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August 18, 2015

NWO's Global War & Chaos Is Underway With America's Destruction Taking Center Stage - There Will Be No Intermissions!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Still unbeknownst to most Americans there is a vast secretive network of 'elitists' working behind the scenes to shape and shift the world like clay into what they want it to be. As September of 2015 approaches, the latest session of the nwo's 'play session' nearly complete, their global fireworks show has begun with global war and chaos featuring America's destruction taking center stage - there will be no intermissions we are warned!

A look all across alternative news headlines brings new revelations. Mike Adams at Natural News dropped this bombshell: "China and America Already At War". This story from Michael Snyder at' End Of The American Dream' tells us that Russian media is talking about what's coming in September while the mainstream media in the US has been inexplicably silent about what's coming.

While the UK's 'The Telegraph' puts out the warning that the doomsday clock for a global market crash has struck one minute before midnight, CNN devotes headlines to a celebrity's nude photo controversy while USA Today gives important headline space to the FAKE World Wrestling's 'Summer Slam' and even Fox News gives a headline to the former matriarch of 'The Brady Bunch' on 'Dancing with the Stars.'

As Sputnik News tells us of Russia and China's latest strong move to move away from the US dollar and create an entirely different gold market, all we need to do is take a visit to Google Trends to see why America is doomed as we see some of the top things being searched for in our country include major league baseball, the national hockey league, Jimmy Kimmel live and Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes. 


Meanwhile across the globe, chaos is being engineered by the nwo like a child throwing a tantrum after they broke their favorite toy as the central bankers lose control as warned of in this story from The Economic Collapse Blog that tells us about the 23 nations around the world where stock market crashes are ALREADY happening. We're also given these words of caution.: "Of course this is just the beginning.  The western world is going to feel this kind of pain as well very soon."

Thankfully there is some real news being published by America's mainstream media as the Washington Times tells us that the US Navy is on alert as China and Russia team up for the largest joint naval exercises EVER! Is Mike Adams bombshell accurate when he tells us that the explosion in Tianjin was carried out by a Pentagon space weapon in retaliation for China devaluating the Yuan? In the 1st video below, FaceLikeTheSun tells us all about Mike Adams space weapon theory. Has WW3 already begun?

Is financial expert Harry Dent correct when he tells Alex Jones in the 2nd video below that we are only WEEKS away from the 'global financial collapse'? All News Pipeline has published several stories in the last several months about the mysterious website and their prediction that by 2025, there will be 254 million LESS Americans living in America then than there are here now. All across America we've been witnessing a massive amount of transportation of military vehicles by train and roadway. We've learned that if war begins again, Russia will likely bring it to our shores. The only thing standing in between a 'New World Order' global government tyranny and liberty is a STRONG America as September closes in.

Let's take a look at Deagel figures (2025 Forecast here) for America, Mexico China and Russia for 2014 and 2025. What you see here is the forecast of America's destruction in numbers. #1 in GDP and PPP with China 2nd, Russia 9th and Mexico 15th in 2014 as seen in the 1st screenshot, check out the forecast numbers for 2025 where not only are BRICS nations China, Brazil, Russia and India taking spots 1 through 4 but Mexico comes in at #6 with the US falling to lucky #13. With the US showing a population drop from 318 million to 65 million in less than 10 years, with a PPP drop from $54,800 to $9,061, it's clear who the losers are if the 'new world order' gets their way. Mexico's PPP for 2025 is HIGHER than the US's! Also not the HUGE drop in military expenditures in the US; what does that tell us? 2014 here.:


Chart below shows 2025 forecast. How does the US fall so far? 


Was the Tianjin explosion caused by the US and the Pentagon as is argued in this video?

Only weeks away from economic collapse says Harvey Dent. What does he know we don't know?




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