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April 22, 2016

As Danger Surrounds Us Survival Of The Fittest Becomes Survival Of The Most Prepared - Government Prepares For Massive Civil Unrest, Are You Ready?


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

With global economies faltering, warnings of "mega-quakes" coming out from scientists, threats of terrorism constant, hostile countries conducting tests meant to intimidate, and a whole host of other dangers surrounding us from every direction, there is no doubt that the world we live in is a dangerous place and any one of those events, or a combination of them, will force Americans into survival mode.

For years we have seen reports and have reported on them ourselves, showing that the rich, the elite, and the U.S. government have been actively preparing for "something."  From setting up their underground bunkers, to stockpiling weapons and ammunition we have noted an uptick in preparation on a scale that makes it evident that whatever the "something" is that is being prepared for... it is going to be big.

Now we see from InfoWars that according to Sandler Research, the government is not only preparing for survival, they are also increasing their preparation for civil unrest to sweep across America.

The report, published by Sandler Research, says that demand for surveillance drones is driving growth, with new systems that deploy water canons to “handle large crowds and demonstration(s)” also proving popular.

Riot control systems are expected to “generate revenues of over USD 3.5 billion by the end of 2020,” with North America being one of the primary growth areas for upgraded weapons due to “militarization of the police department and other law enforcement agencies” in the aftermath of the 2014 riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

Purchases of long-range acoustic devices, whips, batons and armored vehicles that will be used to “disperse, control, and arrest people involved in riots and protests” are also on the increase. 

Any one of the threats listed above, and others not listed, could lead to civil unrest , but it is prudent to ask ourselves at this point, what would cause that type of unrest on a massive scale? In other words, 'civil unrest" is a symptom, but what is the cause, the root?

Hunger, thirst, the inability to feed ones family, the lack of medical needs for family members, not being able to take money out of the bank to buy what is needed or worse yet, stores empty and there being no basic survival needs available at all.... these are by far the most likely reasons that would cause unrest on a massive, nation-wide scale.

While ANP readers are well aware of the need to be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best, inevitably there are two other types that end up commenting or emailing when those points are made. 1) Those that awaken a little late and feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start and; 2) Those that scoff thinking it is "doom and gloom" or simply "fear porn" because in their minds the government will always provide, the store shelves will never be empty, the banks will always be open..... in other words those living in complete denial of the realities and dangers that face us.

For those that fall into the type 1 category, there will be resource links and videos that will help you understand there is no need to be overwhelmed, there are some relatively inexpensive, easy things that can be done to start you out. Also be assured that ANP readers are awesome when it comes to helping those just starting out and will no doubt answer any question, provide tips, links and helpful knowledge in the comment section below the article.

We will address the Type 2 personalities first because hopefully by the time they see the proof of our assertions, the facts laid out before them, they will become part of the Type 1 group and will fully utilize the survival tips..


The most recent example of the above category header would be Japan where reports show that Japanese supermarket shelves were left completely empty as panic buying takes hold after deadly earthquake. An earthquake hit on Thursday, another stronger one on Saturday and by Monday, The Daily Mail reported that supply chains were severed and after "panicked shoppers" picked the shelves clean, as evidenced by the images below.



This is America, you say? Can't happen here! - Let us take a look at what did happen here in January 2016, when the east coast expected a heavy snow storm and blizzards, as the unprepared then decided they needed supplies. (Via Zero Hedge)

Only a small selection of bread is left on these shelves as a shopper in Alexandria, Virginia, prepares for the blizzard.


A customer looks at the heavily depleted meat section of a grocery store, as shoppers prepare for an approaching snowstorm.


InfoWars has additional images of DC and MD from the same type of panic shopping ahead of that storm:



Many more examples at InfoWars.

In 2012, CDL Life issued an infographic which clearly depicts exactly what would happen if trucks stopped:

In less than a week, hospitals will run out of basic medical supplies like insulin, bandages and blood. Runs on food and supply markets will eradicate any surplus of food, fuel and essentials.

In less than a month, the entire healthcare system will grind to a halt for anything but the most vital of surgeries or the simplest of treatments. Every factory in North America will be offline and no one will be paid. Cities will become cesspools as garbage trucks cease to haul waste, and sewer trucks no longer bust the bilge-clogged water and sewer lines.

Only the most politically connected rich and powerful will be able to locate and afford anything. Within a month, America transforms into a third world country, drowning under the weight of its crumbling infrastructure and waste.



Dr. Peter Pry, a member of the Congressional EMP Commission and executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, has previously testified that in the event of an EMP, (or any event that takes out the U.S. power grid) that 90 percent  of America's population would be wiped out.

What is the difference between who will live and who will die? The answer is simple, those that are prepared have a better chance of survival than those completely unprepared.


EMP Attack On America - Preppers Vs Non-Preppers In The First 72 Hours - Who Will Live, Who Will Die

Explosive! Inside Information Reveals A Tragic Collapse Is On Its Way-2016?!

Many have heard the term survival of the fittest and being fit is important, but if you have no food, water, medical supplies, if you cannot feed your family or obtain what is needed to survive, you will not remain "fit" for long, so survival will be dependent on how prepared you are or if you are even aware of the need to prepare.

Hopefully, seeing how fast supply chains will sever if trucks stop running and real-life examples of how quickly store shelves will be cleaned out in the event of a major catastrophe, will have proven to the Type 2 personalities referenced above, that they need to become one of the Type 1 people... those that are ready to start, but need a place to begin so it doesn't seem so overwhelming.

While many of the links and videos below are for those just starting to see the need to prepare, as many readers remind us, sometimes those in the advanced stages can find something they have forgotten or missed in the information provided as well.

Prepping on a Budget

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There are many dangers facing human beings these days and there are things simply beyond our control, but there are also many things totally within our control, and when determining that should the worst happen, even while hoping for the best, that you will be prepared for it.... you are empowering yourself, spiritually, mentally and emotionally because you are taking steps to assure the survival of not only yourself, but your loved ones, your friends and your community.

There is no need to be overwhelmed or to spend every cent you have, people can start prepping as of your next grocery run with a little extra... most importantly there no reason to "fear" if you are preparing because having the basic necessities, learning how to survive without convenciences we take for granted, is hopeful and proactive position.... and can and will be the difference between who has the best chance for survival and who has very little chance of surviving.

A couple videos below on prepping on a budget.

Note - As always ANP readers are encouraged to offer tips, links and helpful suggestions to those just beginning and even using the discussion as a refresher course since we are all human and might have missed something basic.

PREPPING ON A BUDGET: AUDIO - Suburban Survival Episode 010

How can you be prepared with a limited amount of money? Andrew and Lara talk about finding ways to maximize your supplies on as little as $5 a month in a way that can keep you from going financially overboard but help you feel better about being prepared.

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