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September 24, 2015

Massacre In Mecca As More Than 700 Dead In  Human Stampede After 'Stoning Devil' - The Will Of God? A Warning To All Americans 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline

In what some are considering just the latest divine sign from above, at least 717 'Pilgrims' have been crushed to death in Saudi Arabia during a human stampede at the 'Haj' as shared in the newly released videos below after participating in a ritual called 'stoning the devil'. All Americans can learn from this latest tragedy that has already been dubbed the 'massacre in Mecca'.

Showing once again why we should all try our very best to avoid crowds, after the recent crane collapse in Mecca that killed more than 100 people and now this absolute devastation of over 700 lives lost during this 'stoning the devil' ritual, are we now witnessing some kind of divine warning at play? Even many pilgrims claim that it was 'God's Will' that so many people died - or was it really just a lack of health and safety standards? 

The pictures in this story are very difficult to look at but give Americans another reason why we shouldn't be living in the cities any more with economic collapse possible at almost any time and hundreds of millions unprepared. Should any devastating emergency happen, big cities instantly become death traps and while we may not see a stampeding horde of 2 million people, the sheer volume of suddenly hungry people unable to obtain their next meal or unable to use proper hygenic facilities such as the toilet once power shuts down sewage systems tells us why we should choose to live away from 'the masses'.


In what is now the 2nd major tragedy this month in Saudi Arabia, the stated death toll continues to rise each time we get an updated story, with the number of deaths now coming close to rivaling a 1990 incident when more than 1,400 people lost their lives. Claims are now being made that up to 1,000 or more may have died. 

While hoping to be considered a 'religion of peace', with the emergence of ISIS on a worldwide scale spreading terror and ever more incidents of Islamic terrorism and beheadings of Christians around the world, is this 'massacre in Mecca' another sign from above?

With an Islamic trojan horse invasion of Europe now happening before our eyes while in our own country, we may be seeing a major psyop unfolding before our eyes in America with the Ahmed Mohamed alarm clock bomb hoax receiving major news with the announcement that the sister of Mohamed was suspended for a bomb threat hoax in Texas just 3 years ago

A September 6th story from Top Right News tells us that Muslims in Irving, Texas were furious at a judge for putting a stop to their proposed Sharia court. Soon afterwards, this 'alarm clock bomb' event also plays out in Irving, Texas. Is it all just a coincidence or is THIS proof this is all a huge hoax and joke upon Americans?

The Haj is an annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca that is attended by more than 2 million people that dates back to at least the 7th century. Anyone here want to be in a stampede with 2 million of your closest friends? These images show us one reason why we try to avoid big crowds and cities and why they could all instantly turn into death traps should disaster of almost any major kind strike. 






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