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January 25, 2018

Can Cannibalism In Socialist Venezuela Be Far Behind As Starving Venezuelans Steal And Kill To Eat? Mainstream Media Warns 'What Destroyed Venezuela's Economy Could Destroy Ours, Too'

- 'The Crisis Is Moving Relentlessly From Catastrophic To Unimaginable'  

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While numerous times over the last several years, All News Pipeline has warned that what has been happening to Venezuela should be looked at as a huge warning to America as the people of the failed socialist nation starved to death and ate their pets and zoo animals to survive, in this January 22nd story over at the Washington Post saved on archive titled "What Destroyed Venezuela's Economy Could Destroy Ours Too", we get the latest hint of danger ahead from a mainstream media source.

And while it appears that the economy under President Trump is zooming along with low unemployment numbers and continuing signs of growth, as Peter Schiff tells Infowars in the 1st video below as we see expanded upon within this story, the globalists are not beyond "blowing up the economy like a BOMB and leaving President Trump the fall guy".

While this January 22nd story over at The Globe And Mail is titled "In Venezuela, Heaven Has Become Hell", our previous argument that no socialist nation could ever be 'heaven' is bolstered by this sobering story over at titled "We Loot Or We Die Of Hunger: Starving Venezuelans Steal, Kill, To Eat"


As their story reports, there are people in Venezuela who are "so broke and hungry they swam to a fishing boat and raided it of its catch. The crisis in Venezuela is spiralling from dire, to worse." There but for the Amazing Grace of God go we.

As their story also reports, while the world takes a tough stand against the leaders of Venezuela and sanctions are enacted, that has done nothing to help the Venezuelan people and amazingly, after having to resort to eating their pets and zoo animals for food, things are getting worse there. How much worse can they get? Their story also reports horses are being stolen and slaughtered for their meat. Can cannabism be far behind? From their sobering story:

Looters have ransacked trucks, supermarkets and liquor stores across the nation of 30 million people, which ranks as one of the most violent in the world. 

Worsening food shortages and out-of-control inflation, have seen of looting, protests and pillaging escalate since the start of 2018, claiming the lives of at least seven people.

Venezuelans are so broke and hungry that on Margarita Island, a fishing boat returning with its catch of sardines was raided by a hungry mob who waded into the sea.

“They plundered a boat full of sardines,” a post accompanying a picture of the besieged boat on Twitter roughly translates to. It goes on to explain fishermen did not resist the aggressive, hungry and desperate horde of men, women and children.

Angry about empty supermarket shelves and soaring prices, some people are breaking into warehouses, ransacking food trucks and invading outlying farms.

“We either loot or we die of hunger,” one of the looters, Maryoli Corniele, told Diario la Verdad, a local newspaper, The Guardian reports.

In early December, thieves stole two horses from a vet school and slaughtered them for their meat. according to El Nacional.

When a truck carrying live chickens crashed on a highway in Aragua last week, looters stripped its cargo, according to Mexican newspaper Excelsior says


It has long been warned that only 9 meals separate civilization from total anarchy and what is happening now in Venezuela is some of the best proof that we can get of that when the SHTF, people will do absolutely anything to get their next meals. Yet can we blame them? Should this world come to the 'end as we know it' and you no longer have food for your family and children, what would you do to survive? Hence, what is happening in Venezuela is why we prepare.

And while sick globalists are rumored to have turned to cannabilism, should the absolute worst case scenario happen, we've seen that people will resort to cannibalism just to survive as happened back in 1972 in the horrific Andes mountains plane crash where friends where left with no choice but to eat their dead friends or die from starvation.  

And while at this moment here in America we have abundent food upon the store shelves and the trucks continue to bring it in on a timely manner, as Peter Schiff warns, the globalists who are pulling strings could choose to bring it all crashing down upon President Trump, blaming 'tax cuts' or something else to further enrage the American people against him.

From this recent Mac Slavo story over at SHTFPlan.:

Peter Schiff isn’t known for mincing words or sugarcoating the evidence. The financial broker and economist said in an interview “the economy is going to blow up like a bomb,” and when that happens, Donald Trump will take all of the blame.

Not even a full minute into an interview with Alex Jones of Info Wars, Schiff says “it’s not a good thing” that the economy is going to crash and burn. “Unfortunately, that’s what Trump has inherited from Obama. But it’s not even really just Obama, it’s the federal reserve. It’s the monetary policy that has been passed like a baton from Clinton to Bush to Obama and now to Trump. And we’re near the end of the game and unfortunately, Trump’s gonna be the fall guy. This thing is all gonna collapse while he’s president.”

The tax cuts will give Democrats a reason to blame the collapse all on the Republicans, says Schiff.And we are getting close to this collapse.


With 'Black Friday' shopping here in America proving to us that people will go bonkers over material garbage like TV's and 'the next big thing', what happens when it's no longer TV's or Apple phones that they're fighting over but their next meals?  

With a huge percentage of Americans still totally unprepared for disaster while the mainstream media continues to hint at trouble ahead, trouble they can blame upon President Trump, we hope that everybody is prepared for what we pray never comes. 

As the people of Venezuela have found out, when the food runs out, people will do absolute anything to stay alive including stealing and killing to get food and judging by what we've seen playing out in big cities across America over the last several years, much of America is on the edge, just ready to explode. 

In closing, a must-read new story from MD Creekmore over at the Survivalist Blog is titled "Would Your Children Survive On Their Own?" should SHTF and parents not be able to support them. As Creekmore points out, history is littered with numerous examples of parents becoming unable to support their own children, just as we're now seeing in Venezuela where "the crisis is moving relentlessly from catastrophic to unimaginable".

And while poverty is still here in America with people going hungry nationwide, Venezuela is a perfect example proving we haven't seen anything yet. There but for the Amazing Grace of God go we - Thank you Lord for all that you provide us. 



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