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July 31, 2016

Global Elite Panic As The World Rises Up Against Them - Donald Trump Better Watch His Back


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

For years we have noted how the global elite have been preparing for a "civil uprising," buying up boltholes with private airstrips and bomb-proof luxury survival bunkers, all in preparation for the day when "we the people" of the world have had enough of their antics..... well, that day has come.

From American politics, to the much-talked about Brexit vote, to the people of Germany rising up in the streets in protest of globalist Angela Merkel's policies, to the anti-globalist political movements in France, Italy and other European countries, we are witnessing much of the world turning on the so-called global elites.

What is at stake in the 2016 U.S. presidential election is encapsulated in the following quotes by two separate publications, one describing how Trump versus Hillary is Nationalism versus Globalism, and the other written by a globalist for the Economist Magazine, pleading for Republican globalists to "hold their nose" and vote for Hillary Clinton, all in the name of globalism.

Interestly enough, although the writers are on completely opposite sides of the political spectrum, they come to the same conclusion... if Hillary Clinton wins in November, globalists across the world have won because an elite globalist will be in the White House, and if Donald Trump wins in November, globalists across the world should prepare to bug-out to their "boltholes" and survival bunkers.


Via National Interest in May 2016:

Globalists captured much of American society long ago by capturing the bulk of the nation’s elite institutions—the media, academia, big corporations, big finance, Hollywood, think tanks, NGOs, charitable foundations. So powerful are these institutions—in themselves and, even more so, collectively—that the elites running them thought that their political victories were complete and final. That’s why we have witnessed in recent years a quantum expansion of social and political arrogance on the part of these high-flyers.

Then along comes Donald Trump and upends the whole thing. Just about every major issue that this super-rich political neophyte has thrown at the elites turns out to be anti-globalist and pro-nationalist. And that is the single most significant factor in his unprecedented and totally unanticipated rise.

Via the Economist In July 2016:

In America, where most is at stake, the answer must come from within the existing party structure. Republicans who are serious about resisting the anti-globalists should hold their noses and support Mrs Clinton. And Mrs Clinton herself, now that she has won the nomination, must champion openness clearly, rather than equivocating. Her choice of Tim Kaine, a Spanish-speaking globalist, as her running-mate is a good sign. But the polls are worryingly close. The future of the liberal world order depends on whether she succeeds.

It is easy to see why in America anti-establishment candidates did so well, with Donald Trump overcoming GOP political class establishment elite to take the Republican nomination for President, and Bernie Sanders managing to take 43 percent of the Democratic vote, despite the DNC actively working with and for Hillary as the WikiLeaks email leaks showed, as well as voter fraud, voter supression, purges and tampering.

In a Daily Beast piece titled "It’s Not Just Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders—The Whole World Is Turning On Its Elites," they note that according to a recent poll, 22 percent of Bernie Sanders voters are now backing Donald Trump, as one Registered Democrat respondent was quoted as saying "I cannot bring myself to vote for another establishment politician like Hillary."

According to The Green Papers, Clinton won 16.8 million votes to 13.2 million for Sanders, and 22 percent of over 13 million votes is over 4 million Sanders voters potentially voting for Trump because Clinton is a globalist establishment candidate and Sanders sold them out, or as Trump has stated, "sold his soul to the devil," by endorsing Clinton.

While America is on the frontlines of the battle between the "people" and the global elite, pushing back after suffering the weakest recovery of the post World War II era, there is no doubt that citizens across the globe are also pushing back against the globalists and the NWO agenda, as noted in the aforementioned Daily Beast article.

While the policy proposals of each of these movements may vary significantly, the grievances animating these campaigns are broadly similar. Voters are making a deliberate decision to reject an elite ruling class in favor of political outsiders more attuned to the concerns of ordinary citizens.

Britain voting to leave the European Union, otherwise known as the Brexit referendum, was a huge blow to globalists across the globe and the follow up news, one month later, that all the dire predictions failed to materialize on a "Brexit recession," and in fact, Britain is thriving, has given encouragement to anti-globalists worldwide.

The next big battle against globalism is in November, but as we have noted time and time again, the globalists will not go down without a fight, which brings us to a prediction by InfoWars' Alex Jones, that Hillary and the establishment are ruthless, and there is an extremely high likelihood that once the convention "bounces" are over and polling gets back to being consistent, that if Trump takes the lead, there will be a "staged event", and possibly an assassination attempt against Donald Trump.

FLASHBACK - May, 2016:

If an assassination attempt is made on Trump, it will likely come from somebody within his organization, somebody under mind control programmed to kill. It is unlikely an assassin will emerge from his detractors and enemies outside the organization, for instance leftists and other miscreants who have promised to behead or otherwise violently attack him. Controlled opposition leftists are used to create social chaos and political division outside the political establishment.

The window for a possible assassination will likely be after the convention or, more likely, after he beats Clinton in November.....


Donald Trump better watch his back because the global elite are in panic mode.


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