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September 23, 2016

Clinton Supporter Films Her Own Humiliation, Becomes Completely Unhinged Over Trump/Pence 2016 And Hillary For Prison Yard Signs 


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Once again we see a liberal crybully film their own humiliation as a Hillary Clinton supporter by the name of Tara Dublin became totally unhinged over Trump/Pence 2016 and Hillary For Prison yard signs, saw a "big ugly redneck guy" standing in his driveway, and decided to flip him a bird, claiming it is her "free speech" right to do so.

The man got in his car, followed her taking pictures of her vehicle and tags, explained by the officer in the video as documenting her harassment. The officer explained to Ms. Dublin that he told the man he shouldn't follow her, and then proceeded to explain to her that her "obscene gesture," especially in a school zone, could get her cited for "public disturbance." The officer also informed her that "actions that are causing violence, or causing an argument to the point of violence, now you can be held liable."

We note that Dublin is a Hillary Clinton supporter by her "yaaa's Hillary" icon on her Twitter page as well as her stating to the officer that she was "offended" by the Hillary for Prison yard sign, which she has to see every day as she drives past the house. 

The Facebook message and video, shown below, has received 749K views, garnering over 18K comments since 10 AM yesterday morning, the majority of which seems to be shredding her to pieces.

Via VidMax:

The Most Insane Video Of The Day-Liberal a**hat woman thinks it's her freedom of speech to stop in front of a Trump support's house, give him the finger, call him racist and hurl F-bombs.

Trump supporter follows her to get her license, cop is called, things just get insane.

She represent every liberal you ever had the displeasure of getting into a discussion with on Reddit or FB. She is probably a mod on FB actually, blocking our posts.


When someone created a fake account in Dublin's name, which Twitter has since suspended, she tweeted "I've reported the fake account and now I'm going to request verification @twitter @jack @verified because targeted harassment isn't ok EVER."


Anyone else see the irony of saying "targeted harassment isn't ok EVER" from a woman that deliberately targeted and harassed an individual for supporting the candidate of his choice and placing yard signs on his own property?

Another interesting point is that in the video above, Dublin admits she had never met the man she called a "big ugly redneck guy," acknowledging she doesn't know him at all, yet her tweets are consistently using the hashtag #ChasedByARacist." 


[UPDATE] Seems Ms. Dublin cannot handle the heat her own actions created, because now the Twitter account where I took the screen shots above, is now" protected" and tweets cannot be seen except by confirmed followers.



We have to wonder what makes people like Dublin, and the woman that made a complete jerk of herself over a Hula Dancing Doll, think that it is a good idea filming themselves acting like spoiled rotten, liberal Millennial crybullies? Then they have the nerve to get upset when people call them out on it as we can see in the YouTube video comments, Twitter responses and in the comment section of the Vid Max video posted yesterday.


More Hillary For Prison Yard signs can be found here.

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