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June 30, 2018

Tipping Point Reached - Civil Unrest Has Begun As 'Summer of Rage' Being Pushed By Media To Incite Civil War


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

It is ironic that just one day after we noted that another Google Group of over 400 "center-of-the-left" journalists and wonks was created after the dismantling of the original JournoList in 2010, after media collusion on narratives and methods to kill stories unfavorable to Barack Obama was revealed, that now we see two separate articles in two different publications both warning of a coming "explosion," and a "summer of rage."†

Both articles focus on "rage" or discontent of what they claim is the majority, and both "coincidentally" focus on how Republicans are a "minority" rule, with the Summer of Rage piece at The Cut claiming there is a "grassroots rage spreading through the majority," and the misleading Washington Post piece claiming "You can only ignore the will of the people for so long and get away with it, while asserting "The backlash is coming. It is the deserved consequence of minority-rule government protecting the rich over everybody else, corporations over workers, whites over nonwhites and despots over democracies. It will explode , God willing, at the ballot box and not in the streets."

A quick Fake News alert about the Wapo piece before moving along.

Dana Milbanks attempts to justify Congress jamming through Obamacare by offering his audience and outright lie, when he states "If anything, the fury should be far more intense on the Democratic side right now than it was for Boehner in 2010. The Affordable Care Act was the signature proposal of a president elected with a large popular mandate, it had the support of a plurality of the public......."

Either Milbanks has never heard of a search engine or has decided to simply join the gang of liberal media hacks in wearing the mantle of "fake news" without a care as to truthfulness.

Here is what the polling looked like during the Obamacare debate and during its controversial passage, which shows that at no time in 2010 and 2011 did Obamacare have a plurality of public support and in fact, according to the Real Clear Politics averages of all polls conducted during that time, the majority of the public was opposed.



With the media's constant "outrage" of the day or week, depending on how long they can milk it before the public tunes out, and Democratic politicians like Maxine Waters openly calling for Trump administration officials to be "harassed," along with multiple liberal media outlets like CNN and MSNBC providing a constant flow of rhetoric against Trump supporters, claiming they are all "racist," or "Nazis," while allowing their guests to openly compare them to "rapists," the cumulative effect of their sustained mass hysteria over the past two years, cannot be denied.

The tipping point has been reached.

Despite President Trump issuing an Executive Order on June 20, 2018, which would stop separating illegal alien families that attempting to cross the border illegally, and directing agencies to hold the families together while awaiting their court dates and asylum decisions, the Mockingbird Media had whipped up liberals into such a frenzy that nearly 600 hundred people, including a Democratic congresswoman, were arrested at the†U.S. Senate Hart Building in Washington on Thursday, June 28th, protesting the detention of illegals and separating families.

On Saturday, professionally planned protests are scheduled as part of the†"Families Belong Together" march, which includes more than 700 sister protests planned in all 50 states, as reported by The Hill, organized by open border advocates that support unlimited illegal immigration into America and a return to the catch and release policies of the previous administration.

Also last week was the "protest siege of ICE headquarters in Southwest Portland," where federal authorities, in full riot gear," had to "clear the entrance to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement holding facility," which was blocked by a group calling themselves†Occupy ICE PDX. Seven were arrested in that protest.

Antifa, Occupy Wall Street threaten ICE agents, while Antifa also published a list identifying over 1,500 ICE agents, with Democratic politicians joining an "abolish ICE" movement, and other Democratic politicians leading protests in the street.

That is just in the last few weeks alone.



A perfect example of the consequences of the liberal media whipping their audience into a frenzy is provided by DOJ announcement of "A California man was arrested today in Los Angeles on charges of threatening to kill the family of Ajit Pai, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, for Paiís role in repealing regulations relating to net neutrality."

The media spent months before the repeal of the Obama-era Net Neutrality, claiming it would be the "end of the Internet as we know it" (CNN headline), and the "internet as we know it may not exist" ( CNET headline), yet since the repeal, no noticeable changes have occurred. (Well Comcast did suffer a nationwide outage on Friday, but that had nothing to do with Net Neutrality being repealed.)

