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February 1, 2017

Expert Warns 'The Stars Are Lining Up For A Major Confrontation' With One American Hero Already Dead Due To 'Enemies Within'

- How Many More Americans Will Die Due To 'Enemies Of America Within?'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"It is clear that Muslims have an ultimate goal: conquering the world." Cardinal Raymond Burke

The new story from the Daily Mail that Steve Quayle linked to on his website this morning reports that a botched US Navy SEAL raid upon al-Qaeda in Yemen was likely leaked to the terrorists. Leading to the deaths of an 8-year-old girl and a SEAL Team Six member, DM reports heavily armed al-Qaeda killers KNEW US troops were coming ahead of time.

With officials claiming that in President Trump's first military strike 'almost everything went wrong' we are led to ask, have 'enemies of America still within America' already led to the death of one American? And will 'enemies of America', some possibly put into high ranking positions by Barack Obama, put more Americans in danger? As WTOP in Washington DC reports today, Obama loyalists have promised to fight back against Trump. Are they willing to commit treason?

In this story we take a look at the many dangers America still faces in the days, weeks, and months ahead despite Trump not only being voted into office but keeping his promises of putting America first, much to the chagrin of the swine of the MSM. Finally having a president who's putting the best interests of the American people ahead of the interests of globalists, we see strong efforts being made from within to derail Trump and thus, do harm to America. 

And as we learn from a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security, "the stars are now lining up for a major confrontation between the global Islamic movement and its allies on the political left" going up against the will of President Donald Trump and the rest of the American people. Might we soon witness a 'full-fledged attempt at upheaval?


The fact that America is now so bitterly divided with rinos joining liberals in Congress, snowflakes across America and the MSM going into total meltdown mode over Trump should be looked at as just the tip of the iceberg of the dangers that America still faces ahead in 2017 and beyond. As Democrat Tim Kaine recently stated on MSNBC, "Democrats Have To 'Fight In The Streets' Against Trump". With ISIS terrorists actually cheering on the left in their protests against Trump as we hear in the 2nd video below, we see in recent news stories of a Trump supporter getting knocked out at a protest in Portland while a BLM supporter in Seattle calls for "the killing of people" as Susan Duclos reports in this ANP story as alarming new signs of the direction things are going in 2017.

And despite what the 'fakestream media' will say, we have 100% proof that elements within the US government have been arming ISIS terrorists, that proof coming to us from US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat, and her stop arming terrorists bill. Why are people within the US government, such as Senator John McCain arming ISIS in Syria, allowed to arm terrorists and do they not realize that arming our enemies will come back to haunt us one day? Or have people many within govt actually converted to Islam, thus, they feel protected in their lies to the American people? We see in recent statements made by Pope Francis himself as proof that Islam has the blessing of the Pope to strengthen in Europe with this loud alarm:

"It is clear that Muslims have an ultimate goal: conquering the world", Cardinal Raymond Burke said.

"Islam, through the sharia, their law, wants to rule the world and allows violence against the infidels, like Christians. But we find it hard to recognize this reality and to respond by defending the Christian faith (...) I have heard several times an Islamic idea: 'what we failed to do with the weapons in the past we are doing today with the birth rate and immigration'. The population is changing. If this keeps up, in countries such as Italy, the majority will be Muslim (...) Islam realizes itself in the conquest. And what is the most important achievement? Rome".

  Or is their 'most important achievement' actually America, necessary to them before they could 'take over the world'?


The fact that there are those giving aid and comfort to those who want to slaughter Americans still within Congress should send out a huge red alert to anyone paying attention: there are still enemies of America within.

We also have great evidence that Cardinal Burke was correct in his warning that a very real attempt to 'overthrow' much of Europe is being made right now via the 'trojan horse invasion' that was allowed to take place. Via leaders such as Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Francois Hollande, we get actual PROOF that President Trump is correct on the immigration issue just by looking at the absolute mess that they've allowed Europe to turn into.

We also know very real attempts have been made to undermine our Constitution and our nation via unlimited immigration of illegals being given the right to vote and outright voting fraud from the left to go along with the push still being made by US govt public servants betraying our new president.

And while Muslims and their clueless supporter on the left will claim that Sharia law is just like the US Constitution as heard in the 1st video below featuring Joe Biggs from Infowars interviewing several Muslims, it's clear to anybody paying close attention that the very last thing a free society needs is sharia law or the very mindset of Islam, which puts them above the rest and makes anybody else from other religions subservient to them.


Just look at what is now happening in Europe where several European governments have made it painfully clear that merely criticizing Islam is a criminal statute. Absolutely proving to us the totalitarian nature of Islam, once such laws are put into place, a population becomes permanently enslaved short of violent revolution. Residents of many Islamic countries are greatly forbidden from criticizing Islam as well - US-Iranian citizen Robin Shahini recently received 18 years in prison for criticizing Islam on Facebook and blog postings.

The following statement could also be made about the total breakdowns of snowflakes on college campuses all across America. It's clear they're being indoctrinated into the global Islamic mindset that 'programs slaves'.

While it is not surprising to find Muslims (substitue 'snowflakes') offended by certain words or images, it is distressing to find Western courts and other bodies only too willing to turn "Islamophobia" into a criminal offence in countries that otherwise value free speech and open expression.

