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March 2, 2016

'World Tearing Apart At The Seams' - Expert Warns: 'It Will Be A Bloodbath' - With US Empire Collapsing, It's Clearly Time For Solutions - David Morgan With The X22Report


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The headlines alone of the financial stories on Zero Hedge, SHTFPlan, The Economic Collapse Blog and a few other alt news websites the past few days should be enough to 'awaken' the still-sleeping masses. As we learn in the stories excerpted here as well as the new video reports below, including one from the X22Report featuring David Morgan and one featuring Michael Snyder from the Economic Collapse Blog, the world is tearing apart at the seams, there is much more to come, we are only in the 'early chapters' and the 'red flags are screaming' as the economy begins its implosion. As we learn from David Morgan in the 1st video, the US empire is now collapsing and it's clearly time for solutions.

We've long been warned that the next world war will be fought over resources and food and as we see here, there is really no way to separate what is going on in the financial world from what is getting ready to happen in the 'world of war'. As ANP shared just days ago, many financial experts are now warning the entire system could blow at almost any time and the fact that we're now seeing a breakdown in the chain of supplies, even at the level of the US military, gives us cause for alarm.

As Gerald Celente has warned, "when all else fails, they take us to war." With the world at the edge of system breakdown in the financial world, we're all best served to remember the future will not be like the past and 'normal' is over as another financial expert tells us below. 


"We're In Trouble" according to former FED Chairman Alan Greenspan who, despite helping to create the mess we're in, delivered this stark warning to anyone who would listen: 

“We’re in trouble basically because productivity is dead in the water…Real capital investment is way below average. Why? Because business people are very uncertain about the future. The regulations are supposed to be making changes of addressing the problems that existed in 2008 or leading up to 2008. It's not doing that. 'Too Big to Fail' is a critical issue back then, and now. And, there is nothing in Dodd-Frank which actually addresses this issue."

And finally, here’s the punchline. Asked whether he’s optimistic going forward, Greenspan said this: "No. I haven't been for quite a while. And I won’t be until we can resolve the entitlement programs. Nobody wants to touch it. And that is gradually crowding out capital investment, and that's crowding out productivity, and it's crowding out the standards of living where do you want me to go from there."

According to Art Berman in another Zero Hedge story, oil is quickly heading towards $16 a barrel - only problem is, oil that low will likely lead to an economic bloodbath. We're also told 'normal is over'.: 

"Continued oil prices of $30 per barrel or less are the only reasonable path to higher growth and a balanced oil market," Berman contends, adding that he expects $16.50/bbl - "I think we're gonna get there." Berman concludes ominously, we're not going 'back' to anything - "Normal is over, and there is no new normal yet."

Berman also tells us

In the first half of 2016 there will be a wave of shale operator bankruptcies and defaults on bond payments, a collapse in the high yield bond market which could spill over into other markets, as well as further distress in the banking industry - “will be a bloodbath.”


Since the 'assassination' of Justice Antonin Scalia, most likely via the NDAA's 'legal kill clause', we get an update from SHTFPlan on 'the dead list', who our secret govt plans on targeting next with the US empire rapidly collapsing. Telling us the United States has been taken over, with the last remnants of freedom and liberty now being taken away, we're also reminded this government has an 'enemies list' and it's quite likely being 'executed' as we write this. 

The United States has been taken over – and the last vestiges of freedom are being destroyed and undone. If they succeed, future generations won’t even remember this time, or the liberties and recognized rights that were once enjoyed, and fought for in blood.

Justice Scalia was just the latest of targeted and politically motivated deaths that have taken place during the Obama Administration, and virtually everyone is raising questions about the suspicious details surrounding his death, including the lack of autopsy or official investigation into the possible causes of death.

The motive is simple: subversion of the laws and rights of this country. Obama is likely enough to get a third Supreme Court appointment, in spite of the opposition. If he doesn’t, Hillary might.

Regardless, an effort that has already been well underway is coming to a head. And there is no reasonable doubt that a larger-than-Nixon enemies list exists, and is being executed.


Showing us once more why they're one of our favorite websites on the net, SHTFPlan and Mac Slavo also gave us "95 Survival Tips For When the SHTF", a couple of 'quick barrage' videos that pile massive amounts of info into a few minutes of video that could save our lives.

As we learn in the 1st video featuring David Morgan, with the US empire in collapse mode, it's time for solutions and at ANP, we agree completely. There are always survivors through any collapse and as Slavo shows us in the story linked above, the sooner we prepare for whatever SHTF scenario that might be coming at us, the better off we are.

Of course, here in America, one of the great concerns should always be seen as food. Long-term survival food will help us weather almost any economic storm, whether a cyber-attack upon our banking system that shuts down banks for several days or longer or a total economic collapse which leaves store shelves empty and Americans stomach's empty, food has always held its value. As Morgan tells us here, with the empire nearly in freefall mode, the time for more excuses is over. America and the world need answers and solutions.

In the final video featuring Michael Snyder, we learn why World War 3 may be imminent as the red flags rage all around us. Warning that we've never been closer to nuclear war in most of our lifetimes, we're also told that why we should all be concerned: the events that we're witnessing towards this collapse have only just begun.


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