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February 3, 2016

Was Obama's Visit To 'Sharia Compliant' Mosque A Silent Message Of What's Coming To America?

7-Phase Plan To Overthrow America Now On Phase-6: 'Total Confrontation'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on January 30th, we told you about Barack Obama's bizarre plans to visit a mosque in Baltimore, Maryland, with radical, extremist ties. Allegedly the first mosque visit of his presidency, the fact that he chose a mosque that is under surveillance by the FBI and has ties to Muslim extremists is even bothersome to other Muslims as shared in the videos below. Why would Obama speak at a mosque that had an Imam that condoned suicide bombings and had a former member who was arrested for plotting to bomb a federal building? The same Imam led this mosque for 10 years and later helped to start a mosque with ties to Al Qaeda. 

With Obama's mosque visit to the Baltimore Islamic Center now complete, the founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, joined Fox & Friends as seen in the 2nd video and Newsmax in the 1st video below to share what he thinks of Obama's visit to this mosque with radical ties... a mosque that he, a Muslim, compares to the mosque in San Bernardino where Syed Farook was radicalized before he slaughtered 14 people and injured 24 more. 

Speaking at this sharia compliant mosque, Obama spoke out loudly and clearly as heard almost immediately in the 1st video below. Listen to the words: "Muslims keep us safe. They're our police and our fire fighters. They're in homeland security. In our intelligence community." After listening to Dr. Jasser below we have to ask Mr. Obama, are the Muslims you speak of the kind that Dr. Jasser accuses you of speaking to?

Why is Mr. Obama giving tacit approval to 'gender apartheid'
in speaking at a mosque that separates the men from women in prayer, a mosque that is sharia compliant? Is this another sign they're preparing to bring in sharia law to America? As we learn in the 5th video below, we are now on phase 6 of a 7 phase plan toward's an Islamic caliphate. We have reached 2016, the beginning of 'total confrontation' between the Islamic army and 'non-believers'. If the Islamic caliphate has their way, 2020 will bring them 'total victory'.  


Dr. Jasser rips Obama's decision to go to this particular mosque to pieces in these videos, telling us that he, as a Muslim American, is 'insulted' and 'disgraced' that Mr. Obama has chosen this mosque which leads us to ask, once again, WHY did Barack Obama chose a mosque to visit with possible terrorist ties? Was Obama's visit to this particular mosque, which has been under surveillance by the FBI since at least 2010, a signal to radical Islamists that 'he is with them', and 'so are others within our DHS and intelligence communities'? 

At a time when 'moderate' Muslims are being criticized for not standing up to the radical element, hearing Dr. Jasser speak offers such a voice, a voice which needs to be heard more and emphasized within the Islamic community if there is any chance for true change. Why did Mr. Obama choose this mosque, a 'radical mosque' that approves of sharia law and has so obviously approves 'gender apartheid'? From Dr. Jasser.:

“You know as a Muslim American I’m just insulted. It’s disgraceful that this is one of the mosques, or the mosque, that he’s picked to be the first visit. The Islamic Society of Baltimore. Let’s see how this mosque operates. They separate men and women. They’re inter-gender apartheid. Anti-homosexual rights. So that’s who represents us Muslims? And he’s using it as a back-drop to say oh the pictures this week of him meeting with Muslims, talking about diversity, talking about equality will make Republicans look bad. So our Muslim communities all about a back-drop of partisan one-upsmanship rather than real reform that the president should lead domestically and globally.”

“He’s picking a mosque that ignores our Muslim reform movement, ignores Muslims that want to reform against theocracy, against political Islam. Go to their website. This is a very covered mosque that doesn’t want to put forth an ideology of reform. I mean, that’s not a place that this is going to happen. And historically, as I mentioned before, they are basically a radical, extreme mosque and not representative of the modern Muslims in America.”

On Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, Dr. Jasser said that President Obama is using Muslims as ‘props’ instead of joining the Muslim reform movement.

“This isn’t a partisan issue. Our Muslim reform movement is bi-partisan and we beg of the president to stop using Muslims as props for partisan one-upsmanship and instead join us in reforming the ideas that are creating the radicals. I mean, the San Bernardino shooting was done by Muslims that went to a similar type of mosque and then we say, ‘Oh my God, how did they become violent?’ Well, he’s feeding into saying that these Muslims represent us and by gosh they do not represent Muslims that are reformists.”

Why do you think Obama chose to visit this particular mosque in Baltimore? Was this a sign to radical Islam that he 'is with them' in preparation for something more here in America? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

While this next video is from November 2015, it breaks down the 7 phases of an Islamic caliphate in great detail. Now that we have reached stage 6, 'total confrontation', nothing stands in between an Islamic caliphate in America but awakened Americans. 

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