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June 11, 2016

US Special Forces Member Tells Us: 'The Battle Is On' - 'With Everything Unraveling, There's Never Been A More Important Time Than Now'

The Antithesis To The Snowflake Generation Is Dangerous Freedom 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die


Back on May 28th we published a story on ANP called "It's A Scary Thing Coming Up Expert Warns: Just Wait Until July, Just Wait Until August" in which we told you about a warning from special forces member and UFC fighter Tim Kennedy telling us about the 'petri dish of bad things happening' and mixing together that could easily explode into all out chaos in the coming weeks and months. 

Between planned protest violence at political rallies all across the country to rapidly increasing signs of forthcoming economic collapse, Kennedy warned that America was under a globalist assault intent upon inciting riots in the country and sabotaging our legal, political process in a very real attempt to overthrow our nation and bring it down. 

In the brand new video below, Kennedy, also the host of the History Channel's 'Finding Hitler', again joins Alex Jones and Infowars to talk with us about what has happened in the two weeks since that appearance and a new program that they are putting together called "True Patriot Initiative," what Jones and Kennedy hope that Americans begin to use 'en masse' to take back this country from those who've nearly stolen it. Using "Dangerous Freedom", what Kennedy calls the antithesis of the existing US 'coward culture', this 'snowflake generation' that has grown completely out of control according to this recent story from Susan Duclos.  How do we overcome this 'snowflake generation' that is being unknowingly used by the NWO to bring our nation down? Counterbalance...we resist by becoming healthy and becoming involved. Embrace 'dangerous freedom'. 

Kennedy and Jones then tell us that, despite the very obvious 'police state' paradox we're watching unfold, special forces officers and law enforcement are largely 'wide awake' to much that is happening...estimates of up to 95% of special forces are aware of the attempted takedown of America. They go on to tell us that law enforcement officers are the 2nd most 'awake' group in America which could be explained by them seeing 1st hand the results of globalists like George Soros and the paid terror he has launched upon them and law-abiding American citizens merely for supporting Donald Trump. 


Kennedy then tells us what this 'True Patriot Initiative' is all about: 
training, preparing, and seizing individual liberty. This link will take you to 'True Patriot', which Kennedy will be filling with tutorials, videos, sharing with us different skills that can be used by those who still feel passionate about the ideas of freedom and liberty.

With the 'real battle for the Republic' now on, Jones and Kennedy tell us that 'Infowarriors' are like 'seeds', very real seeds that can be planted, cultivated and grown as they share with us a 'secret weapon' that we have in this battle for our Republic, the men and women who are still working within it, many of whom are now awakening 'en masse'. As Jones tells us, most of the people who work within government are good people and certainly not part of the ongoing bid to 'overthrow the Republic.

How can we as Americans help to ensure that we nix this overthrow? Kennedy talks with us about personal empowerment and personal involvement as they tell us "we're in it to win this thing... we're not in it to be defeated or go out to lose or to 'hide out in the woods'...the battle is clearly on...the elite want us to be the 'snowflake' and the 'wallflower'.... we're going to go out and take this country back." Peacefully, and legally, of course. 

"It is so easy to control a populace that is weak...that is pathetic...that has no skills...they're literally living their lives as a slave" we are told. The antithesis of the snowflake generation is clearly 'dangerous freedom' and 'individual responsibility' every bit of ourselves to the cause of freedom and liberty."

Kennedy also talks with us about his 'safe zone,' which he tells us is about 2000', and the need to provide for family. Jones goes on to tell us that right now, approximately 89% of Americans live in the cities and the suburbs while only 11% of Americans now live in rural areas; he then tells us that only about 5% of Americans, if that many, are totally self-sufficient, not relying upon the government or the system for anything. Are you living totally 'off the grid'? 


While we have read a number of comments on ANP from readers who believe 'it is too late' to do anything about what we're watching unfolding, Kennedy reminds us 'it's never too late'. If you're one of those who believe that it's too late we have to ask, why have you already given the globalists YOUR power? We wouldn't be in this 'Infowar' if it was 'already too late' to keep our freedoms and our liberty and in fact we're told, 'resisting tyranny while building something good' gives our bodies and our souls a great rush of energy that might not be there otherwise. It's as if our bodies say, "ok, you're following your's this amazing power" to help you accomplish your goal of overthrowing tyranny. As one of my favorite authors, Joseph Campbell, wrote long ago: When you follow your bliss, 'doors open where they wouldn't open for anyone else'. There is no doubt in my mind that God doesn't like tyranny. 

"The stronger we are, the weaker they are" Kennedy tells us while informing us how to 'checkmate' the entire globalist becoming strong, by becoming getting to the place where 'they can't control you'. This is how we overthrow tyranny.  

According to Kennedy, a 'Patriot' is somebody who has the ability and the strength of will to live their lives how they want to. While humanity is clearly in deep trouble, they can't control people who can do things on their own, who live off the land, who plant gardens. "The soil is can be cultivated...we are planting a seed...everything that the globalists are doing is about taking us out of our natural environment." We defeat the globalists by returning to our natural environment. 

While Jones tells us that 'everything is unravelling' and the 'giant cities are time bombs' with much of our entire system based upon 'just in time delivery' and 'riots all over the world', he also warns us we're running out of time as things are degenerating quickly. At the 18 minute mark of the 1st video, the conversation turns to the ramping up all across the world that we're now witnessing and the preparing for civil unrest and the destabilization that we're now watching. How do we stand against tyranny while fighting for freedom? It takes 'daily dedication to the journey of being free'.


We're also told that there has never been a more important time than 'right now'. With the globalists having nearly completed their mission of sabotabing America and bringing us to our knees, it can't be tomorrow. The human condition is under attack and we're going into servile bondage in this artificial, synthetic world that we're living in but Infowarriors are 'breaking the matrix'.."we have to believe that we can change the world" we are told. 

In the 2nd video, Kennedy tells us how we can stop this takedown of our country and restore our liberties, by becoming 'strong people'. Right now we are weak we are told, this by a special forces officer and a UFC fighter. We also are told that we're now watching a fascinating paradox unfolding: While the globalists want to use the military to take over the country, we're told the military is mostly awake' to the 'scum running things.'

How can we deal with this paradox? We're told the globalists want us in a weakened, emasculated, zombie state, and we can clearly see that in recent politics we're watching such as US military members forced to walk in red woman's shoes while 'social justice warriors' continue to ensure colleges of 2016 remind us of day care centers with diaper changes and pacifiers needed daily.  

We're told that we better exercise our freedoms and liberty like muscles or we're going to lose it: 'this is a real takeover' we are warned as tyranny attempts to federalize police. How do we explain the paradox of 'pure evil at the top' in government: "so rotten you can smell them from here?" We also learn more about this paradox of 'great people' within the US military and law enforcement agencies across the country while the globalists are attempting to use them against the American people. We're also told that ever since Americans became wise to Obama/Clinton funding terrorists, the US military has been saying no to criminal orders. Has the US military turned against the 'new world order'?  

While we're not in the position to have the answer to that question and are merely doing our small part in this information war, we've taken the advice given by Kennedy and are preparing ourselves for a long battle to save freedom and liberty for our Republic. For us not to prepare for the long haul would be for us to quit, and as Kennedy reminds us: 'it's always easier to quit after you do it the first time.' With all that is now unfolding in the eternal battle of 'good vs evil' in the fight for freedom and liberty for all of humanity, there's never been a more important time to be alive than now. 


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