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November 2, 2016

Something Very Strange Is Going On - If The Watchmen Are Right, We Are Closing In Upon 'America's Worst Nightmare' Come True

- 'Silence And Darkness Is The Only Sure Outcome'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the recent story by Jeff Berwick over at the Dollar Vigilante we learn that more and more evidence is emerging that preparation is still taking place at the very highest levels of government for something huge in our futures. In Berwick's story called "Washington Prepares For EMP While Internet Under Attack Since Transfer To The UN" we are told "with each passing day it seems we’re getting closer to a major event." And while Berwick is unsure exactly WHAT that event might be, we clearly see many unusual events auspiciously pointing towards disaster coming together at one of the most important moments in US history.

Berwick tells us perhaps it will be an “EMP” attack masquerading as a “space event", a plausible possibility considering Barack Obama recently signed an Executive Order ordering government to prepare for a 'space weather events'. As we reported on ANP back on October 14th, the day after Obama signed this EO, the wording of it sounds like America's worst nightmare come true: Extreme space weather events could disable large portions of the electrical power grid, resulting in cascading failures that would affect key services such as water supply, healthcare, and transportation. Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents.

What if Gary Heavin, the writer of the dystopian disaster movie "Amerigeddon," is right about his depiction of future America after a globalist terror organization aligns with the United Nations and 'enemy's within' to take down our country's power grids and institute Martial Law? What if Steve Quayle is right when he tells us we should be preparing for life without an internet and a banking system in total shambles after a massive cyberattack upon our country that takes down everything, warning us that 'when this goes down, it's going to go down fast'? And what if Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and Director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum, is correct when he warns us a "Long Sunday" may be ahead for America?

We take a new look below at Dr. Pry's new book, "The Long Sunday," as well several recent videos including a warning from Anonymous that martial law in America due to an EMP strike or cyber attack upon our country that takes down our power grid and our internet may be approaching the point of inevitability. We also look at a new video that takes a look at the prophetic implications of what we're now watching unfolding here in America - we have long been warned of this moment in time.


Linking current events to Biblical prophecy, what if the visions and warnings given by people such as Pastor David Wilkerson, Dumitru Duduman, and Henry Gruver were correct when they warned that America would be invaded, burn, and be completely destroyed?

While the huge majority of Americans are completely unprepared for a lengthy outage of our power grid, it's clear that those at the highest levels of government are preparing for exactly that possibility as we're told in the 1st video below featuring Jeff Berwick and the Dollar Vigilante discussing Washington's preparation for an EMP. What happens to everyone who hasn't prepared for that future possibility? And are we now closing in upon that warned of moment in time?

As we reported on ANP back on October 20th, according to Dr. Peter Pry, a devastating surprise nuclear EMP attack upon America could occur sometime between Election Day and Inauguration Day of 2017. In Dr. Pry's new book "The Long Sunday", he tells us why America is so vulnerable during this time period and he has allowed All News Pipeline to republish a portion of his new book as seen below these videos, a great explanation of why America is in such danger.

desolation.PNG babylon_in_darkness.PNG

Might those who don't have America's best interests at heart launch a devastating attack that takes down our power grid, leaving Americans completely vulnerable and living in the dark ages, a time before electricity and all of the luxuries that we enjoy every day such as utilities, running water, and the internet? We pray that the warnings given to us by the Watchmen as also heard in these videos are wrong yet will continue to prepare as if they are right on target.

As Susan Duclos reported on ANP back on October 21st, it was quite easy for somebody to take down huge parts of the US internet soon after the US ceded control of the internet to international bodies. On October 22nd Susan reported that something huge was clearly going down and the cyber attacks of the 21st were likely just the beginning.

On October 29th we asked on ANP if the mysterious death of US Army 2-Star-General John Rossi was foreshadowing a huge event - Rossi allegedly committed suicide two days before taking a new job, as the head of the US Space and Missile Command Center. As we pointed out then, one of Rossi's jobs would have been to protect America from just such an event as an EMP attack upon us.

While Dr. Peter Pry isn't predicting a surprise attack upon us, he has told us why America will be most vulnerable in the days between the election and the inauguration in January. For those who don't understand all of the scientific aspects of an EMP attack, Dr. Pry gives us a great explanation below videos about why an EMP would be so devastating and so easy to carry out. If the Watchmen are indeed correct - America has arrived at our most dangerous days and hours.

Beginning at approximately the 21 minute 30 second mark, the video turns towards what our videographer believes has prophetic Biblical implications as we see the warnings long given by Watchmen close to coming true.


Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack is technically and operationally the easiest, least risky, and most effective use of a nuclear weapon available to a nuclear-armed state or non-state actor.

What Is EMP?

Any nuclear weapon, even a primitive first-generation weapon like the A-bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, will produce gamma rays and fireballs that generate the high-frequency (E1 EMP), medium-frequency (E2 EMP), and low-frequency (E3 EMP) electromagnetic pulses. EMP attack delivers a three-fold punch to electronics small and large, ranging from personal computers to national electric grids and everything in-between:

--Nuclear EMP attack entails detonating the weapon at such high altitude that no blast, thermal, fallout or effects other than EMP are experienced on the ground.

--EMP is like "super-lightning" in that it delivers a shock much more powerful than lightning against, not a point, but against electronics over a vast area.

-- A single nuclear weapon can potentially make an EMP attack against a target the size of North America.

--E1 EMP is much faster (lasting nanoseconds) and much more powerful than lightning, cannot be stopped by devices designed for lightning protection, can damage and destroy small electronics and control systems necessary for the operation of everything from automobiles to airplanes, including electric grids, communications, and all other critical infrastructures.

