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January 1, 2017

Experts Confirm 'Internet Shutdowns Lead To Atrocities', So Why Do They Want To Shut Down The Internet For A Full Day In 2017? Donald Trump's Dire Warning To America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story from The Wire that Steve Quayle linked to on his website this first day of 2017 spells out for us several reasons why the internet is so important to not only national economies all around the world but even more importantly, their story succinctly points out why the internet is so important to human rights.

Warning us that governments across the planet shut down the internet more than 50 times in 2016, shutdowns that cost the global economy billions of dollars in 2016 and more than 2.4 billion dollars in 2015, The Wire also reports those internet shutdowns have been associated with massive human rights violations.

“What we have found is that internet shutdowns go hand in hand with atrocities” according to Deji Olukotun, a senior global advocacy manager at a digital rights organization called Access Now.

Also being used to suppress elections and limit free speech, we take heart in Olukotun's proclamation that "on the whole, most government's want to expand internet access" although we take a look below at what's happening here in America and see an attempt being made, right here right now in 2017, to accomplish the exact opposite.

We also take a look below at Donald Trump's new warning to Americans that NO computers are safe from prying eyes and how he himself deals with that threat as well as several new videos which prove to us America is still nowhere near out of the woods with Obama and the globalists still having 19 days to accomplish their totalitarian dreams.


With internet shutdowns proven to lead to horrific human rights attrocities, why would some politicians in America be working towards 'shutdown' unless they're secretly living the totalitarian life dreams of Hitler, Mao or Stalin behind closed Washington DC doors?

Also warning us also that shutdowns were happening more often and that governments were employing more sophisticated methods to ensure that internet users could not get around the shutdowns, we've long warned on ANP that 'independent news' websites such as the Drudge Report, Breitbart, Infowars and Zero Hedge ARE the canary's in the coal mine, warning of tyranny.

As long as such websites are up and running, providing news that is 'counter' to the MSM, we'll know that our 1st Amendment is still alive (though not completely well) in America. However, should suddenly all such 'alternative' websites  be 'shut down' and Americans unable to access 'alternative information', we will have 100% proof that 'terrorists' have taken over our country, intent upon trampling upon the US Constitution and our 1st Amendment Right to a free press here in America. We pray that moment never arrives.


And while according to the Reporters Without Borders 2016 'Press Freedom Index' the United States is at a very dismal rank of 41 out of 180 country's with the nations of Jamaica, Slovakia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Ghana, Namibia and South Africa ranked ahead of us, the fact that websites such as Infowars, SHTFPlan and ANP are still publishing stories contrary to the globalists wishes shows us America should take a positive leap in press freedom in long as we make it through the next 19 days

As Susan Duclos reported back on December 21st as also heard in the final video below, sometime in 2017, internet security experts expect that the entire internet will be shut down for a 24-hour period. Might that be before Trump gets into office in the next 2+ weeks? And knowing that internet shutdowns lead to atrocities we have to ask, what might happen during that 24-hour period when the internet 'goes dark' in America and around the world?

The fact alone that our nation was able to overcome the clearly heavily biased and completely government controlled mainstream media and get Donald Trump elected into the White House should rightfully be looked at as a positive sign to all. However, it should also be looked at as a warning of where the next 19 days could take us with the globalists obviously desperate, still pushing to get the US into an 'end all' World War 3 with Russia before Trump gets into office and still trying to take down news outlets such as the Drudge Report which quite literally helped get Trump elected.


If globalists such as Obama and George Soros are allegedly pushing for an 'open society', why are they trying so hard to close it down and stomp out websites such as the Drudge Report, Infowars, and Natural unless they want to prove those warning of their tyranny here in America are correct? Any real attempt to permanently shut down the 'independent media' here in America should prove 100% to the American people that those attempting to shut it down are terrorists and tyrants pushing a radical agenda to overthrow a free and open America while attempting to overthrow the US Constitution.

With what many believed a very real attempt to overthrow America by 'globalist enemies of America within' possibly thwarted with Trump's election, we take a look at the kind of law that some here in America are quite literally pushing for us right now - sharia law, and all of the horrific things that go along with it. Is this what YOU want for America? And is this why 'jihadis in DC' are attempting to shut down the free and open press here in America? 


The new story from the Daily Mail reports that according to Trump, "no computer is safe" when it comes to keeping information private. Informing us that he himself writes down important information the old fashioned way and sends it by courier rather than email, we have to ask, what does Donald Trump know that the masses of Americans don't know?

Still not sold on the Russian link to the DNC and Clinton hacking, Trump also recently stated that he knows something that the American people don't know about all of this alleged recent hacking while announcing "other people will find out on Tuesday or Wednesday." So, once again, what does Donald Trump know that we don't know?

We do know that the American people have been lied to for a very, very long time by those who promised transparency and gave us nothing of it. And while we know that we'll never get 'the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth' from Trump in the years ahead (we understand why government must keep some secrets from the American people to also keep them away from our enemies who want to harm us), we hope we'll get much more truth from Trump than we have from Obama, Clinton or the Bush's over the years.

As Breitbart's Stephen K. Bannon recently stated, "hobbits and deplorables" across America should hold his and Donald Trump's feet to the fire. Urging voters to 'hold people accountable' in the White House – including himself – as the new administration gets off the ground, Bannon said he specifically wants Trump's base to hold his feet to the fire as he steers the president's strategic ship through waters infested with Democrats and moderate Republicans alike. 'Deplorables and Hobbits should stay engaged and hold ALL of us accountable – including me,' 

Here at ANP, we welcome such a statement being made by someone so high in Donald Trump's administration and look forward to the opportunity to criticize and praise the incoming administration in the years ahead. Though we pray there is much more good news in the years ahead than we've had during the past 8 years of terrorism, war and the ongoing collapse of the middle class here in America. Americans deserve much better.

And while our backs are against the wall, we pray that God helps Trump deliver it for our country and the American people in 2017. 

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