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June 26, 2016

Message To The Elite 'Start Packing, Your Days Are Numbered' Counters The NWO Attempt To Hi-jack 'Anonymous' Hactivists 'One World Government' Message

(NWO group attempts to hi-jack the hacktivist group Anonymous)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

A New World Order political party is trying to take the stage. They call themselves THumP, aka "The Humanty Party," and they are attempting to hi-jack the hactivists group called Anonymous, using the Guy Fawkes mask, claiming to now be the "voice" of Anonymous in order confuse and capitalize on the name recognition of the group.

Their claim via 24-7 Press Release is: "In March of 2015, various Anons discreetly met to vote on a Board of Directors to lead the movement. The Board appointed one of its Anons as its Voice of Anonymous."

The first of the "key concepts" tells us that the NWO is behind this new "political party," as it states the following:

Establish and promote the possibility of a ONE World Government and a new Constitution that guarantees and provides worldwide basic human rights to ALL people of Earth. These inalienable human rights include the Five Basic Necessities of Life ("FBNL"): free healthy food and water, secure and safe housing, basic clothing, health and mental care, and education.

If that first key concept doesn't make the point of what this attempting hi-jacking is all about and who is behind it, then just look at the symbolism used by the supposed new "voice of Anonymous."


Look familiar? It should, it is eerily similar to the Freemason logo. 


Another one of their "messages" is running counter to what we are seeing globally, encompassed by the recent Brexit" vote where a nation just took back its sovereignty by voting to leave the European Union.

"Sovereignty is responsible for every war, bloodshed and terror that has ever inflicted humankind… Human beings must unite under one world government and constitution. Giving their voice and power to one government and one authority." – the Organization now calling itself  Anonymous

In their nearly 40 minute introductory video embedded at the bottom of the article, we see a set the globalists ultimate endgame spelled out blatantly, which includes abolishing borders and all sovereignty, banning religion,  and to establish a global government by modifying the U.S. Constitution.

According to their website, if enough Humanity Party representatives are elected into Congress "they can legally rewrite the Constitution," and of course they offer their "proposed" Constitution, as well as their own "Declaration of Independence," which they call "Declaration of Reform."

Via Waking Times:

Other key tenets of their platform, include: the need for individuality and diversity, the end of nationalism and national sovereignty, the abandonment of tradition, ideology, patriotism and prejudices, and the demonization of math, science and intellectualism. All of which are presented as opponents of human intelligence.

Interestingly, while their video is dated June 16, 2016, the 24-7 Press Release article came out on June 20, 2016, but the official Anonymous Youtube channel doesn't seem to address the attempted hi-jacking of the group by the NWO's new Humanity Party. 


Countering the message of those trying to hi-jack the hacktivist group Anonymous is Judge Jeanine Pirro, who in Saturday's opening statement, manages to capture the essence of what was behind the Brexit win for those in Britain that decided it was time to take their nation's sovereignty back by voting in a referendum to exit the European Union, as she points out that it isn't just a movement there but sentiment being seen across the globe, including here in America.

Her message is the exact opposite of the humanity party's message.

The message she has for the elite is "The world is changing and all you elite, establishment, ruling class, condescending Washington bigwigs, who think you know better than ordinary Americans... are OUT! Start packing, your days are numbered."

The introductory video attempt by the NWO to hi-jack Anonymous shown below.

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