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January 5, 2018  

Nightmarish Scenario Predicted By Arrogant Elite Puppetmasters Hints At Many More Calamities To Come To Achieve The Population Pillage They Foresee

By Mary Taylor - All News Pipeline 

"Where have millions of people gone? Did they all just go up, air-lifted to another planet?

That will be the question of the hour if America plays out the nightmarish scenario predicted by arrogant elite puppetmasters who are forecasting a future population “cull,” leaving the country with only a fraction of its former bank of living souls.

Stefan Stanford’s ANP article on the Quayle site this week featured Deagel’s “Massive population reduction forecast for 2025 America,” predicting a drastic population drain of 81 per cent. The article asks, “Where will 270 million Americans go in the next seven years?”

When we stop to consider the possibilities, those that come to mind are myriad: floods, earthquakes, superstorms, violent protests and civil war, foreign invasion, meteorites, tsunamis, chemical warfare and deadly plagues. Any or all could diminish the population of this country and blight the world as we know it.

In the Book of Revelation the Apostle John narrows down humanity’s exterminators to just a few. War, pestilence and famine are introduced by ominous riders that we know as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, all on a mission portending death--not just for 270 million, but for the entire planet!


But some may ask, why believe the gloomy warnings of doomsday prophets when America is enjoying a flourishing economy and seemingly endless prosperity. Just look to reports by economists like See It Market author Aaron Jackson who has noted signs of economic growth all year, citing global economy indicators during the last half of 2017.

We all know it’s a global bull market,” he writes. “Economies across the globe have been suggesting strength to market participants all year. And lately we’ve really seen signs of economic expansion spill over into ˜proof in the pudding” indicators.”

Other economists and market watchers looking at recent upturns in retail spending and a booming stock market forecast a promising outlook for the future of this country--no famine or economic catastrophes in sight.

But wait: for America to lose 270 million citizens in the next seven years, something more than momentous—something truly monumental--must be going to happen!

Is there no one sent to warn us, to give an inking about why an America thriving at the beginning of the 21st Century could end up with a bleak future and millions disappearing from the face of the earth?

John the Revelator provides the first clue when he shares his vision of visiting heaven and watching as the Lamb opens seven seals. These disclose a series of spiritual judgments set to devastate not only this country but the entire world.

“Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, “Come!” I looked and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.” Revelation 6:1,2


Once the first horseman is released, other spirits prophesying doom and destruction follow, ready to wreak havoc throughout the earth. Their leader is a conquering antichrist figure blazing the way to prepare a worldwide climate of anti-semitism and Christian persecution.

Even now this spirit is past the gate, riding throughout the land to provoke discrimination and hatred toward Christians. His goal is a Christless world, one ready to celebrate when a host of believers—maybe Deagel’s predicted millions—come up missing.

A master deceiver, he rides a white horse signifying peace, but in actuality, he wields a weapon and his ultimate goal is conquest. The crown he is wearing testifies to his success in world domination.

See how closely this rider resembles the real King Jesus, who appears in the heavens near the end of John’s revelation. Both are described as being mounted on white horses and wearing crowns, and both hold weapons to make war.

Only the Lord, the one called Faithful and True, is identified by the many crowns on his head and his blood-stained robe.

“I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and makes war. His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one but he himself knows. He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God.” Revelation 19: 11-13.


The question is, when the first rider—the master deciever--appears, will we recognize him as the interloper that he is, or will we, like the rest of the world, pay him homage and laud his charisma, his personal power and political acumen? How many Christians will have caught on by the time his followers, the other Apocalyptic horsemen, ride in?

“When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come!” Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. To him was given a large sword. Revelation 6:3

As the second rider makes his way through the land, we are being warned: the final war to end all wars is getting closer.

Certainly with the development of modern instruments of mass destruction and the UN reporting that around 22,000 nuclear weapons are in our world today, it’s clear that peace is systematically being taken from the earth. But Jesus, in Mark 24:4, encourages us to stand strong, despite the prospect of a final worldwide war.

Addressing the end times, he tells his disciples not to be alarmed when they hear of wars and rumors of wars, “for the end is not yet.” In fact, with the arrival of the third horseman, more calamities are to come.

“I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures , saying, “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!” Revelation 6:5,6


By the time the black horse starts his ride through the earth, the economy has failed, and worldwide famine is on the way. A comment on the Berean website notes that the seller in this case is making the common marketplace call of an Israeli merchant shouting out the price of his wares.

“He is setting relative values for both wheat and barley, with wheat being three times as valuable as barley. However, his price is highly inflated!” the writer observes. “The ‘quart’ is roughly equivalent to the amount of grain a normal man needs each day to survive.

“In ancient times, though, a denarius would buy eight to ten quarts of wheat, not one! Obviously, these are disaster prices.”

After suffering economic failure, famine and plague, we cannot wonder that the world’s population would be greatly reduced. But the opening of the fourth seal introduces the last horseman announcing an all-pervading culture of death and a final judgment of the earth.

“I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.” Revelation 6:7,8

As the future looks bleaker, we must ask, are all the inhabitants of the earth destined to suffer a ghastly death by war, famine and plague, as well as tearing by wild beasts? Or will the 270 million souls missing from Deagel’s population count be gone before any of this takes place?

The population pillage may mystify scoffers, but believers can take heart in the opening verse of Psalm 12 expressing a “left-behind” observer’s puzzlement about the future wholesale disappearance of Christians. Although the writer seems baffled that righteous folk are not to be found, the verse inspires hope for believers--saved and hopefully long gone--before the world’s final carnage takes place.

“Help, Lord, for the godly are no more; the faithful have vanished from among men…. Though the wicked strut freely about when what is vile is honored among men, you will keep us safe and protect us from such people forever.” Psalm 12: 1,7,8.


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