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January 27, 2017

Independent Media Sites Attacked Financially As Trump Supporters Being Physically Assaulted And Verbally Abused


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy, he and his family, and his supporters, have been attacked relentlessly, from verbally labeling them "deplorables," white nationalists, racists, homophobics, xenophobics, Nazi's... you name it, they have been called it over the last year and half. Physical attacks have been reported throughout the United States against Trump supporters, from school children to attacks on the street as video footage captured examples like thugs beating a man while onlookers screamed "Trump supporter."


Since the election and the inauguration, the attacks have increased, as we will show multiple physical attacks against Trump supporters, from lighting their hair on fire, to actor, performance artist, and filmmaker Shia LaBeouf being hauled away in handcuffs after attacking a man during a live video protest.

Other examples since the election, include a Hispanic Trump supporter attacked during inauguration events, twice with one of the times being while he was being interviewed on camera, a female high school student violently attacked for allegedly supporting Trump, an 11 year-old boy physically attacked and beaten for saying he voted for Trump in a "mock election," a 17 year-old boy attacked for holding a Trump sign, homes vandalized with anti-Trump messages such as  "F*** Trump," "Burn Everything" and "BLM," a subway passenger choked for wearing a MAGA hat, and of course we all witnessed the rioting, violence and vandalism during the inauguration day protests.

Correct me if I am wrong, but conservatives did not go out and physically attack Obama supporters after his elections, did we? More importantly, we never saw conservatives justifying or condoning any violence against Obama supporters, as the left did when Richard Spencer was punched. We especially never saw a news outlet, like the New York Times, ask if it is "okay to punch a Nazi," in reference to the attack on Spencer.

We may not be Spencer fans, but even offensive speech is free speech in America, and assault is a crime, and violence is never acceptable unless in self-defense or in defense of another or your home and property.


The verbal attacks have been ongoing also as Stefan Stanford recently highlighted while detailing how Trump Derangement Syndrome has swept across America, when a woman was thrown off a plane after verbally attacking another passenger that was heading to the inauguration to celebrate. The woman was so offensive, even the other passengers applauded when police finally removed her from the plane.

Since this woman is such a perfect example of a "snowflake," attacking someone and then when faced with the real world consequences of their own actions, acting like she is the victim, it is worth showing once again.

Conservatives can't really say too much about Hillary Clinton's "deplorable" label, since many took it and wore it as a badge of honor, and since she invigorated Trump supporters, but other verbal attacks against Trump supporters have included attempts, even by the mainstream media, to label them in the eyes of Americans as racists, misogynists white nationalists, and a whole host of other "tags."


The most high profile example of a conservative Independent Media site being attacked financially is Breitbart, where advertisers such as Kelloggs, AllState and over 40 other advertisers, pulled their ads in a "blacklisting" attempt, by labeling breitbart a "racist" website, but other smaller Independent Media sites with a conservative lean have been noting a systematic and organized attacks against revenue streams, in an apparent attempt to put them out of business.

First came the mainstream media pushing sites that labeled Independent Media as "fake news," deliberately listing conservative and IM sites in the same lists as actual hoax sites, to conflate the two in the minds of their dwindling audience. Then they labeled IM sites as "Russian propaganda." Social media sites, such as Facebook brought on far left political operatives, such as Snopes to start "fact checking" news stories. Twitter has been caught "shadow-banning" conservatives, or simply terminating their accounts. YouTube, owned by Google started demonetizing videos as well as terminating accounts of conservatives. 

Those are the obvious ways IM sites are being attacked financially, but more insidious is how tech giants, all of whom leaned Democratic in the 2016 election cycle, have been undercutting IM sites, like labeling straight news as opinion in Googles search results. As Breitbart reported in November 2016, Google and Facebook are also "defunding" websites, which has "disproportionately impacted right-wing news sites."

It gets worse.......  That is information publicly available, but here at ANP we have been tracking something far more sinister with our advertisers, such as our top two revenue generating advertisers becoming our lowest two revenue sources, since July of 2016, right after Donald Trump became the official Republican nominee for president.

