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December 22, 2016

'This Perfect Powder Keg Could Blow Up In Our Faces Any Time' - Have The Most Shocking New Years Predictions Of All-Time Been Issued For 2017? 'It Will Spread Very Quickly' Expert Warns


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on October 21st and 22nd, Susan Duclos reported that something huge was going on from east coast to west after massive DDos attacks took down some of the biggest websites across the internet. Many huge geographical areas were hit and for several hours, the internet went dark for millions of Americans. 

Susan reported then that Americans own hacked phones were being used as bots to actually do the attacking - millions of unsuspecting Americans and people around the world had had their phones turned into weapons to take down the internet for millions more.

While it was reported then that the hacks were somehow tied to Julian Assange and Wikileaks, others believed it was a possible test to bring down the internet completely in America in a systematic purge of alternative news websites such as Infowars, the Drudge Report, and all of the websites hundreds of millions of Americans have grown to know and love. In fact the breaking news yesterday likely confirmed those warnings.

The stunning 2017 prediction yesterday from a tech security insider that the entire internet is likely to go down for a 24-hour period sometime in 2017 should be the shock that jolts everybody back to reality, especially if we carefully dissect the words used by LogRhythm's chief information security officer and VP, James Carder. According to Carder, the 'tests' we witnessed last year may not only turn into something 'bigger' this year but they could be used by "enemies of America and freedom within" to bring this "240-year experiment in liberty" crashing down.


Actually hinting at a war against the 1st Amendment in America, will God's own calling to Susan and I and many of those who write independently from the MSM and govt control be taken away by cowardly psychopaths afraid of ideas? If so, and the day the internet comes back, we're unable to get onto websites independent of govt and the MSM such as Infowars, Zero Hedge and the Drudge Report, we'll have 100% proof that America and freedom are completely under attack and the 1st Amendment is in grave danger.

And before you go saying 'fear mongering', remember that Carder hints at that very possibility happening in 2017, saying that others who value the 1st Amendment will retailiate against the fake news garbage peddled by Obama's government and the MSM and take down several of them as well. If Carder's warnings are correct, we may soon witness a war not only upon the 'freedom of the press' aspect of the 1st Amendment but the freedom of religion as well as a great deal of what many of us involved in the independent media write and make videos about is backed by our religious beliefs and convictions. Will the MSM soon wage a war upon the religious beliefs and free expressions of Americans?

Do we not realize that if we ever arrive at that point, the final war upon freedom in America would have already begun if those afraid of the power of Christ and Our Father above attempt to silence His word? We need to look at Carder's words very carefully and try to read between the lines. If Carder is claiming that the MSM is about to make sure some conservative and independent news websites are shut down because some psychopathic 'thought Nazi's' don't believe in the freedom of expression of ideas in this country, America will soon have huge problems on our hands.

Carder also predicted the "fake news" issue would only get worse and that hackers would target major media sites like CNN and Fox News.

"The power of influence is starting to shift away from mainstream news outlets, and I don't think that is something those mainstream outlets can afford to let happen. They will respond to the fake-news threat by trying to implement some level of media control that will likely take it a little too far," he said, citing Facebook's postelection efforts.

"I think hackers, in the name of protecting our freedom of speech, will retaliate by knocking down a major media outlet or two."


We also learned in this same Business Insider story that Americans phones will again be turned into weapons against them in 2017 as LogRhythm's director of sales in Australia Simon Howe predicts that ransom wear will be used to extort money from millions of unsuspecting users. If somebody suddenly took control of your phone, with all of its pictures and other data stored on it, would you pay them to get control of your phone back? If so, once you got back control of it, would you still use it for pictures and to store other data? There's a boatload of information out there on why Americans should completely and totally ditch their cell phones so we won't go into that any more right here. From Howe:

"Attackers will target consumers and hold their personal data hostage," said Howe, LogRhythm's ANZ director of sales. "For example, attackers will threaten to send out or delete a user's photos unless a ransom is paid.

Just think — how much would you pay to recover your photos? "Attackers will use preauthenticated tokens to disseminate malware. Because so many Apple devices are interconnected, the malware could very quickly spread."

So according to Howe, there's a very real chance that if your phone has been hacked and something malicious placed upon it, you won't even know and one day, out of the blue, you'll no longer have access to what you always believed 'was yours'. And in fact, to get back 'what is yours', you may have to pay a lot of money to a crook somewhere in China, Russia, or even Washington DC or Langley, Virginia.


Will we soon witness an all-out war upon the 1st Amendment here in America that sees the freedom of speech completely eliminated and our rights to express our religion and beliefs trampled? As we've long warned, the independent news is the canary in the coal mine of tyranny. When we watch what's happening here in our world very closely, it's quite easy to see the direction that the winds of change are blowing.

Whether they blow towards freedom or tyranny is largely up to us in the long run. Thanks to our Fouding Fathers, it has long been stated, "a well armed American citizenry will never be silenced." Having said that, we pray to God above that it never comes down to war upon America soil for Americans to keep our right to speak freely and share our religious beliefs and the news that we want to share with others who want to hear it, whether our 'globalists overlords' agree with or 'like' the news or not.

With one of our globalist overlords 'fact checkers' being absolutely destroyed, yes, Snopes has been absolutely ripped to shreds in this new story from the Daily Mail that we have to give them huge credit for writing, we see that all is not fine and dandy in the 'world of truth and lies' that Facebook has been ready to give Snopes control over. Infowars takes down Snopes a few more pegs in the 2nd video below.


In the final video below, an excellent new video from a Christian broadcaster on Blog Talk Radio called "Don't Let Them Burn," we hear all about the 'conspiracy to silence the alternative news media' and the buzz words being used by those attempting to silence the truth and our Christian beliefs: “Fake News”. In the video they give us a lot of evidence about how the controlled, mainstream media are actually the ones putting out the “Fake News” with this warning.:

Many don’t understand the technocracy that’s coming, and how the global elite are trying to accelerate their plans for dominance. In addition, with 6 media companies controlling all of our entertainment, plus a confused and divided nation, we have a mixture for a perfect powder keg that can blow up in our faces at any time.

In the first video below we hear all about this prediction of a 24-hour internet shutdown in America sometime in 2017 that could also be used by the globalists to bring on the collapse here in America as Carder warned such a shutdown could be absolutely devastating to the financial markets here. As Susan Duclos reported on ANP on Wednesday, imagine suddenly one day, everything about the free and open internet changes. No longer are 'true news' or Christian values and beliefs allowed to be expressed online.

A human foot, attempting to stomp upon a human face, forever. Not on the watch of independent news websites all across America. They are the canary's in the coal mine of the globalists long-standing push for tyranny in America. We may soon find out if 'that day' one day arrives in America. For the sake of the entire human race, we pray that day never comes.

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