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February 7, 2017

'Generation Screwed' - Why America And Liberty Are Now In More Danger Than Ever As The 'Lunatic Left' And NWO Go To War Against President Donald Trump And America

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the new story from the Daily Caller they report that according to leaders of the anti-Trump 'resistance', they want to make America 'ungovernable'. Claiming they'll do whatever is necessary to stop President Donald Trump from enacting his agenda, we see in their recent barbaric acts of violence against law enforcement officers, their own fellow citizens and private and public property in America their willingness to carry through upon those threats.

Allegedly claiming these acts of terror and violence are being done in the name of standing up against the Presidency of Donald Trump, the left devolving into anarchy and violence  prove they have no 'high ground' to stand upon while outrageously claiming they 'speak for' and 'prize': truth, beauty and love.


The new story from Campus Reform that the Drudge Report linked to on Tuesday reports upon a 'leftist fight club' that is training UCF students to fight against Republicans. The 'Knights of Socialism' has promised to teach 'left-wing students' how to 'bash the faces' of Republicans, and, not surprisingly, the club is open to everyone BUT Republicans.

Just the latest signs that the left has no intention what-so-ever of living up to the principals of non-violent resistance practiced by Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., every day we get more signs they're quite literally losing their minds. As exemplified by Nancy Pelosi recently calling Trump 'President Bush'; Congresswoman Maxine Waters recently stating Putin had invaded Korea while she advocated for the impeachment of Trump; while Katy Tur at MSNBC recently claimed that Trump may 'start killing journalists' here in America due to comments he made recently during an interview with Bill O'Reilly, we get more and more proof the left has lost it. 

Rather than sitting in Congress in Washington DC, Pelosi and Waters are perfect examples of why Congressional members should have their terms limited yet both being from California, they give us more reasons for hoping the 'earthquake-state' simply removes itself from 'the Union'.

And in more perfect examples of the left's insanity, in the first video below Susan Duclos points out how many leftists lost their minds over the New England Patriots Super Bowl win, calling it 'white supremacy'. While in the 2nd video below, we see a black Rebel Media reporter being called a 'white supremacist' while being shouted down by so-called 'anti-racism' protesters screaming out 'stop white surpremacy' at a recent "Generation Screwed" conservative event held in Toronto, Canada. Incidentally, as is also pointed out in the video, most of the entire crew of Rebel Media are something other than 'white males', the group of people that the left is allegedly venting their anger at.


And while Hillary Clinton also urges women to 'step up and speak out' and 'rise up' against the Trump administration, proclaiming 'the future is female', we see we're witnessing the 'usual suspects' in their continuing attempts to bring down America, largely through the hefty pocketbook of none other than George Soros.

It shouldn't be surprising to anyone at all living in the real world and getting their news from independent news sources that globalist Soros was also the money behind the Republican attacks against President Trump coming from John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan and John Kasick as was reported by Breitbart Monday.


We also see in the left's ongoing battle against President Donald Trump why the 'NWO' has gone to war against him, for Trump stands largely in the way of the globalists completing their long held agenda for America and the world, partly spelled out in the Georgia Guidestones and seen being played out over the last several decades in America. 

As YouTube videographer Hard News TV points out for us in the 3rd video below, while liberals are crying and accusing Donald Trump of being the next Adolf Hitler, George Orwell's 1984 is much more applicable to the globalists and Barack Obama than it is to President Trump. And many of the tactics that we're watching the leftists now employ come straight to us from out of the dystopian classic as well as from the playbook of Saul Alinsky.


On Monday, Susan Duclos warned us in her story on ANP that 'agent provocateurs' had infiltrated the patriot movement and were gathering in various forums and comment sections of conservative sites declaring that the only way to 'clean up America' was via martial law being declared. We have long warned on ANP that the very last thing we should want is for martial law to be declared for once that happens, America is immediately on a very slippery slope.

Not only would President Trump being forced to declare martial law confirm all of the unfound and unjustified fears being expressed by the left of a Trump presidency bringing tyranny to America, but look at the biggest similarity between martial law and sharia law - the US Constitution is completely stamped out, along with our God-given rights that are now simply being protected by the Constitution. If you're one of those who actually WANTS martial law in America, would you WANT sharia law in America? It's clear that anyone actually CALLING for martial law at this very early moment in time is a closet-authoritarian. Though, it MAY be needed sometime later.

In the final video below, Mike Adams from Natural News gives us a 'martial law warning', reporting on what we're now witnessing all across America as snowflakes turn nuclear, their 'globalist programming' shattered as they push civil unrest and seemingly for war in America. Do most of them have any idea they're working to help Soros and the globalists accomplish their long-held goals of overthrowing all that is good about our country? We pray for President Donald Trump and America.

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