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June 18, 2016

Reign Of Terror Continues To Build In The Streets - Is THIS What's Coming To America? A HUGE Warning To All Americans - Their Government Disarmed The Population Because They KNEW This Was Coming!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on June 7th, Susan Duclos told us about the huge difference between 'the rich' in Venezuela and 'the rest' of the country as the Venezuelan 'elite' still were able to get access to gourmet foods, champagne and vodka, lobsters, steak, Belgian chocolates and many of the other food 'luxuries' that most of the rest of the citizens of the country could only dream of as they spent their time hunting down 'Fido', 'Silvester' and 'Tweety Bird' in the streets for their next meals. 

Now more than 10 days later, the 'socialist elite' party on in Venezuela while a 'reign of terror' is building each and every day in the streets of the collapsing socialist nation as heard in the first video below from Infowars' David Knight and Lee Ann McAdoo. Knight and McAdoo share with us the latest news and vast discrepancies coming to us from out of the country where we're told that there are now so many lynchings in the streets that their highest court has banned the reporting of them while the elite still live it up at their private, $100,000/year clubs - at least for now. 


We also learn here that Venezuela saw this collapse coming as far back as a few years ago and enacted very stiff gun control as a result of knowing that it was coming. However, we're told that now, Venezuelan police are being hunted down in the streets for their weapons, some of them being killed, and as we learn in the 2nd video below, the streets of the country have been turned into massive hunting grounds as protests for food turn deadly and people die of starvation in the country that some warn is a preview of what is coming to America. Knowing that, we also have to ask, is this one of the reasons why the United Nations and some politicians here are so dead set on 'gun control' here in this country?

The fact that Venezuela's 'elite' are still eating like kings while the population suffers grave injustices after the country was disarmed should be a huge warning to Americans, especially considering the moves now being made to possibly disarm the American people after what many believe to be a very clear false flag in Orlando, Florida. The fact that people like DHS head Jeh Johnson want to disarm law-abiding American citizens, while KEEPING their way of protecting themselves, tells us all  we need to know. Do we REALLY THINK Hitlery Clinton would allow her body guards and staff to be disarmed? If you do, we have some amazing, and dirt cheap, property in Costa Rica we'd love to sell you! 

As we learn in this story recently linked to by Steve Quayle, according to a June survey, 1 in 3 Americans have less than $500 in savings to cover emergencies, 1 in 5 Americans have less than $100 in savings at all while half of the households in America make less than $20,000 yearly. Will Americans be prepared if a 'Venezuela-style' collapse strikes our country? According to the website Feeding America, 1 in 7 Americans already go hungry on most days, this in a nation that has long been looked at as the most advanced nation in the world. If that many Americans are already hungry, how much worse will it get when the economy collapses and America begins to resemble Venezuela? 


Meanwhile, according to a story from L.J. Devon over at Natural News and as heard in the 3rd video below, starvation and malnutrition is running rampant in Venezuela, especially amongst the children, as the government there accelerates its collapse. As we hear in the 3rd video which takes us inside a Venezuelan school, the dropout rates for school children is extremely high as students wait in food lines for their next meals and teachers are either killed in school by gangs that have taken them over or are too busy waiting in food lines themselves to come to school to teach. From their story:

As the economy unwinds, doctors are now stealing hospital food to feed their families. The government-run hospitals have basically been treating patients who are going hungry. Since the government controls the distribution of food through state owned supermarkets, the government-run hospitals are given first priority for food supplies. According to reports, doctors are now stealing that food and taking it home to malnourished family members, including newborns.

"Children under five months of age come in here with diarrhea and when the parents are asked what the child has been eating, they say mostly rice cream because they can't get milk," one hospital worker said. The San Felipe Central Hospital reports of children being brought in fainting from malnourishment. The hospital system receives first priority for food supplies, yet they cannot keep enough medical supplies on hand. Important supplies like oxygen tanks are in high demand but there aren't enough to go around. Products that ensure basic hygiene and cleanliness are scarce. Hospitals have to ration trash bags and cleaning products.

The hospitals are simply running out of money for basic medical supplies. And the 
food the hospital does provide is limited and not capable of helping patients recuperate. "No chicken, no beef, no fish, none of that," one report noted. "The patients get cheese, rice, fruit, but nothing that they need for recuperating."

On June 7th, El Nacional reported that the Ministry of Health has run of out of food altogether, leaving patients to starve on hospital beds. In fact, according to Radio Fe y Alegria, two children died from malnutrition in la Guajir,. Local media also reported on the deaths of an eight-month-old, Ligia Gonzalez and two-month-old Elver Gonzalez, two babies who were both severely malnourished.

According to a survey conducted by Venebarometro, 90 percent of the people are now eating less food than in previous years. As the Venezeuala economy implodes under the pressure of social programs, 89.7 percent of the people in the survey describe that they don't even have the money to clothe themselves anymore.

Another recent story that told us that Venezuela was planning on their 'biggest military exercises in history' should not be overlooked. The Venezuelan government is preparing for outright catastrophe, and possibly war. As Gerald Celente has warned us many, many times, when all else fails, they bring us to war.

'All else' has failed in Venezuela and as America quickly heads the way of collapse, we feel that it's only a matter of time until what is happening in Venezuela comes here to America. The fact that law-abiding American citizens may one day lose their right to protect themselves from criminals and terrorists at the hands of totalitarian government is another sign...the clock is ticking...and judging by all of the massive military drills across America, the 'elite' clearly know what lies ahead.



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