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April 5, 2016

Surviving The Unthinkable - Being Prepared For What Is Coming Will Be The Difference Between Living And Dying


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

From ISIS to North Korea,  an economic collapse to a grid down scenario to ongoing cyber attacks, there are no shortage of dangers that face Americans in this day and age, and should one or a combination of possible events occur that would throw the nation into chaos, your level of preparation may be the only difference of whether you survive the unthinkable or you don't.

If one reads that and sees only "doom and gloom," rather than an incentive to start preparing, or to add to their preparations, then it is likely that the "doom and gloomer" will be one of the many that will be incapable of surviving when disaster hits without the direct intervention and generosity from someone who has planned ahead and is prepared to survive.

Below we will see a small sample of the dangers facing America, followed by prepartion ideas, tips and links to help give those awakened to the realities of those dangers a fighting chance to survive the unthinkable.


ISIS - In Paris, France, the terrorist group ISIS proved conclusively they are capable of planning organized coordinated attacks in multiple locations simutaneously, thowing a country into chaos and lockdown while killing and injuring hundreds.

We also know that ISIS members and/or supporters have been in the U.S. for years, evidenced by photos taken directly in front of the White House back in 2014, posted to social media with the statements "we are here #America - near our #target."  



Since then a number of threats have been issued, making it clear that an attack on American soil is one of the goals of ISIS and after the Paris attacks, the slaughter in San Bernardino, CA and the latest Brussells attacks, we see that ISIS has not been "contained," and they are indeed "an existential threat to us," despite Barack Obama's assertions to the contrary. 

North Korea: The latest threats from North Korea includes a claim that they will kill Americans than the 9/11 attacks, saying their weapons were trained on the White House, the Pentagon and  strategic locations, which follows threats from early March of a nuclear strike

Cyber attacks - Cyber attacks from multiple foriegn governments are ongoing as the Free Beacon explains and previously it was reported that Chinese hackers had already stole massive amounts U.S. military intelligence

Grid attacks - We have confirmed attacks upon the U.S. power grid, and Dr. Peter Pry, the executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, warning of an EMP attack being "the greatest threat our civilization faces."

Another danger America faces is an economic collapse with financial experts warning of financial Armageddon as Stefan Stanford reported on April 3rd, highlighting the fact that nearly one-third of Americans not making enough money to even cover the basic necessities.



Preparation is key to mitigate the dangers to you, your family, your neighbors and your community, should any one of the threats listed above become a reality or heaven forbid a combination of scenarios play out.

There are a plethora of links online with prepping guides to help those just beginning to prepare and others with ideas for those already in the advance stages of preparing for disater, and we will link to a few below, but as was mentioned in an email sent to ANP recently, there are other examples that can be used to show that there are people right now that live in a manner that would give them the best chance for survival in the case of an EMP, a major economic crash where food shortages would happen fast, or a grid down scenario.

An excellent suggestion for research came to ANP recently from a reader, via email, who stated "Survival info is becoming increasingly critical now.  May I suggest an article on "AMISH WAY OF LIFE" - how they cook w/o electric, etc."

One does not have to conform to a certain belief system of another to be capable of learning from them and when I started researching the Amish way of life, we see a number of reasons why the Amish methods of preparation help them to be exceptionally prepared for almost any disaster that would take down the Internet, the grid, cause food shortages, etc...

For example we found that nearly all Amish homes have gardens to provide fresh food, many have livestock, they utilize nature for power and they have a strong sense of community where trading a bartering goods and services already put them well ahead of most Americans that are preparing for any type of catastrophe.

One common misconception about the Amish is that they do not use power, but they do, just not any connected to the grid, they utilize solar, turbine, gas, they use batteries, and other sources.


Survival Skills We Can Learn From The Amish

Amishland Gardening Tips

Why the Amish Rarely Get Sick: Things You Can Learn From Them

Mormons are another example of those that prepare as a lifestyle and again, let me reiterate, one does not have to conform to their beliefs or lifestyle in order to learn survival techniques from them.

For example, they teach their children, using games, survival tactics from a very young age, teaching them types of trees, how to create shelters, what belongs in emergency kits  - All geared to teach them how to survive.  They are self-reliant, masters of food storage and they pre-plan emergency disaster responses as a community.


Self Reliance: How to Begin a 3-12 Month Food Supply

Food Storage

What to Store in a Food Storage

7 Basic Food Storage Resources for LDS Members

As always we encourage readers to share prepping tips, ideas, videos and links to resources, in the comment section, to help each other prepare.  Below are some directory pages listing some top survival websites on the web.

Top 20 Websites for Survivalists

Best Prepper Resources and Recommendations Page

The Top 50 Survival Blogs!



Whether one is just starting to plan to prepare or is in the advanced stages of stocking up on prepartion supplies, we are all human and as such there are things we miss, forget, planned to do and never got around to doing, so visiting preparation sites, learning how other are survivalists by lifestyle choice and how they live, store food, and prepare, can make the difference between life and death in the even of a major catastrophe.

Preparing for a crisis or catastrophe is not living in "fear" of "doom and gloom," it is actively taking steps to assure that you will survive if the unthinkable should happen... it is hope, and confidence that your preparation could very well be the difference between living and dying in the event of a major disaster.

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