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October 10, 2016

'It's Happening Before Our Very Eyes!' - We Arrive At America's Most Dangerous Days As 'The Evil Minion Of Satan' Loses The Info War And Trump Dominates Like A Silverback Gorilla

- Are We Now Witnessing God's Divine Intervention?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The comment seen above from this Gateway Pundit story after Donald Trump shellacked Hillary Clinton last night in what many around the country found the most entertaining and well-worth-watching political debate of our lifetime's tells not only the mood of 'awakened America' but also warns us of the dangers we face in America over the next 3+ months and specifically 29 days.

While it's a shame that with so many pressing issues on the table here in America the debate came down to the level that it did, that also enabled Trump to go where he went considering Hillary went there first and the all out brawl that followed certainly went down as something millions of Americans needed to hear while others have been saying the same things for decades.

With Donald Trump dropping truth bomb after truth bomb on Hillary, Bill and the globalists unlike anything most Americans have seen in our lives, the establishment is closing in on a point in time where they may need to take desperate measures to stop Donald Trump from steamrolling into the White House in just 4 weeks. As Mike Adams tells us in his new story over at Natural News, Clinton wants to serve as a 'suicide cult leader' for the destruction of America. Does anyone really think that she'll let an election stand in the way?

As ANP has warned over and over again, the globalists who have hijacked America and the 'enemies within' who have committed treason against our country and nearly completed its' overthrow have no intention of leaving without a fight. While many are likely wearing the same 'deer in the headlights' look seen on the face of Bill Clinton last night after Trump completely dismantled any upper hand Clinton thought she may have gotten from an 11-year old tape while completely punking the mainstream media in the process, Trump summed up Clinton's 'never give up' attitude in answering his closing question that may bring America ever closer to danger if all fails politically for the Clinton and the globalists.

From Benghazi to Syria to Hillary arming the very same terrorists who want to kill Americans, Trump carefully picked her apart and the fact that she tried to deny everything, even claiming that Trump lives in an 'alternative reality,' gives us 100% proof of how Orwellian America has turned. It also reminds us of comments made by the war criminal several years ago as heard in the 1st video below in which she discusses losing the 'information war'.

If it appears after the final debate on October 19th that Hillary will be destroyed by Trump on November 8th, what might the globalists do to launch their own 'October suprise'? Between all of the potential terrorists that Obama and Clinton have already 'trojan horsed' into this country to Hillary dangling Russia before Americas eyes last night, we can guarantee that the rats won't slink quietly away to their prison cells after Trump threatened to appoint a special prosecutor to take Hillary to the cleaners.

For those who still think that Clinton actually won the debate, take a look below at pollster Frank Luntz focus group which started out practically even. Now WHO won the debate? In that 2nd video below we hear all about why Luntz focus group absolutely trashed Hillary and overwhelmingly swung to Trump as seen in Luntz tweet below. 


As Nigel Farage said today, Trump was like a silverback gorilla who dominated Clinton. As Dilbert cartoon creator Scott Adams tells us, "Trump won bigly. This one wasn't even close." And while moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz proved to us this debate really was 3 on 1 by interrupting and talking over Trump while allowing Clinton to babble on endlessly, we'll have to give them props for asking Clinton a couple tough questions that clearly threw her off balance.

Much more below this video of Hillary babbling about losing the information war including the reasons why we feel so strongly that the next several weeks and into January will be the most dangerous time in US history as law and order attempts to regain control of this country from those who are treasonously trying to completely destroy us.

We also take a look at a statement made by Trump last night that proves to us he's his own man and not another globalist stooge as the moderators tried to tie him to Mike Pence's statement on Aleppo, Syria and Trump rebutted them, telling us he doesn't agree with Pence on more war and possibly attacking Russia and Syria in the process, an attack that could easily lead in Americas complete annihilation as we've reported time and again on ANP.

As Susan and I spoke of last night while watching the debate, Donald Trump surely follows the alternative media and hit on nearly every topic that has been widely discussed and as Steve Quayle said he HAD to do the other night, Trump went for the jugular. Huge hats off to Mr. Trump for doing exactly what had to be done last night! 

In reading comments on ANP and all across the 'real media' we see that most agree that Trump absolutely demolished Clinton despite some liberal outlets claims that Clinton won as ANP reader 'Moosey' aptly points out below. From some asking if 'divine intervention' played a role to comments that Trump destroyed 'the evil minion of satan', we see why some are almost giddy yet remind the most difficult days and weeks are still ahead of us as Trump prepares to steer the Trump train to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

As ANP reader Courage asks in one comment seen below, did anyone else feel moved to pray for Trump's safety and protection during the debate? We pray that Trump wears the armor of God as he prepares to bring America home. If you're one of those who believe that politics can never solve the problems we face, we encourage you to read this new story from  Christian Post in which we're told Christians shouldn't be pacifists in the political world we're living in.



As we stated above, Trump distanced himself from Pence's cry for war with Russia and Syria, stating outright "He and I haven't spoken, and he and I disagree" proving to those who thought he might just be another neocon plant exactly why the neocons and warmongers like Hillary hate Trump so much. 

As we see and hear in the next video below from Frank Luntz focus group, the huge majority of those watching the debate felt that Trump won hands down. To go from nearly even to 18 to 4 tells us a story we'll never hear from CNN. However, as ANP reader Odis tells us in his comment seen below, the globalists have arrived at desperation mode and will likely try anything at all to keep him out of office including taking down the economy and declaring a state of emergency for which Obama has already issued all of the necessary executive orders to take complete control.


As we've also warned, Obama and Clinton have been fast-tracking potential terrorists into this country and while Susan Duclos previously proved to us that recent Islamic terror attacks in New York and New Jersey all have signs that they were part of an organized terror cell, a series of massive terror attacks across the country either soon before the election or actually on election day could also lead to Obama declaring an emergency and taking complete control of the political process.

Another strong possibility still revolves around a potential war with Russia over alleged cyberhacking as Clinton mentioned during the debate last night, showing us one of the 'out cards' that the globalists still have to play.


With Hillary Clinton now doing her best 'lord of the flies' imitation, joining Barack O in his penchant to attract some of the world's most dirtiest insects, we also have to start a new 'conspiracy theory' by asking if the 'fly' that landed on Hillary's nose was actually a DARPA robot delivering her a dose of much needed medication in the middle of her emotional collapse during the debate?

She sure needed any possible help that she could get and as we hear in the final video below from Mike Adams, the globalists are absolutely desperate for some kind of an event to stop Donald Trump prior to the election. Will they attempt to pull out a false flag of one variety or another to stop Trump and America in our tracks in these last weeks prior to the election or between November and January after Trump wins in just a few weeks? Hold on to your seats, if last night was any indication, the next few weeks will be ones for the ages and are guaranteed to go down in history.

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