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February 5, 2017

President Trump Shares The 'Cold Hard Truth' With America And Goes After The Globalists In Viral Fox News Interview Before The Super Bowl

- 'Enemies Within' Continue Their Endless Work Of Trying To Take Down Trump And America Right Along With Him


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"Actions speak louder than words. If I were Muslim, I would much prefer undergoing extreme vetting under Trump than undergoing extreme bombing under Obama and Clinton." Alex Christoforou - The Duran

If there's anybody out there who thought that getting America-1st President Donald Trump voted into office would allow 'America' to quickly take back our country from globalists such as Clinton, Soros and Obama who've long been working to destroy our nation's sovereignty, events of the past week will prove them very wrong.

As we've witnessed in the 2nd full week of Trump's presidency, the globalists who hate America and who have been put into high positions throughout the US government during the past several globalist administrations are now working overtime to put Americans in danger in their attempts to undermine and sabotage President Trump.

Beginning with Bush appointee and someone who may prove himself a supporter, or at least an 'enabler', of terrorism, Judge James Robart, who blocked Trump's immigration order nationwide on Friday, we see a very concerted effort being made all across America to sabotage Trump's agenda. From those in the White House recently 'escorted out' who must have deserved 'their purging' to full-grown snowflakes on Capitol Hill, the meltdowns are everywhere. Therefore, so are the threats.

And like the true 'champion for America' that he is, President Trump is fighting back with 'humbling truth'.†

If there were still people who had any doubt whatsoever about President Trump's sincerity, all we need to do is listen to him in the final video below with Fox News and Bill O'Reilly in which Trump completely destroys the globalists narrative while quickly exposing their war crimes and crimes against humanity in the process.

When being egged on by O'Reilly to trash President Vladimir Putin of Russia, who claims that "Putin is a killer", President Trump drops the truth bomb that Americans need to hear by stating: "There are a lot of killers...a lot of you think our country is so innocent?"†

As we've reported before on ANP, we absolutely HAVE to have 'truth' to get beyond the point that we are now at in the world. To hear President Trump drop that 'truth bomb' obviously has completely shaken CNN as heard in the 3rd video below reporting on that interview. Why would CNN even begin to claim that America is 'innocent'? Every globalist US president from Clinton to Bush to Obama has blood on their hands.

And as Judge Jeanine tells us in the 2nd video below, there are very good reasons why President Trump is attempting to institute extreme vetting here in America to keep very real and very dangerous people out. The Judge rips apart the liberal talking points spewed by the MSM that have many on the left suffering nervous breakdowns in the streets.


The story that Steve Quayle linked to on his website from The Duran on Saturday is called "These before and after photos prove that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had nothing but love for Islam" with a subtitle of "Where was the liberal left outrage when Barack and Hillary were bombing the hell out of these three "Muslim" countries?"

PROVING to us that President Trump is absolutely correct when he stated "do you think our country is so innocent?", where WAS 'the hypocritcal left' when Obama and Clinton were pulverizing much of the Middle East? And why would CNN approve of America destroying many majority Muslim countries over the past several administrations while all Trump wants is extreme vetting to keep the very real Islamic terrorists out? From The Duran:

As the entire liberal left is in a tizzy over Trumpís immigration executive order, which has been cleverly dubbed by the establishment media as a ďMuslim banĒ (see how Steven Crowder dismantles this word play, fake news propaganda here), we thought it would be fun to showcase three Muslim countries, that under the Obama/Clinton rule, flourished under the inclusive love of the liberal left.

The three countries below are part of the seven countries under US visa moratorium, in accordance with Trumpís executive order.

Actions speak louder than words. If I were Muslim, I would much prefer undergoing extreme vetting under Trump than undergoing extreme bombing under Obama and Clinton.


As we hear in the 1st video below, the left has absolutely no room whatsoever to talk about President Trump's immigration order with Obama, Clinton and the globalists leaving some of these same countries in ruins. And as Judge Jeanine bluntly tells us in the 2nd video below, entry to the US IS NOT a 'right' for non-US citizens. She also reports that every sovereign nation is able to determine who can and who cannot enter their country - so why can't America? If the globalists want to PROVE to the American people that 'they own us', they'll continue to sabotage Trump's plans any way they can.

The new story over at Zero Hedge helps to explain why we need extreme vetting. Their story called "Dear Leftist, You Need To Take A Closer Look At The Real 'Refugees' Before You Denounce 'Vetting'" comes along with the photograph seen below that Snopes attempts to debunk in another liberal attempt to paint immigrants as peaceful and no danger to America.†

Claiming that the photo actually took place in Pakistan and not Syria and it was all just a part of a protest, Zero Hedge rips Snopes to bits and points out that maybe they need to dig a little bit deeper as very real 6-year-old-children in the Middle East are taking part in some of the most outrageous behavior that will absolutely sicken anyone with a heart who's paying attention.:

Take a good look at the world today. We have children in the streets of the United States throwing a temper tantrum because they believe that the politicians have failed. Maybe they have. They have failed them by allowing them to believe that they live in a world of sunshine and rainbows.

Politics completely aside, this video (seen here - WARNING! EXTREMELY graphic!) is a snap back to reality. This is the real world that we live in today as a species. Grown men are training children, some as young as six, to move through a house in a tactical fashion with live ammunition, having them kill actual living human beings. To put the cherry on the cupcake, they are recording it with some serious production value, and then uploading it to the internet to show the world that their children are ready to die for their cause. I donít see you marching for women and childrenís rights in Syria.

While you whine and complain about social issues that are a moot point in our society, women and children are being raped and murdered around the world by maniacs. Take a look outside of your own safe space, and realize that the world canít be the Utopian place you want. It isnít possible, it is never going to happen.

This is why.


While the mainstream media and most liberals will continue to try to make our world smell sweet and full of roses, that's simply not the case nor will it ever be though some may try to pull the wool over our eyes. As ZH correctly points out below, President Donald Trump is way ahead of the game when it comes to this 'reality' while the MSM continues to pump out 'fake news' to the masses.

The masses could learn greatly by paying attention to Trump and we hope that today, on national TV in front of possibly tens of millions of Americans prior to the Super Bowl, they'll pay good and close attention to him as he delivers what Americans certainly need to hear in this 'day and hour'. To close, from the Zero Hedge story:

So, think long and hard next time you see that cute refugee kid in the video, and ask yourself Ė is it possible that this child is actually a trained killer? Whether its man, woman or child, is there any real way to know if someone coming from a war zone is just an innocent, or a seriously dangerous individual?

For the record Iím not certain if Trump has all the answers to the ďrefugeeĒ question, and whether or not his immigration actions will actually be effective or not. I also realize that these actions are likely harming some innocent individuals who truly mean no harm. Certainly, he canít just wave a magic wand and make the countryís immigration problems go away overnight, especially given how difficult it is to know exactly who is trying to enter into and/or emigrate to the USA on a daily basis.

However, Trump is clearly aware that the world is a bad place, and is trying to do something to protect and safeguard this country from a very cruel world that very much means to do our citizens harm. At least he is not sticking his head in the sand and being naive or willfully ignorant about the truth, like our MSM outlets are doing every day when they denounce him just for trying something his predecessor didnít.

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