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March 18, 2016

Foreboding Warning Goes Out: Globalists Have Greenlighted 'Roundups' And 'Disappearances' Of Americans - Is This More Proof Of 'FEMA Red Lists'? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Following up on recent news, on Wednesday ANP reported that some signs were emerging that the globalists were preparing to lock down America while yesterday, Blacklisted News reported upon a bizarre new story that almost literally confirms the 'red list' conspiracy theory by telling us that each of our homes will be given a 'threat assessment' level. At the moment of publishing this ANP story, the Blacklisted News story is down but the story can also be seen here and here

While some may still call it 'conspiracy theory', Infowars told us back in 2011 about FEMA continuity of government plans to prepare for the total takeover of society once total economic collapse happened and the designating of some US citizens as enemies of the (globalist) state with US military being dispatched domestically to deal with such 'issues'. As we are seeing now across America, law-abiding US citizens are suddenly being labeled as dangers to 'the state' due to their Christian beliefs, support of the US Constitution or 70 other reasons. Infowars also told us 5 years ago.:

Friendly” military and FEMA personnnel, along with their contracted employees and those of other federal agencies, will carry transponder ID badges, like those described here, to designate their “blue” inclusive status. As our military sources have confirmed, under the Blue Force Situational Awareness (BFSA) all other American citizens and civilians are designated under the “red” category and treated as an enemy or potential unfriendly. Throughout his past investigative work including witnessing numerous military drills, Alex Jones has also witnessed the technology and the use of this alarming code branding ordinary Americans as battlefield enemies. The plan includes drone and other high-tech tools to monitor and target individuals designated under the “enemy” status.

On a day that the Financial Times tells us all about the CIA's sudden 'appearance of disappearance' with 'black sites' popping up across the world (and America?), we listen to several new videos below including a new one 
featuring former Kansas State Trooper Greg Evensen with Hawk discussing many issues that tie right into this 'home threat assessment' news, including word that the globalists have green-lighted many of the top-secret programs that have been previously warned of on ANP and other alt news websites allowed by the NDAA to 'round up' and 'disappear' Americans.  

Blacklisted News told us that 
Intrado Communications is the company responsible for setting up a threat assessment program assigning a 'rating' to every home in the country to better serve the safety of first responders via the 911 system, we strongly hope that civil liberties of Americans are taken into consideration when designing such a program as this.


While we agree that such a program should work out very positively for the safety of our first responders if they know ahead of time that a terrorist or somebody who might be mentally deranged and a danger is in a house they are responding to, who's to make that determination and isn't a program like this profiling almost everybody? Will a computer make this assessment? A robot maybe? Let's hope it's not 'Sophia', a robot in a story Drudge recently linked to who says she wants to destroy humans as also heard and seen in the 2nd video below.  

As we learn here, the 'home threat assessment' program was designed by two former deputies, the FBI and the DHS. Is this the long-warned 'red list' - 'blue list' come to life in front of our very eyes? As always, we pray for the safety of all Americans and our 1st responders and we hope that this program sets out to do what it's supposed to do rather than labeling every red-blooded American a 'red-lister' or terrorist just because they own guns, follow the US Constitution or have a Donald Trump sign in their front yards


As we learn in this brand new video featuring former Kansas State Trooper Greg Evensen with Hawk, a recent Obama Executive Order that gives enabling laws to all of the 'alphabet soup agencies' may turn America into something out of the worst nightmares of Nazi Germany with people being disappeared or simply elimated. Have we reached a point in America where US laws are simply thrown out the window by those following orders of a 'new world order' not beholden to the American people or the laws and protections of the US Constitution? If so, when, if ever, will we be told?

It's great to hear Greg again and he along with us pray for the safety of all of the good people who sacrifice their lives via serving the public with dignity and honor across the country, many of whom Greg tells us were listening in during this program. Greg also thanks all of those who have prayed for him and his wife as they have gone through very difficult times with their own health. Greg joins Hawk at the 1 minute 30 second mark while the conversation turns towards recent executive orders and the globalists future plans for America at the 6 minute mark. 

Thanks to Greg and Hawk for providing us with this information and views that we'll never hear from the globalist and corporate controlled mainstream media. Our prayers go out to Greg and his wife and we thank him and all of you who have selflessly and nobely sacrificed your own lives to provide service to the public. 

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