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May 11, 2015

US Army ATEC Command Vehicle At Texas Wal-Mart - Govt Tags On Truck - Jade Helm Reports Confirm Massive Build-up To Something Bad - 'They're About To Drop The Hammer'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

An All News Pipeline reader has emailed us the photographs seen both above and below showing a mysterious white truck at a Texas Wal-Mart, this one in Killeen, Texas, and asked us if we know what this truck is for. As you can clearly see in the images below, the truck has US government tags and according to a deep background source, is likely a part of the US Army ATEC Command, specifically a 'National Incident Command' vehicle, with many capabilities including hooking up a trailer to haul additional supplies if necessary.

Our source for these pictures stated that he saw several computer monitors inside the vehicle when he took the 3rd photograph below that shows men loading something into the vehicle and as seen in this linked story giving us a tour of FEMA's fleet, this is the exact same kind of vehicle used by FEMA emergency operations although they make sure to mark their vehicle in a highly pronounced way while an unmarked vehicle such as this can be nicely hidden from view until it is ready to be used.

The mud flaps on this vehicle peg the builder as a company called EXCELLANCE, a company that specializes in emergency response vehicles. A visit to this gallery of EXCELLANCE vehicles shows very similar vehicles to the one above and below though highly marked. A plain white vehicle such as the one seen here would allow the users to simply blend into the crowd on American streets and parking lots.

Whether this US government owned vehicle is in Texas as part of a storm response team or there for Jade Helm 15 preparation, this is a mysterious US government owned truck at a Texas Wal-Mart and with everything else going on right now, nothing should be overlooked. Several email communications attempting to share these photographs with others were actually blocked several times from being sent, likely showing this is sensitive information. This also adds another layer of mystery to the theory that Wal-Marts across America are being set up to be used as emergency command centers, or worse, while preparing for the economic collapse of America, a massive build-up to something bad in America is clear.  

The videos below share a myriad number of stories including a caller to the Alex Jones show from New Hampshire who tells us of a massive buildup of tanks in the 'Live Free or Die' state in the 1st video, the 2nd video gives us more evidence that Jade Helm is being put in place for the coming financial collapse of America, in the 3rd video, Chip a truckdriver from Texas tells us about what he has been seeing across Texas highways joining Alex at the 3:30 mark while in the 4th video, Alex shares that he has figured out the 'final Jade Helm game plan', "they're about to drop the hammer."





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