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April 11, 2016

Shocking Video Shows What's Happening Now In New York - Report: Weapons Of Mass Destruction Already In All Large US Cities Ready To Be Used Against The American People!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Several years ago I was first introduced to the 'Festival of Ashura' and the ritual undertaken by many Shi'ite Muslims to self-flagellate via a video that was put on YouTube of Muslims in the Middle East absolutely brutalizing themselves as can also seen in the pictures and video within this ANP story.

Needless to say, I long felt such rituals were probably only carried out in totally backwards, Middle Eastern nations and not Western nations like the US but as the first video below out of Queens, New York proves to us, rituals of self-flagellation are still going on, and right here in America, as we can see within the new video below and this linked NY Daily News story.

According to the NY Daily News story, Shi'ite Muslims at the al-Khoei Islamic Center in Queens prepared to flagellate themselves during a procession marking the festival of Ashura. If what we're witnessing in these photographs and the 1st video below is the behavior of 'moderate Muslims' in America, should we be at all concerned? According to at least one national security expert in the 2nd video below, terrorists ALREADY HAVE weapons of mass destruction in US cities and are preparing to use them to slaughter massive numbers of American people. 


While some believed this video couldn't possibly be happening in America and have questioned whether or not this video is even legitimate, we've used landmarks within the video to find the exact location that this 'beating ritual' took place and have found that it took place at the Islamic Al Iman School in Jamaica, Queens, New York, directly across the highway from the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center as seen in this video. 

Did you know that events like this are happening in America in 2016? It seems like things like this in America are merely the tip of the iceberg. While recent reports have stated that the upcoming opening of the gates of Baal, also in New York, would be canceled, we see that much more is going on behind the scenes as those who hate us prepare to kill us as shared in much more detail from a national security expert in the 2nd video below. 

Keep in mind, this 1st video below was not filmed in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan or any of the other countries where we'd expect to see such behavior taking place but Queens, New York, in America. Is this what America has become?  

Despite the fact that ISLAMIC TERRORISTS have pledged to get into our country and launch massive attacks upon Americans, killing as many of us as they possibly can, this story from the Washington Times proves to us that even our own border agents are being prevented from stopping these terrorists from coming into the country

Why is Barack Obama's government ALLOWING COUNTLESS NUMBERS OF ISLAMIC TERRORISTS WHO WANT TO KILL US INTO the country? Is this MORE PROOF that Obama and this 'new world order globalist government' WANT AMERICANS DEAD IN MASS NUMBERS? 


Why is government attempting to FORCE this ISLAMIC 'new world order' upon us? As we learn beginning at the 40 second mark of the next video from a national security expert, every big city in the US likely already has weapons of mass destruction within them and those who hold them are only waiting for the word to use them. As we're also told, it's called the 'dead man's fuse' and any former 'defenses' we might have previously had are now gone. 

We clearly see here within that the system is starting to crack...those who've allowed the 'trojan horse terrorist invasion of America' will get away with their enabling of terrorist activities against America due to the 'high offices' that they sit within. As we also learn here, it's only a matter of time before America is attacked again...this time likely by terrorists with weapons of mass destruction...and the clock is ticking. Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock...



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