While Geert Wilders was being prosecuted in the Netherlands for talking about "fewer Moroccans" during an election campaign, a state-funded watchdog group says that threatening homosexuals with burning, decapitation and slaughter is just fine, so long as it is Muslims who are making those threats, as the Quran tells them that such behavior is mandated. (Snowflake violent uprisings coming to mind?)


For those on the left and within the mainstream media who are blindly supporting the rights of those who want to slaughter us while completely taking away our rights we have to ask you, why do you have a 'death wish'? Back in December of 2015 Front Page Mag reported Democrats were moving to try to penalize the criticism of Islam while back in February of 2016, Infowars reported that Twitter had moved to penalize the criticism of Islam as 'hate speech'

Clearly not a religion of peace but the 'politics of hatred and war', wherever Islam goes, the rights of others to practice their own religion disappears. The slaughtering of Christians and the forced subservience of women (as shared in the 3rd video below with Stefan Molyneux) also go hand in hand with Islam wherever it goes. We're also well aware that according to the Islamic principal of taqiyya, Islam permits Muslims to lie 'to advance the cause of Islam - in some cases by gaining the trust on non-believer's in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them'.


While CNN and most of the rest of the 'fakestream media' are still attempting to paint President Donald Trump's recent immigration order as a huge blow against human rights while claiming by showing the large number of protesters in the streets that Trump's order is hugely unpopular, the recent poll from Rasmussen Reports that Drudge linked to on Monday shows the exact opposite: 57% of likely US voters favor the temporary ban on refugees coming into America from terrorist havens. According to a recent poll from UC Berkely, 74% of Californians want to end sanctuary cities! 

In fact, according to another poll recently taken by Rasmussen, they report that only 32% of Americans believe that America became 'more safe' during the 8 years of Barack Obama than it was prior to him coming in to office.

And while another new poll shows us 51% of likely voters approve of the job that Trump is doing now, with a 49% disapproval rating, that poll also shows us the huge divisions that America now faces and helps prove to us why we should continue to prepare for the absolute worst as like never before.

If Barack Obama was indeed an 'agent of Islam' in their drive to 'overthrow America' and the world as many have warned, just think about all of the possible 'traitors to America' that were installed into very high-ranking positions during the past 8 years. Just knowing Obama's govt put Christians and 2nd Amendment supporters and those who supported the US Constitution onto their 'watchlists' while they allowed radical Islam to spread across America unchecked should tell us all we need to know. We hope that in the days and weeks ahead, President Trump has law enforcement raid all of the known Islamic training compounds across America that the Obama adminstration made 'hands off' to the law.


And while we're extremely hopeful that President Trump will be able to bring America back to the position that we need to be in, the fact that those who may hold sympathy towards radical Islamic terrorists may still be in high-ranking positions within the US government should send up a huge red flag, especially since someone from within likely leaked US military plans to terrorists just recently. That in itself should be seen as a huge marker of infiltration.

And knowing for a fact that members within Obama's US government gave aid and arms to terrorists and then tried to hide that fact from the American people while the MSM played 'deaf, dumb and blind' rather than exposing what the alternative media eventually exposed proves to us that even with Trump in office, America has an awful lot of work to do.

Knowing that CAIR recently warned Trump 'the Constitution says government can't study or criticize radical Islam' and that the 'enemies of freedom' now aligning themselves against Trump and America also include Mexican officials who have pledged to combat Trump by unleashing drug cartels allows us to see former DHS founding member Phillip Haney's warnings coming true before our very eyes.

According to Phillip Haney, a founding member of the Homeland Security Department and author of the book “See Something Say Nothing,” the stars are lining up for a major confrontation with the global Islamic movement and its allies on the political left.

The “flashpoints” to watch going forward are these:

Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem
Declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization
Restricting Islamic immigration into the U.S.

As Trump tries to rein in concessions given to the Muslim Brotherhood by the previous administrations of Clinton, Bush and Obama, he should expect the Brotherhood and its allies on the left to push back with hell’s fury, Haney said.

There will be lawsuits, ugly protests, and an all-out effort to create chaos in the streets of U.S. cities, he predicts.

The reason is simple. This isn’t 1968 or even 1978, when Islam in America consisted primarily of a few thousand Nation of Islam and Black Panther activists. Islam, particularly the Salafist brand of Sunni Islam promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated goal is to spread Shariah throughout the world, has been allowed to establish a major foothold in America.

More than 300 U.S. cities and towns have been stacked with Sharia-compliant Muslims through refugee resettlement and myriad other visa programs that have been expanding for four decades.


According to this March of 2016 story from The Express, what they call a 'chillingly accurate letter' written by Albert Pike almost 200 years ago predicted that the 3rd world war and a 'final battle' would be fought between the forces of Islam going up against Christians and Jews in a battle engineered to bring lucifer's reign upon the planet Earth.

Are there some holdovers from the previous administrations still in Washington DC, working to bring about such a calamity? The fact that President Trump recently called out both McCain and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham after they released a joint statement condemning Trump's immigration order, accusing them of 'trying to start WW3', tells us who the haters and 'warmongers' are in Washington DC...and their names are not Trump.

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