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October 5, 2018

Will The Lynch Mob Win Or Will The Epic Meltdown Begin? RINO Republican Murkowski Defects On Kavanaugh Confirmation [Update] Collins & Manchin Both To Vote To Confirm

- The Countdown To The Final Vote Has Begun

(Lib lynch mob protesters try to intimidate Senators on Kavanaugh vote)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Livestream of the final 30 hours of debate before the Kavanaugh confirmation vote is at the bottom of the article.

In the midst of the chaos on the Capitol Friday morning, the Senate voted 51 to 49 to advance Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court, with one lone Republican voting against the cloture vote, which limits the debate to 30 more hours before the final vote by the full Senate is scheduled for an up or down vote on whether Judge Kavanaugh becomes Justice Kavanaugh.

Senator Joe Manchin was the only Democrat who voted in favor of cloture, making the final vote 50 Republicans and one Democrat voting for cloture and 48 Democrats and one RINO (Republican In Name Only), Lisa Murkowski, voting against the cloture vote to limit debate.

Manchin has always been known as a moderate Democrat willing to break with his party on certain issues. Manchin is also a "red state" Democrat, in a state, West Virginia, where a majority of his constituents favor a Kavanaugh confirmation, during a time where Manchin is also up for reelection and is not doing well in polling.

[UPDATE] Immediately after Collins' speech, ending with her announcement that she would vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, WV Democrat Senator Joe Manchin announced he too would vote to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, calling him a "qualified jurist."

With the vote being so close, and a limited number of Republican Senators having not committed publicly to how they will vote in the final confirmation vote, we have been keeping a close eye on the few Republicans that have not committed, which is Senator Susan Collins, Senator Jeff Flake and Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowski revealed Friday morning, after voting against cloture, that she would not be voting to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Murkowski has long been known to be the most liberal leaning "Republican" on the Senate.

Murkowskirinodefector1.jpg(Diane Feinstein corners Lisa Murkowski at Senate)

Flake has just indicated to reporters that he is inclined to vote in favor of the Kavanaugh confirmation "unless something big changed. I donít see what would." When asked if he thought Judge Kavanaugh would be confirmed on Saturday, he replied "I think so."

Below is the scene Friday outside of Jeff Flake's office:


Which leaves Collins, who has indicated that she will reveal her answer at approximately 3:00 pm ET on the Senate floor during her turn to speak.

If Collins is a "yes" to support Judge Kavanaugh's, that brings the tally (without Manchin) to a 50-50 vote expectation, and in the event of a tie, Vice president Mike Pence would be the tie-breaking and Kavanaugh would be confirmed. If Manchin follows what his constituents want, which is a Kavanaugh confirmation, the vote tally would end up being 51 to 49, and Judge Kavanaugh will become Justice Kavanaugh.

[UPDATE] Collins says "I will vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh."

(Protesters and Kavanaugh supporters outside Sen. Susan Collins office)

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There was also a question about Republican Senator,†Steve Daines, who will be attending his daughter's wedding on Saturday, when the final vote is set to occur, but the Montana Senator has made a statement saying he has transportation lined up to return to Washington, D.C. for the vote, and he issued a statement via Twitter making it clear he would "be back to vote YES this weekend if needed."



The liberal lynch mobs have converged on DC, with protesters roaming the halls of the Senate building, harassing and screaming at Republican Senators, specifically targeting those that have not committed to a vote one way or another. 300 hundred protesters, some paid and connected to George Soros, were arrested on Thursday,

Here is a short clip to show the type of liberal lynch mob protesters and their antics in the Senate building as the scream at Senator Orrin Hatch as he is getting into an elevator on Thursday.

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The liberal mobs are all over the Capitol and roaming the halls of the Senate, attempting to intimidate and threaten Senators into voting against the Kavanaugh confirmation, and with the vote tallies so close, one has to wonder if Collins and Flake will cave to their intimidation tactics as Murkowski did, saying she believed Kavanaugh was a "good man," just not right for the court at this time, in what many are criticizing her for and accusing her of rewarding the Democrats' smear campaign against Kavanaugh.

By the end of this weekend we should know if the liberal lynch mobs will win this battle by intimidating shaky Senators into voting against Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation, or if we are going to witness an epic meltdown from liberal protesters, online and offline, if they fail to influence the vote with their antics.

This article will be updated with Collin's decision as soon as she announces it on the Senate floor and throughout the weekend as we keep an eye on the protests, and the final vote.

Below is a live stream of the last 30 hours of Senate debate before the final vote on confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

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