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October 19, 2016

'Everything Is Now In Play' As America's Worst Nightmares Unfold

- Martial Law Or Military Coup, These Scenarios Could Lead To 'The End'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story on Zero Hedge linked on this morning asked if we're closing in on a point in time in America where it might be necessary for a military coup after Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke declared on Fox News it was 'pitchforks and torches time' as heard in the 1st video below. Telling us that the American people's faith in the military was soaring while faith in politicians and our mainstream media collapses as their treason and criminality against the American people is exposed, might we soon witness a round-up with mass arrests of politicians and members of the news media who've sold out the US for their own profit?

The new story from Jeremiah Johnson over at Ready Nutrition shares with us the 5 triggering events that could put America under martial law as we close in upon the general election and massive criminality is exposed as being committed by those who seek to permanently control us. PROVING to the American people that they've been rigging elections for 50 years in massive voter fraud exposed by Project Veritas, who paying attention will simply accept Hillary Clinton being elected president in just weeks when more than 62% of the American people dislike her and nobody trusts her?

With the American people now having 100% proof that US elections are fixed, much confidence in the foundation of our current government completely shattered and destroyed, is there anything that will give the American people the confidence that government indeed works for the American people and those who've sold out America held accountable?

From a recent Donald Trump speech we were told: “This election will determine whether we remain a free country in the truest sense of the word or we become a corrupt banana republic controlled by large donors and foreign governments,” Trump said. “The election of Hillary Clinton would lead to the destruction of our country — believe me.”


Warning us that all of the below outlined scenarios can occur simultaneously, successively, or individually in any combination at any time and there is no limit to their use or potential to recur, Jeremiah Johnson gives us five scenarios that could nearly immediately turn America into a 3rd world nation with the only things likely stopping widespread anarchy and chaos in American streets being the US military and heavily armed law enforcement officers as America's death spiral reaches 'end game'.

Between a massive economic meltdown, cyberattack, nuclear war or EMP attack, viral or bacterial pandemic and/or an 'unforeseen black swan event', we're told to remember the words of Rahm Emmanuel who stated 'never let a good crisis go to waste' and this warning of what may be coming to America.:

Using the fake justification “in the interests of the safety of the people,” martial law will be declared to confine, restrict, and control the people…protecting them from…themselves.

Then come the restrictions to travel, the police state in the streets, at the workplace, and the confiscation of firearms. Then comes the removal of “dissidents and potential troublemakers,” as well as the curfews, restrictions, and limitations in every facet of our society. Martial Law is an objective of the Obama administration. The problem is that he (Obama) cannot just arbitrarily declare it. The declaration requires a prod, such as one of the 5 methods mentioned. In those circumstances, he then can suspend our rights under the Constitution and bypass the true laws of the U.S. Such an end state is his desire. Such an end state would also mean the end…of the United States.


With possibly nothing stopping complete criminality from furthering its hold upon America with a Hillary Clinton presidency possibly only weeks away from being assured, the new story from the Washington Post tells us that some Donald Trump supporters are openly talking 'civil war' and warn that a steal of the election by Hillary Clinton could provide the spark.

While ANP stands strongly against any such violence in America as that is exactly what the globalists want to institute their final crackdown and take complete control, a former West Point instructor suggested the U.S. military would be hailed as the “constitutional and political savior” of the country if it overthrew the (totally CORRUPT) civilian governmentand a surprisingly large number of Americans agree with him.

Legal scholar William C. Bradford, who was forced to resign from his position as an instructor of law at West Point in August, has privately circulated a draft of an unpublished law review article entitled “Alea Iacta Est: The U.S. Coup of 2017.” An abstract of that essay posted to Bradford’s LinkedIn page adumbrates a scenario in which a U.S. president – presumably, Barack Obama – becomes an undisguised “tyrant” who must be replaced by a military junta.

What if the American people were to elect a president who want[s] to destroy the nation and works to create division among the people, encourage a culture of ridicule for basic morality and the principles that made and sustained the country, undermine the financial stability of the nation, and weaken and destroy the military?” Bradford writes. “What remedies, if any, did the Framers commend to us in the event a tyrant should every assume the presidency? Do the people have the right to resist a tyrant, and does that really hold any prospect of success without the support of the military? Does the U.S. military have the right or even the duty to intervene in the domestic politics of the United States as constitutional and political savior when the times require it, and who makes that determination?… Is such a duty incumbent upon the U.S. Armed Forces at present?

20161018_military_0.jpg 20161018_military1_0.jpg

Would a military coup in America take down the entire 'chain of treason' and restore America to the American people?

With it becoming more and more clear every day that the globalists backing Hillary have no intention of allowing an America-1st president into office in Donald Trump and now having 100% proof that the Democrats steal elections, how could the American people allow a Clinton presidency and still believe we live in anything but a 3rd world nation with Clinton's government corrupt to the core?


While Donald Trump and others have warned of hijacked elections and proof now that rioters being paid by the Clinton campaign have already disrupted peaceful Trump events while evidence emerges that Obama himself may be behind violence at Trump events as well, the 2nd video below from Daily Sheeple looks at the strong possibility that this election will be stolen and/or martial law declared due to one of the events described by Johnson in his story.

In the 3rd video below our videographer gives us all of the reasons why he believes Obama has something up his sleeve as we approach what might be the most important election in US history while the final video takes a look at Trump's recent statements that prove America is in deep trouble if Hillary is elected included testimony before Congress that proves to us the corruption runs deep and barring Trump's election in only weeks, the American people have little recourse.

With only weeks before we'll know who'll take America into 2020, it's clear everything is now in play. While America's worst nightmares appear to be unfolding, the mass awakening that has taken place across the country thanks to Trump, the alternative media and the American people gives proof God still works in grand and mysterious ways. And while Hillary recently called for 'interventions' for Trump voters, we see that only 'divine intervention' can save America.

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