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January 26, 2017

Is China's Hollywood Invasion Now Foreshadowing A 'Real Invasion' Or Economic Collapse And Chaos For America?

Chinese Propaganda Effort Kicks Into High Gear

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story from Jamie White over at Infowars reports Hollywood is getting ready to begin work on a new film called "Little America". Featuring a dystopian future America with a Donald Trump-like president who has bankrupted our country, "Little America" is just the latest incident of outright propaganda and possibly 'predictive programming' coming at us from Hollywood.

As Infowars had also reported back on November 3rd of 2016, the Chinese government had recently announced a takeover of all 6 major Hollywood studios, thus ensuring a steady diet of Chinese propaganda coming our way.

They reported these unprecedented buyouts were being made "in a move meant to repurpose Hollywood films to serve China's agenda, including influencing public perception with state-sponsored propaganda.

“China views film as a component of social control,” states a report from the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC), noting that when it comes to Chinese policies for regulating movies, “the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) concerns are positioned above all other interests.”

Surprisingly, even the Washington Post reported then that 'China's Hollywood invasion was a propaganda play'


As Hollywood Reporter reports, a heated bidding war was carried out to get the rights to produce 'Little America' and Universal Pictures along with producer Michael Bay emerged the big winners to produce the film that sees China calling in their debts upon our country. Leading to China 'owning' America and many Americans being forced to emigrate to China to find work, is 'art' once again mirroring our present and future 'reality'?

As of September of 2016, the nation of China owned about 10% of US debt. It has long been warned that in a worst case scenario, those holding US debt might invade America to 'collect their spoils' and while we haven't yet witnessed a blatant military incursion, every day we see China buying up more and more and more of America.

'Little America's producer Michael Bay, by the way, recently produced 'The Purge' movie series, the most recent one called "The Purge: Election Year" released in 2016 that features glamorized anarchy, lawlessness, violence and gore.

The first two videos below both take a look at "Little America" while in the 3rd video, Ron Paul joins Alex Jones from Infowars to talk with us about many things, including what he thinks about Trump's first few days in office and what he thinks about Trump's chances of holding off the collapse "Little America" forewarns of.

While snowflakes on the left continue to freak out about Trump, Libertarian Paul has a pretty optimistic view of what our new President has done so far, offering Trump great praise and tells us he truly believes Trump's going to try his best to stop the global collapse. As has been warned though, bringing down the economy and blaming it on Trump could still be one of the tricks up the globalists sleeves.


In the first minute of the video interview, Dr. Paul tells us if that happens, DO NOT blame Trump even though the MSM and 'has-been-talking-heads' will try to make us believe its Trump's fault. Clearly if the economy comes down on America during Trump's time, millions of clueless Americans will blame Trump. Dr. Paul lays the blame for any future collapse upon the Federal Reserve, and tells us he also blames the Fed for what happened in 2009 on Barack Obama's watch.

With our National Debt clock continuing to tick endlessly upwards and onwards, now approaching a nasty $20 trillion, is Hollywood preparing to put out 'Little America' to leave a 'bug' in the minds millions of Americans that Trump will be to blame for their possible future woes? The fact that Hollywood has seemingly gone to war against President Trump tells us we'll likely be seeing many more such movies in the years ahead as they try to bring America down to their level, a level upon which they can do the most damage to the brainwashed and unsuspecting American public.

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