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October 28, 2015

'This Is Going To Get Very Ugly Quickly' - 250 Million Potentially Dead With 'Most Deadly Of All' False Flag Unfolding And World War 3 Upon Us


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Are we about to witness the most deadly false flag of all? With World War 3 hanging in the balance and all of the worlds superpowers now in Syria, are we about to witness Biblical prophecy unfolded as so well stated in this recent story from the Big Wobble? In the 1st video below, Rick Wiles of TruNews tells us with the recent announcement that the Pentagon is sending ground troops into Syria, 'this is going to get very ugly quickly.'

Damascus now in picture below. A ruinous heap? The final video at the bottom of this story is a must see and shows a Russian drone over Damascus and what we see is heartbreaking and absolutely mind blowing.


Wiles tells us why we could soon see a quarter of a billion people dead with the recent announcement yesterday from the Pentagon that Barack Obama will be sending US Special Forces ground troops into Syria allegedly to hunt down ISIS and tells us the real reason he's sending them in is to hunt down Russian Spetsnaz.

With Syria about to become even more of a quagmire than it already was with US Special Forces sent into the 'death zone', we can easily see a scenario unfolding where they'll be 'accidentally' targeted by Russian missiles who are REALLY hunting down ISIS and as ANP readers know, there's no better way for the elite to get Americans begging to get into a shooting war with Russia than to tell them Russia just killed some of our brave men and women in uniform.


Wiles also tells us that Obama has somehow managed to infuriate both China and Russia on the same day with our Navy's recent transit in the South China Seas and according to Wiles, Obama should be taken away in handcuffs and is absolutely insane for provoking both China and the Russians and edging us all ever closer to nuclear annihilation. 

"I believe Mr. Obama is mentally unstable" Wiles tells us and "I believe somebody in Washington should handcuff him and take him to a mental institution before he starts World War 3 and a quarter of a billion people dies because of his madness". Wiles continues: "I believe the Lord is allowing Mr. Obama to lose his mind and if he doesn't get a grip, he'll end up like Nebuchadnezzar driven to madness."

Wiles also tells us that if Hillary Clinton is (s)elected, she'll set up a no-fly zone over Syria, another act that could quickly lead to war with Russia if we ever make it to the 2016 (s)election w/o worldwide nuclear annihilation happening first because of the elite's desire to see humanity come to a fiery end.


After Wiles talks about the recent moves by the US Navy sending warships to the South China Seas, the topic turns to Syria at the 4 minute 45 second mark in a video that should help anybody who listens to it understand that we are all in potentially huge trouble with 'leaders' like we now have making ludicrous decisions.

Geopolitcal expert Felix Imonti joins Rick shortly after the 8 minute mark to talk about the implications of these latest administrations that could have devastating repercussions for everybody.

More videos below including an X22Report video on this same subject, the desire of the madmen and women in Washington DC to see all life on planet Earth come to an end and the fact that World War 3 is upon us as well as the 3rd video, a new one from James Corbett featuring FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds about the timeline to World War 3 and a potential false flag that could quickly light the flames of destruction. The final video shows us Damascus, Syria now, a sickening ruinous heap.

This last video of a Russian drone over Damascus and parts of Syria is absolutely mind blowing and shows what Syria looks like now. Is this what Isaiah 17:1 warns of, Damascus, Syria in a ruinous heap? Also, keep in mind what Syria looked like prior to the US getting involved as seen in the 1st 3 pictures below video. Would Syria and the entire world be better off if the US never tried to depose Syrian President Assad as Donald Trump recently said of Iraq and Libya with Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi?






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