obama endorses Donald Trump: "Everything we've done over the past 8 years will be reversed with a Trump presidency. And everything will be sustained and built upon with a Hillary Clinton presidency"

With FBI Director James Comey possibly destroying not only the integrity and credibility of the FBI according to former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani but bringing 'America' right down with them and actually proving that we have a rigged system in the process, we hear a bombshell endorsement in the 1st video below for Donald Trump. With the words coming straight from the mouth of Barack Obama, he tells us why Americans who care about our country should be voting for Donald Trump rather than Democrat Hillary Clinton for president, giving all of us the most convincing argument yet why Trump should be president. 


With Comey pretending to pull a rabbit out of a hat straight from thin air by claiming to have reviewed 650,000 emails in just 8 days when it took much longer to review far fewer emails in their original investigation, it's clear that 'America' is in peril and just about out of time. As the commenters on the Daily Mail story seen above ask, what do Hillary and Obama have on Comey? As the next commenter points out, have threats been made against lives?

Only one day away from proving to not only hundreds of millions of Americans but to the entire world that our country has become just another banana republic dictatorship, run by what former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom called 'the most corrupt crime family in the country, we take a look below at more signs emerging that the globalists are preparing to install 'Queen Hillary' tomorrow. All of this despite Obama's glowing endorsement of Trump that should make any American paying attention rushing out to vote Trump for president. 

We also take a look below at a new SQAlert which warns us that the US military is preparing for civil war in America as we get more and more evidence that the govt is preparing for civil unrest or something huge in America. 


And with both Democrats and Republicans now calling for Comey's head, demanding that the FBI head be investigated after letting Clinton off the hook only days after the announcement of the 2nd email probe, we see more and more signs emerging that the rule of law doesn't matter to those who seek to 'lord over us'. With Barack Obama encouraging those who are here illegally in this country to vote, we learn that Wikileaks has confirmed the DNC and CNN colluded on questions for the Republican debate, giving us more and more proof that America has an illegitimate  government

A government NOT selected by the American people, but by corporate interests who have no care whatsoever for what the American people want, according to America's original 'declaration of independence', all such government's must be replaced for the good of the people. And our founding fathers long ago warned us of criminal tyrants like Hillary Clinton


With Comey's announcement yesterday actually CONFIRMING for the entire country all of the corruption within government in America according to this new story from Gina Loudon over at WND, Americans and people across the world are asking if the Clinton crime family threatened the lives of Comey and his family, threatening to take them out like they took down former Clinton Commerce Secretary's Ron Brown's plane (as seen in the linked Wikileak above) and the countless other dead bodies that surround them.

But as we're told by history and has been warned of in prophecy, if the justice system in America doesn't hold our criminal leaders responsible for their actions, God will surely will take them down....while most likely taking down ALL of America with them.


The comments on this Daily Mail story seen below are telling and show the problems America and our system of justice will be facing in the future if Hillary is allowed to get away with crimes that have landed others in deep trouble with some actually paying with their lives. Crimes for which she's getting away with on her way to the highest office in the land. It's clear that nobody believes Comey wasn't somehow threatened by the CCF if not outright corrupt himself.

Did the CCF threaten to harm Comey or his family, thus the quick turnaround which has actually PROVEN corruption and an 'America gone', beyond a shadow of a doubt? If so, nobody in America is safe with the CCF one day away from stealing America.


As we're told by Michael Howell over at Fighting the Tyranny, the FBI is continuing to destroy the US Constitution by allowing Hillary Clinton to get away with crimes that would bury any other ordinary American.

And while the FBI's investigation into the Clinton Foundation's 'pay to play' scandal is still very much alive, is there anybody reading this who really believes that an indictment will be brought against them when Comey so pitifully caved on this email scandal, especially with Hillary Clinton as president of the USA?

Just like Barack Obama's first executive order here in America, making his own personal records forever private, a Hillary Clinton presidency in America will see all pertinent records destroyed just like the 13 cell phones she allegedly destroyed or had destroyed, smashed with a hammer with according to the FBI.


How can America ever recover if we have absolute proof that our leaders are absolutely corrupt to the core yet they still continue in positions of power despite the absolute corruption that everybody knows of?

In this new story from Infowars we hear Alex Jones make an emergency plea to the FBI and law enforcement to stand up to the corruption that we clearly see unfolding before our eyes as it has long been warned, when good men sit back and do nothing in the face of evil, evil will surely thrive. And it will if good men and women do nothing in America. America is counting on you.

For those who haven't quite 'gotten it' yet, do you want an America under a banana republic dictatorship for your families and children and every future generation here in America? We surely don't.


While we'll put a mild language warning on this 1st video, we hear Barack Obama himself telling us why Donald Trump is the only answer for America and all the problems we face as a nation - as Obama tells us, Hillary Clinton will just continue along the same path that he has set us off upon while Donald Trump will reverse everything he's done.

"Everything we've done over the past 8 years will be reversed with a Trump presidency. And everything will be sustained and built upon with a Hillary Clinton presidency" Obama tells us. Also telling the interviewer if elected, "she'll continue to work upon our criminal justice system" we have to ask, if she gets her hands on the criminal justice system, will there be anything left of it when she's done that resembles 'justice'? Judging by the way things are going now, there is no such thing as 'real justice' in America anymore. With recent mysterious Wikileaks, Twitter and internet outages the day before the election, we pray that the voters have a chance to prove us wrong at the voting booth tomorrow. 

In the 2nd video below from Global Research we hear what we're not being told about all of the November chaos surrounding the elections while the 3rd video breaks down for us why the government continues to prepare for open violence possibly turning into open warfare and blood running on the streets of America no matter who wins the election. And as we learn in this new SQAlert, it appears that the US military may be getting prepared as well.


So the other day I noticed some Apache helicopters flying in formation by the Boeing plant where they are made in AZ. Later that night I saw my neighbor who happens to work on them there at Boeing and asked him about the formation. He said "they are preparing for the election". I said "oh some sort of celebration fly by"? He said no "war", I was like war with Russia? He said no civil war. Today I asked him more about it and I guess him and others were told that if Trump gets elected to be prepared for civil unrest. -- Kristopher

America, we are much bigger than war within. We are told to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength' and 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these."


So, America, the choice is ours. Should we continue along the path that has been set for us by globalist entities who don't have America's best interests at heart or shall we choose 'the road less traveled'? With even Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein recently agreeing with Donald Trump in warning 'a Hillary Clinton presidency is a mushroom cloud waiting to happen', it's easy to see that much more than just the next presidency of the US is on the line for America and the world.

Whether our votes really matter or not, we may get our first look at the future of the world tomorrow. Will it be one of putting America 1st again and hard work rebuilding our country or will we see mushroom clouds in America and upon the horizon, we may soon find out.


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