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 September 26, 2015

Proof The Elite Know The End Is Here? 'This Party's About Ready To Get Started' And They Know They're Going Down With The Sinking Ship


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline

Realist News takes a look at Janet Yellen's recent breakdown that 'has a lot of people freaking out' according to CNN news and is intrigued by the same possible conclusion that we are, she knows the end is here and as also exemplified by the behavior of several other recent 'elitist' figures recently including Rep. John Boehner, they all know they're about to go down with the sinking ship.

RN reminds us of a warning from Bix Weir about Yellen who said that 'when the party was about ready to get started', Yellen would suddenly be out of the picture, merely the bench warmer for the man who's really in charge at the FED, Stanley Fisher, who is now 2nd in command at the FED.

A recent picture of Hillary Clinton on the Drudge Report showed a Hillary that a new book argues is very ill. A look at the picture of Hillary also shows something else within her eyes. Fear. Does Hillary also know what's around the corner for America and the world? 


Many have pointed out that Pope Francis was for some reason unable to complete the Lord's Prayer on Saturday afternoon at Mass in Philadelphia. You can see that beginning about the 8:10 mark of the 2nd video below. He certainly is acting a bit 'off' as you can see in the video. Does he know something we don't know? Look at John Boehner in the 3rd video; once again - is he showing he knows something is amiss? For those who haven't yet seen the Yellen video, you can see that in the 4th video. 

Are we beginning to witness the behavior of people who are 'in the know' who know that the final end game is about to be played out and they're beginning to get 'freaked out' by what they know is ahead? The fact that CNN news just admitted that her breakdown 'has a lot of people freaking out' could also be a sign that they, too, know what's coming even though the mass majority of Americans remain in complete oblivion and totally unprepared. 

According to this new story from the Associated Press, with the arrival of the 4th and final blood moon in days, some Mormon's see the sign as another showing we've reached 'end times'. According to Kevin Allbee, spokesman for Utah-based 'Emergency Essentials', the company has seen a steady rise in sales since June, with overall sales up 200 to 300 percent. 

We know from keeping close track to survival food websites that several of them ARE still up to 30 days behind in shipping products as many of them have been seeing overwhelming demand. Americans are preparing en masse this National Preparedness Month with over 35 million participating in preparedness activities according to this FEMA website. That still likely leaves hundreds of millions of Americans who are totally unprepared. 


Back in January of 2015, Vigilant Citizen broke down for us the 2015 cover of the Economist magazine that was filled with cryptic symbols showing dire 2015 predictions. Nearly 6 months ago, Michael Snyder at End Of The American Dream gave us many signs that the elite were feverishly preparing for something big. In August, Susan Duclos told us on ANP that September chaos would lead to the final stage and the countdown had begun. On September 12th, Zero Hedge gave us two clear signs that the elite knew that another major crisis was coming.

If we are now witnessing reactions from those who are in the know about the coming deluge, how will the hundreds of millions of Americans react who do not have a clue once EBT/SNAP systems go completely down, forever, or an EMP takes out our power grid and everything that helps keep America running minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, week to week and month to month?

Are we beginning to witness members of the elite cracking under the pressure of what they know is ahead for America based upon their own knowledge of the crimes they have committed against Americans and the US Constitution and their knowledge of what they fear is coming next? Certainly only time will tell but the behaviors of those 'in the know' will often tell us much more than mere words alone. 



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