While we are not naming the specific company, the graph below is from July 2016 to December 2016, a time when our traffic increased significantly as the election cycle heated up, through the election, yet despite and increase in traffic and activity, the revenue from this particular advertiser decreased dramatically.


Needless to say, we terminated that advertiser after staying long enough to be able to document our data.

Had it only been the one advertiser, we would have chalked it up to the company in question having issues, but we also noted the same pattern from Google adsense, which we know is not having financial difficulties, leading us to wonder... is this a coincidence?

Research tells us, no, it isn't a coincidence.

During those same months, YouTube, which is owned by Google, also started demonetizing conservative content, as reported by multiple sources.

Via HeatStreet - September 2016:

According to a YouTube spokesperson, this demonetization scheme has been longstanding, the only change is that they now make it clearer to creators which of their videos are being demonetized. The issue became apparent when popular YouTuber Phil DeFranco got his ad revenue disabled for a video commenting on a controversy involving a social justice warrior who tried to get a Lyft driver fired for the crime of having a hula girl bobble head on his dashboard.

Via Infowars - September 2016:

A new “advertiser friendly” policy introduced by YouTube will punish those who express politically incorrect opinions or dare to offend viewers by de-monetizing their content. The new rules have sparked an outcry from the YouTube community because they are so incredibly restrictive. YouTube will now retain the right to demonetize any videos that contain, “Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown.

It is not just demonetization being used to censor conservative news on YouTube, but they have also started listing conservative educational videos under "restrictive mode," as explained by Prager University after working "quietly behind the scenes for months" to resolve the issue.

PragerU is a popular YouTube channel created by conservative scholar and radio show host Dennis Prager. The channel claims to produce educational content that adheres to Judeo-Christian values and supports “the concepts of freedom of speech, a free press, free markets and a strong military to protect and project those values."

The conservative think-tank, Heritage Foundation, addressed this issue in a tweet:


Read more at HeatStreet.

Just this month Legal Insurrection founder and publisher and Cornell University Law Professor William Jacobson, a conservative, had his YouTube channel terminated (it was later restored, not smart to mess with a legal expert) and is still battling over specific videos being reinstated.

FrontPage reported in October 2016, that Google News would also be promoting left-wing "fact check" attacks on conservatives:

Google News has been steadily getting worse over the years. What was once an interesting overview has become a heap of trending and viral garbage. Its promoted political content is heavily left-wing and often quite ugly. Just to drive the bias home a little harder, it's going to be promoting left-wing "fact check" attacks with a special label.

You can see the argument for such a feature. The only problem is that media fact checking is heavily biased. It's largely one-sided and its level of acceptance is partisan. By promoting political attacks from Fact Check or Snopes, Google is taking a partisan position while pretending not to.

Are we starting to see a pattern yet? The examples are all out there, all one has to do is look, do a couple quick searches, because there are plenty more of these types of occurrences, but why beat a dead horse?


The point here is, that there is a concentrated effort, seen in the verbal and physical attacks against Trump supporters, to "shame them," or violently punish them for Trump's election, and by advertisers, media tech giants and social media, to strangle the life out of conservative Independent Media by bankrupting them.

Trump supporters knew there would be backlash, we knew it would not be the "easy" path to take when we chose to fight hard and furiously against a Clinton presidency, we did so with full understanding of what would come our way, by way of backlash from advertisers and media giants that would punish us for doing so, and now we have sufficient data to show we were right in our belief that attacks would come stronger after the election than before.

Independent Media sites can help each other by linking to one another, we are all working towards helping turn this nation around and battling the MSM propaganda.

Readers can help by clicking those external links, if they see them, give another Independent Media site a hit, some extra traffic, help them earn their revenue to keep the Truth Movement alive, because that is the whole point of these attacks against IM sites, to shut down truth so that readers are only left with the propaganda being fed to them by the MSM.

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