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December 15, 2016

72-Hour Countdown Given To Venezuelans As 'Real-Life Hunger-Games Bloodsport' Comes To Reality TV - Are 'Human Hunting' Parties Next?

One Desperate Parent Warns: 'This Is Written In The Bible - We're Living In The End Times'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Each day we get more evidence that our world turned in a very dangerous direction and despite the optimism being felt and expressed by many due to the recent election of Donald Trump, the recent stories linked to on the Drudge Report and outlined below prove to us Americans and the human race are nowhere near 'out of the woods'. As this new SHTFPlan story that Quayle linked to this morning warns us, a 'massive financial shock is predicted for early 2017 that could leave 'confusion, bond market degradation and the crumbling of everything’.

With a very-real war going on against the homeless in many big cities here in America with city after city passing laws making it illegal to feed or shelter those much less fortunate than us and the homeless, we take a look below at more signs the globalists may be preparing to bring down the economy on Donald Trump's watch after the Fed promised constant interest rate hikes during the Trump years while only raising the rate once in Obama's 8 years. Are we being 'set up for a crash'? We take a look directly below at a sick new sign the globalists are pushing us all towards brutality.

The story that the Drudge Report linked to this morning from The Sun tells us about a barbaric new Russian 'reality' television show that will take place in the Siberian wilderness and feature 30 participants in a 'Hunger-Games' style survival marathon that is supposed to last for 9 months. In the hopes of winning a little more than a million dollars, the sick rules of the televised 'game' allow contestants to 'fight, rape and murder' each other. Translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic, this 'survival contest' will be broadcast 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for 9 months via 2,000 fixed cameras spread out over 2,225 acres of Siberian wilderness.


As The Sun reports, each contestant will be given survival training by Russian Spetznaz operatives prior to the start of the game and everyone who survives the nine months will share the prize.

“The show will absolutely extreme,” said Yevgeny Pyatkovsky, the brains behind the contest, who also stated that the show won't take any responsibility for anything bad that might happen to anyone during the show.

“There will be no doctors with the participants. If someone gets sick, wounded and realise that he/she can not pass the test, the helicopter will take him/her away to the doctors. Then the participant will quit the game forever.”

“We will refuse any claim of participants even if they were to be killed or raped. We will have nothing to do with this. This will be spelled out in a document to be signed by the participant before the start of the show.”


But while the show’s own rules are that absolutely anything goes, Russian criminal laws will still apply if contestants do end up turning savage. Contestants are told if there is proof of criminality “the police will come and take you away”.

With the UFC and professional boxing still getting big audiences and big paydays and some people attracted to 'blood sports' such as gladiatorial matches where fighters fought to the death going back centuries, are we now witnessing more 'programming of the masses' to accept such brutality, as we previously saw from Hollywood via 'The Hunger Games'? As one commenter points out on the 1st video below, which takes a look at this barbaric new TV show, 'human hunting parties' are already a reality as shared in this book from Carina Hutsebaut. The website Child Abuse Recovery also reported on June 17th of 2014 that European royals were involved in 'human hunting parties'.

The commenter wisely states of Hutsebaut's book, 'it's going to make you physically sick so armour up'. As another commenter said about this new 'survival' show, echoing a comment to me earlier today by Susan Duclos, it's probably going to be one of the most watched TV shows because humanity is getting really sick. Another recent story from The Mirror published on June 21st of 2016 was called "Hunting HUMANS Set To Become Big Business For The Super Rich Within The Next 100 Years". Does anybody NOT see where this is going?

As Infowars reported of the Hunger Games then, the movie series is clearly 'predictive programming.' Watching what's now going on around the world with 'Game 2: Winter' in Russia and elsewhere around our planet with massive hunger problems now widespread as detailed in this December 4th ANP story proves we still have a long way to go.


Another heartbreaking new story from Yahoo News that Drudge linked to tells us that some parents in Venezuela are so poor and so desperate they are giving their children away. And while globalists are busy spending billions on new weapons to bomb and destroy with, Venezuelan mother Zulay Pulgar laments having given her 6-year old daughter away to neighbors to raise while claiming "it's better that she has another family than go into prostitution, drugs or die of hunger." Pulgar and her family live off of her father's pension, worth $6 a month at the blackmarket rate. She says that one chicken dinner will take up half of her family's monthly income and they live daily off of bread, rice and coffee.

Can you imagine getting by on $6 a day much less having to support your family on $6 a month? Yahoo news reports average wages there are LESS THAN the equivalent of $50 a month at black market rates. They also report local councils and national welfare groups all confirmed an increase in parents handing children over to the state, charities or friends and family.

We learn in another Drudge-linked story from Venezuela that a very real 'run on the banks' is now happening there though for the exact opposite reason than what we all might think. Rather than Venezuelans rushing to the bank to withdraw their money, countless residents are standing in line at the banks to deposit any remaining 100 bolivar banknotes they might have INTO their bank accounts. Venezuela has decided to take its largest bill, the 100 bolivar, out of circulation in an attempt to fight against those storing large amounts of them while waging economic warfare.

As the Fusion story reports, Venezuelans are rushing to the banks this week in a desperate attempt to protect their savings after the government gave everyone a 72-hour countdown that the note would be removed from circulation. Amazingly, as the largest bank note in Venezuela, it's only worth 3 cents to every dollar. How many Venezuelan banknotes would one need to have $50 US dollars? The photograph below is staggering.


Spending hour after hour in long grocery store lines under a broiling hot sun in a scene seen over and over again across the nation of 30 million people, Yahoo News also reports Venezuelans suffer shortages of the most basic goods, from food to medicine. Millions are going hungry amid triple-digit inflation and a nearly 80 percent currency collapse in the last year.

And while the Venezuelan government blames the United States for their ills, most economists blame the socialist policies of Venezuela brought in by former president Hugo Chavez after oil prices spiraled downward, out of control. With a staggering number of cases of malnutrition in children all across the country, hospitals that don't have the needed medical supplies and medications are being flooded and children abandoned in trash bags on the streets Yahoo reports.

While giving up her daughter was incredibly difficult, Zulay Pulgar ultimately says that she is thrilled that she did. 

"My girl has totally changed" she said while claiming she'd love take her daughter back one day, she doesn't see her situation improving. "This is written in the Bible. We're living the end times" she concluded. 

Watching what else is happening now in America and around the world, despite the tempered optimism that we have for America now that Donald Trump has been elected president, we might have to agree with her. The 2nd video below outlines the tremendous hardships now going on in Venezuela within which we meet Zulay Pulgar. In the final video below, Alaska Granny shares some prepping tips with us, urging Americans to prepare now because tomorrow may be too late.

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