--E2 EMP is as fast (lasting milliseconds) and as powerful as lightning and can be stopped by lightning protection, but many commercial enterprises and homes lack lightning protection.

--E3 EMP is much slower (lasting seconds) but has much more net energy than lightning, is potentially more powerful than the electromagnetic fields that could be generated by a solar super-storm, that can melt transformers designed to carry hundreds of thousands of volts.

--Because EMP propagates in three "waves" their damaging effects will be dynamic and mutually reinforcing, the E1 EMP damaging and destroying systems (including possibly lightning protection) that opens the door for wider and deeper damage by E2 and E3 EMP.

Any nuclear weapon detonated at an altitude of 30 kilometers or higher will generate a potentially catastrophic EMP. A nuclear detonation at 30 kilometers altitude will generate an EMP field with a radius on the ground of about 600 kilometers. Detonated at 400 kilometers altitude, the radius of the EMP field will be about 2,200 kilometers.


EMP Attack Is Easy

Accuracy is not necessary for an EMP attack because the target altitude (30-400 kilometers) is so wide, and the radius and the coverage of the EMP field is so vast.

EMP attack does not require a re-entry vehicle, heat shield, shock absorbers and other paraphernalia associated with a nuclear missile warhead designed for blasting a city. These are unnecessary for an EMP attack, which detonates the warhead above the atmosphere, in outer space.

EMP attack can be executed by a wide variety of delivery vehicles, anything that can loft a nuclear weapon to 30 kilometers or higher. Possible delivery vehicles against the United States include a satellite, a long-range missile, a medium- or short-range missile launched off a freighter, some kinds of cruise missiles and anti-ship missiles (like Russia's Club-K exported to Iran), a jet fighter or some kinds of jet airliner doing a zoom climb, even a meteorological balloon.

EMP Fields and Effectiveness

The size of the EMP field on the ground is determined by the altitude of detonation, EMP propagating from the point of detonation to the horizon. The higher the altitude of detonation, the bigger the EMP field on the ground.

EMP field strengths on the ground are stronger when the weapon is detonated at lower altitudes , where the effects are more concentrated within a smaller radius, and weaker when the weapon is detonated at higher altitudes, where the effects are within a larger radius and cover a bigger area. EMP effects are dangerous at all altitudes. Varying the altitude of the EMP attack can be used to adjust the size of the EMP field to better fit the target. Since the radius of the EMP field is not highly sensitive to altitude, relative to any delivery system (even the Houthis or Taliban could use commercial off-the-shelf technology to rig a fusing system that will detonate within less than one kilometer of the desired altitude) again accurate delivery is not an issue.

EMP fields are strongest at the center, where the peak field is located, and reduce in strength toward the margins. As a general rule, EMP field strength at the outer edge of the field will be about one-quarter of the peak field strength. Even for a primitive first-generation nuclear weapon, the entire field is dangerous, not just the peak field.

Damage to the electric grid and other critical infrastructures will not be limited to the EMP field. Cascading failures will propagate far beyond the EMP field through an unprotected electric grid blacking-out critical infrastructures, assuming the EMP field is smaller than the electric grid being attacked.

For example, a 10 kiloton weapon detonated at 30 kilometers over the U.S. Eastern Grid would generate an EMP field about 600 kilometers in radius, much smaller than the Eastern Grid. But the national electric grid being aged, over-taxed with demand, always operating on the verge of failure, capable of blackouts that put 50 million people into the dark because of cascading failures from a tree branch (like the Great Northeast Blackout of 2003), the entire Eastern Grid would certainly be plunged into a protracted blackout from such an EMP attack. The U.S. cannot survive without the Eastern Grid which generates 75 percent of the nation's electricity and supports most of the national population.


Any Nuke Will Do

For nuclear weapons of normal design, a high-yield weapon will generate a more powerful EMP field than a low-yield weapon, but the difference in field strength is not nearly as great as the difference in yield. For example, a 1,000 kiloton nuclear weapon will not generate an EMP field 100 times greater than a 10 kiloton nuclear weapon. Indeed, a 10 kiloton weapon will generate an E3 EMP field nearly as powerful as the 1,000 kiloton weapon, but over a smaller area.

Even a primitive first-generation nuclear weapon such as terrorists might build, like the first nuclear weapon ever built, the 10 kiloton bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, detonated at 30 kilometers altitude, will generate an EMP field that at the weakest, on the margins, will be several thousand volts per meter. This is enough to put at risk all unprotected civilian and military systems within the field.

Worldwide, most civilian electronic systems, and most military general purpose forces--including those of the United States--are not hardened against EMP. According to the Congressional EMP Commission Executive Report (2004):

The end of the Cold War relaxed the discipline for achieving EMP survivability within the Department of Defense, and gave rise to the perception that an erosion of EMP survivability of military forces was an acceptable risk. EMP simulation and test facilities have been mothballed or dismantled, and research concerning EMP phenomena, hardening design, testing, and maintenance has been substantially decreased. However, the emerging threat environment, characterized by a wide spectrum of actors that include near-peers, established nuclear powers, rogue nations, sub-national groups, and terrorist organizations that either now have access to nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles or may have such access over the next 15 years have combined to place the risk of EMP attack and adverse consequences on the US to a level that is not acceptable.

Military planners correctly assume, and civilian emergency managers and engineers should assume, that electronic systems not protected against EMP are vulnerable.


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