The constant stream of attacks, calls for outright harassment against Trump officials, while demonizing Trump supporters, in conjunction with the media claiming that every administrative action or tweet is an apocalyptic event, has brought us past the tipping point.

While† liberals in America are actively escalating in their civil unrest activities, we see in a recent Rasmussen poll that 31 percent of Americans "say itís likely that the United States will experience a second civil war sometime in the next five years."

The more shocking number from that poll is that "59% of all voters are concerned that those opposed to President Trumpís policies will resort to violence, with 33% who are Very Concerned."

Related:†Rep. Steve King says US is moving toward a civil war

Others maintain the civil war has already begun, as USA Today's op-ed writer, Glenn Reynolds, says the "Sanders, Nielsen incidents show it has already begun." He is referencing how DHS Secretary Nielsen was harassed while eating, to the point where she had to leave, and White House press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant for no other reason than she works for the Trump administration.

Reynolds also quotes a Bloomberg piece titled "What Democratic Rage would look like," which states "we're at the beginning of a soft civil war."
"I think we're at the beginning of a soft civil war," political scientist Thomas Schaller said in a telephone interview. "I don't know if the country gets out of it whole."

The heightened conflict of recent weeks led to more ominous rhetoric ó anyone else notice the abundance of Nazi references from sane people? ó and more definitive, unequivocal acts. Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt renounced his party of 29 years this week and pledged to vote for Democrats until decency returns to the GOP.

Law professor and blogger Orin Kerr, perhaps sensing the ugly turn in the air, tweeted: "Few things are more corrosive in politics than the conviction that you have been wronged so much that you're justified in breaking all the rules to get even."

That last sentence says so much. Why do liberals continue to feel so wronged? Because the media continues to treat every campaign promise that President Trump keeps as a crime that will destroy them all. For example, they provide wall-to-wall coverage over the administration's immigration policies, the same polices he campaigned on, such as securing the border and enforcing the law in relation to illegal immigration.†

On Saturday we see two more examples of the press deliberately inflaming their audience, with the forced resignation of a reporter, ending a 21 year career, because after a gunman opened fired at a Maryland Newspaper, killing five people and injuring three, he snarkily tweeted an image of a MAGA hat with the statement "Shooter who killed 4 people at Annapolis newspaper dropped his #MAGA hat on the newsroom floor before opening fire.


He later deleted the tweet, apologized and resigned. Another so-called reporter, from Reuters, tweeted "This is what happens when @realDonaldTrump calls journalists the enemy of the people. Blood is your hands, Mr. President. Save your thoughts and prayers for your empty soul."

That too was deleted and Reuters claims they will take appropriate action, but the level of animosity is clear in everything they write or "report," while at the same time misrepresenting President Trump's actual claims, which has consistently been the "Fake News" media are the enemy of the people, not all of the press. The President has also never called for physical violence against journalists.

The liberal media's latest cudgel to incite their audience is the retirement announcement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and the ability for President Trump to nominate another.

They are using this to incite their followers by claiming 1) This means Roe vs Wade will automatically be repealed, uncaring that an actual case has to be brought before the court, they have to accept said case, and it has to present a legal argument, before the issue even becomes relevant; 2) This offers the opportunity to roll back all LGBT rights and protections; 3) The Senate taking up the confirmation process in during a mid-term election cycle, breaks the McConnell rule, which in actuality was withholding confirmation of a SC nominee during a "presidential" election year.

But why let facts get in the way of inciting a civil war, eh?


Rather than simply reporting the news regarding the Trump administration, the media, and pundits on social media, inflame readers by posting images of children in cages claiming it is "happening now," when in reality those images were taken during the previous administration. CNN's Jim Acosta creates a public spectacle almost weekly during White House press conferences, playing at activism rather than reporting. MSNBC pundits openly attack conservative voters, while the anchors simply allow them to do so.†

The media has become part of the liberal #Resistance movement, deliberately inciting other members of the movement to increasing the levels of civil unrest.


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