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September 20, 2015

Why Obama Declared War On Christianity - Is He REALLY Confirmed To Be A Secret Muslim Extremist Backing Head Chopping Loons Who Wants To Become The Madhi?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this new story from NBCNews, the US State Department is now seeking a 'steep increase' in the number of Syrian refugees that will be admitted into America. Telling us that they'd like to streamline the refugee process, allowing more refugees to come into the country, Anne Richard, the assistant secretary of state for population, refugees and migration told National Public Radio the Obama administration is hoping to make this a much easier task for refugees to get into the America.

With the mainstream media in America only airing footage that shows these refugees as struggling people who deserve our assistance while neglecting to show footage that proves MANY of these refugees HATE Europeans and America and are here to do us harm, why would the so-called 'leader' of our country be so willing to put millions of Americans at risk of possible harm by 'streamlining' the process to allow refugees into the country, potentially allowing thousands or more agents of ISIS into the country in the process?

All we need to do is listen to the new Infowars video below featuring Larry Klayman to get a much better understanding about what is now going on...a war has been declared upon Christianity and Christians. Why has Barack Obama declared war upon Christians?


With even Donald Trump recently getting into the fray, telling us that he will be a much better supporter of religious liberty than Mr. Obama has been, we have to ask, is Barack Obama REALLY a Muslim who hates Christianity and has declared war against it and is this why he is wants to allow a 'steep increase' of possible ISIS terrorists into America, giving them much easier access to slaughter Christians in our home towns?

Larry Klayman is the founder of Freedom Watch USA and in this video with Alex Jones and Infowars we learn about what is really happening in America and Europe as the West has been secretly prepared to be overthrown with an Islamic caliphate taking place across the world. All one needs to do is look at what is happening now in Europe, with one Islamic Imam calling for Muslims to mate with Christians to overthrow Christianity from within, to see that an all-out war has been declared against those who are not them.

Telling us that we have reached a point in time when some in the military want and may be planning a coup to overthrow the US government, Klayman tells us that Obama IS NOT for Christians and Jews but he is for the Muslims and is furthering the Islamic caliphate at the expense of EVERYBODY else.


Jones and Klayman also tie the terrorist group 'black lives matter' and their stated goals of killing cops and killing whites to this Islamic caliphate and the desire of many of the 'elite' in America to have a shooting war and a civil war in this country. As Jones asks, will they soon begin arresting Americans who are AGAINST the killing of cops and whites in America? 

This video is an excellent breakdown of what is happening now in America and why we are in very, very deep trouble and quickly running out of time. The video, however, closes on a very positive note as Jones and Klayman share that Americans are awakening to all of this in record numbers and, as Klayman warns, about to rise up, peacefully of course, to defeat the tyrants who are enslaving us all. 


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