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November 20, 2016

'The Year Of The Uprising', American People Send Resounding Message To Battered Globalists: 'Welcome To The New World'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Many American conservatives hijacked the term "deplorables" turning it from an insult to a badge of honor, and now we are going to hijack the term "new world" from the globalists that wanted to implement a "new world order," aka "one world government," showing that our version of a "New World" is where leaders put their citizens first, protect their sovereignty and respect their rights, while kicking globalists to the curb.

Globalism versus Nationalism is nothing more than "The People" versus the "Elite," where globalists leaders across the world sacrifice the needs and best interests of the people they are supposed to represent and protect to the wants of the international community as a whole. In 2016, "The People" have sent a message to those globalists...... Welcome to the New World.



Despite all the dire warnings, skewed polls, and media cheerleaders, the "Brexit" vote, where the people of the United Kingdom voted to withdraw from the globalists entity called the European Union, was a clear signal to the "elite" that their version of the "New World Order" was no longer acceptable and would not be tolerated any longer.

On November 5, 2016, wrote the following:

No wonder that, following the victory of exit and the fact that one of the two presidential candidates in the forthcoming US elections has adopted many of the demands of the victims of globalization, the Transnational elites have been terrified by this rapid rise of the anti-globalization movement. Particularly so as it is not anymore just the neo-nationalist movements in East Europe (such as those in Hungary and Poland) which challenge globalization. Thus, following Brexit, the Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany party (AFD) came second, ahead of Chancellor Angela Merkelís CDU, in regional elections held in September, while similar parties and movements in Italy, France, Austria and the Netherlands have also seen a huge rise in their popularity.

Since then Donald Trump, the candidate that "adopted many of the demands of the victims of globalization," won the presidential election in the U.S. and now we see that France's†far-right leader,†Marine Le Pen, has taken a huge lead over Nicolas Sarkozy in new French presidential election poll, showing that Brexit and U.S. election of Trump, are not the exceptions, but are indicative of a world-wide movement to oust the globalists by people across the world that are taking their nations back from the "international community," one at a time.

Conservapedia describes globalism as "the failed liberal authoritarian desire for a "one world" view that rejects the important role of nations in protecting values and encouraging productivity. Globalism is anti-American in encouraging Americans to adopt a "world view" rather than an "American view."†Globalists oppose nationalism and national sovereignty, and instead tend to favor on open borders, free trade, interventionalism, and foreign aid. Globalists virulently opposed Donald Trump in 2016. Instead, globalists preferred Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz for the nomination, both of whom have voted in favor of the globalist agenda as senators."

In September 2015, ANP noted that Barack Obama proved himself as a globalist very clearly in a speech where he never referenced American sovereignty, but consistently spoke to an "international system," a "system of international rules and norms," †an "international order," †an "integrated world," as well as †"international norms and principles and law," as he attempted to push globalization at the expense of the protection of Americans and defense of the U.S. Constitution, which he swore an oath to protect and defend.

On November 8, 2016, Americans rejected the that globalist version of the New World Order and elected Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States of America.

Many of the reasons why Americans did so are described in the outstanding 3 1/2 minute commentary below, from November 10, 2016.


While many Trump supporters backed Trump because they knew without a doubt that Hillary Clinton would push us further into globalism, many still did so with reservations, fearing that once elected Trump would betray his anti-globalism promises and become just another "politician," and while we have consistently maintained that conservatives should quite nitpicking each and every choice Trump makes as he puts together his administrative team, it is heartening to see headlines coming from political pundits which declare "Outsiders take power in Trump's Washington."

People once confined to the political fringes will be at the center of power in Donald Trumpís White House.

Liberals and even some moderate Republicans are shuddering at the prospect. But it is a source of delight among conservatives who believe the GOP establishment has drifted too far from its core principles.

To those liberals and moderate Republicans:†"Welcome to the New World."

Make no mistake, not all of President-Elect Trump's choices are "outsiders," then again if they all were, there would be no one to navigate the politics of getting Trump's agenda implemented, so that too, must be a consideration in peppering certain positions with those who have experience.

Brexit leader†Nigel Farage highlights that globalists leaders such as Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are "in denial" over the public's rejection of the political establishment. Below Farage states "The poor darlings are in denial, they simply "can't face up to the fact that their worldview has taken an absolute beating in the year of 2016."

To Obama and Merkel: "Welcome to the New World."

The liberal,, globalist supporting mainstream media, the very people that colluded with the Clinton campaign, belittled, mocked, labeled and slandered Trump supporters across the nation, are still whining about Donald Trump not providing them with full access to his every move, with the latest diatribe coming from the opinion section of the Dallas News editorial board, claiming "Trump can't treat press like paparazzi."

Donald Trump may not realize it, but he's no longer a private citizen.

Twice in a week, president-elect Donald Trump has ditched precedent and traveled without the press pool that normally moves with the president. The first was a trip from New York to Washington; the second for a dinner in a swanky New York restaurant after his press people told journalists that his day had ended.

Trump may see these reporters as an extension of the Paparazzi that hounded him when he was a reality television promoter and real estate mogul. They aren't.

The press pool isn't about staking out celebrities. The pool play an essential role in assuring government transparency and an informed American electorate.

What these whiny little journalists don't report is that there is no law on the books saying Trump has to treat them as anything more than what they have acted like throughout this presidential cycle, which is paparazzi. What they do not acknowledge is that Trump can, and might, treat them with the same contempt that they treated him and all of his supporters with, for the last year-and-a-half.

To the MSM: "Welcome to the New World."



The most dangerous animal is one that is injured and backed into a corner, and that is exactly what globalists are right now. They are down, hurt, but not out and that is why we are seeing warnings to prepare for anything. They still have options left to them that could severely harm the world as a whole, and especially America. From collapsing the economy to attempting to assassinate the new world leaders, to attempting to shut down Alternative News media, nothing will be off the table for those desperate to hold power, to promote globalism and to sacrifice their nations to the "international rule."


While "The People" across the world are taking on the "Elite," making it clear that they expect their leaders to put them first, protect them above all else and not sacrifice them to wants of the globalists in the international community, the battle is far from over as they, along with the globalist supporting media, will use every tool in their arsenal to influence the global populace into surrendering everything they have gained in 2016.

Globalists and the the media are taking aim at anti-globalist leaders across the world that have seen such success in 2016, and Donald Trump in particular, because as president of the United States, he can implement an agenda that will destroy their version of a New World Order, so it is imperative that people pray for these brave leaders because they are fighting back against the systematic takeover of the world by socialist globalists, who will not lie down, and will not give up without a fight.


FLASHBACK from April 2016: "We will no longer surrender America, or its people, to the false song of globalism."

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