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October 13, 2015

Dead Hand And World War III - US Drops Ammo To "Syrian Rebels" Days Before Russian Embassy In Damascus Hit By Rockets


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente has often stated that looking at trends of the past have helped him predict future events, specifically highlighting that when economies are about to crash, the central bankers, via world leaders, take us to war.

Which makes it quite concerning that immediately after the IMF, BIS, Citibank and the UN all start warning of an imminent economic disaster, a series events occur that bring us one step closer to all-out World War.

With even the mainstream media, via CNN  finally admitting the situation in Syria is nothing more than a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia, and NYT specifying that it is "U.S. made weaponry" that is turning the Syrian conflict into a proxy war, the latest events show that we may have finally reached the point of no return.

Multiple news outlets recently reported that the Pentagon suspended part of their "Syrian rebel training program," after some of those fighters the U.S. trained and equipped handed over six U.S.-issued trucks along with weapons and ammunition to the al Qaeda-backed al Nusra Front.

What the U.S. hasn't suspended after their $500 million taxpayer funded program backfired and turned into a public humiliation, was the "equipping Syrian rebels" portion of the program, as shown with recent reports of the U.S. paradropping 50 tons of ammo to the so-called Syrian rebels.

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge succinctly captures the ridiculousness of the situation as he quotes a Fox News report stating ""The aircraft delivery includes small arms ammunition to resupply counter-ISIL ground forces so that they can continue operations against ISIL. All aircraft exited the drop area safely," he said in a statement. All pallets successfully were recovered by friendly forces, a U.S. official said." 

Durden reponds:

Yes, “friendly forces.”

Just let the hilarity of that sink in.

The US just paradropped 50 tons of ammo on pallets into the most dangerous place on the face of the planet with no way of ensuring that it falls into the "right" hands (it goes without saying that the term "right" is meaningless there). Meanwhile, the Russians are dropping bombs on the same extremists who are set to receive the guns the US is dropping. 

Of course if it does somehow fall into the “wrong” hands, it wouldn’t be the first time (see Mosul and recall the $500 billion worth of weapons Washington “misplaced” in Yemen) and as we said a few days ago, this is at least great news for the military-industrial complex. It means more "terrorist attacks" on U.S. "friends and allies", and perhaps even on U.S. soil - all courtesy of the US government supplying the weapons - are imminent.

Not two days later we see a blaring headline "Panic as rockets hit Russian embassy in Damascus."

Two rockets struck the Russian embassy in Damascus on Tuesday sparking panic as several hundred people gathered to express their support for Moscow's air war in Syria, an AFP photographer said.

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has said that the shelling on the embassy is an 'act of terror'.

According to the photographer at the scene, some 300 people had begun to gather for a demonstration thanking Russia for its recent intervention in Syria when the rockets crashed into the embassy in the Mazraa neighbourhood of the capital.

One has to wonder if the ammunition used for those rocket attacks against the Russian Embassy will trace back to the U.S.? If so and the U.S. is admittedly still supplying supposed "Syrian rebels" with ammunition, knowing previous supplies have already been turned over to ISIS afilliated terror groups, can that be taken as a direct act of war by the U.S. against Russia?


It has also been revealed that the Royal Air Force (RAF) has been given the green light to shoot down Russian fighter jets that are currently runing a bombing campaign, whih has reportedly infuriated Moscow, the UK Express reports. 

Add to that the newly released reports that China has told their Russian allies "that they will join in the bombing in Syria from their Aircraft Carrier," and what we have ladies and gentelmen is a situation that brings the entire world to the very brink of World War III.

Just taking into account the four main players here, the US, Russia, China and the UK, a look at the Global Firepower, which ranks countries by Military Strength, we see that the four of the top five in the rankings are now actively involved in the Syrian conflict, with the US ranked #1, Russia #2, China #3 and the UK #5 - So we have the worlds most dangerous players, divided into groups and working against each other, and all are nuclear powers. FYI, #4 is India who has chosen, until now, not to interfere, but leans toward the Assad leadership.

Anyone else seeing the implications and extreme danger of this situation?


Flashing back to a 2010 WSJ article, we see the U.S. has kept its "first strike" policy in place, and with June 2015 reports that the U.S. was actually considering a nuclear strike against Russia, and Russian President Vladimir Putin's October 2014 warning that Western states that attempts to "blackmail" Russia using sanctions could strike "discord between large nuclear powers," we have major nuclear powers playing a very dangerous game of chicken.


Perhaps now would be a good time to remind all of Russia's "Dead Hand" system also known as he "Russian Doomsday Device," which insiders allege is still in use. Via Wiki: "An example of fail-deadly deterrence, it can automatically trigger the launch of the Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) if a nuclear strike is detected by seismic, light, radioactivity and overpressure sensors."

From September 2014, via Business Insider :

After Dead Hand was activated by Soviet military officials, "the first thing it does is check the communication lines to work out if there's anyone alive and in charge of the Soviet military," Alok Jha, author of "The Doomsday Handbook," told National Geographic. "If they're not alive, it takes over." 

If Dead Hand did not detect signs of a preserved military hierarchy, the system would perform a check for signals of a nuclear attack, such as a change in air pressure, extreme light, and radioactivity.

If the system concluded that a nuclear strike had taken place, Dead Hand would proceed to launch all of the remaining nuclear weapons from all of the silos throughout the Soviet Union at targets across the Northern Hemisphere.


While many would describe the civil war in Syria as a powder keg, the addition of Russia, the UK, China and the US into the mix, all nuclear powers, brings us to the point where just one spark could ignite an even more deadly powder keg, ending in global annihilation.

Dean Hand reminder video below:


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