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January 26, 2016

'Weather Wars', FEMA Camps And The 'Takeover Of America' - Was The 'X-Files' A Dire Warning To America Of What's To Come Or More Predictive Programming Preparing Us For A 'Coming Event'? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Like millions of other Americans, Susan Duclos and I sat back Sunday night and watched the long-awaited premier of the X-Files, a show that both of us had come to enjoy watching back in the 1990's and a show that I can personally say helped to solidify my interest back then as a young man in 'all the things we're not being told and lied to about' by our government.

As we watched the episode (you can see an extremely important part of the show in the 2nd video below from Sgt Report), we saw many of the very same topics that we have been writing about on ANP being exposed to a massive audience on mainstream television.

From FEMA camps to the takeover of America to 'free energy' to the UFO conspiracy to the fact that 'the government' believes they can freely murder anybody they want to at any time of their choosing, were we watching a dire warning to America from X-Files creator Chris Carter or a massive attempt to 'predictively program' the American people?  

Whether or not we like the show we have to agree, Sunday night's show instantly helped to expose over 13 million TV viewers to the topic of Weather Wars, a topic written about by Steve Quayle in his book "Weather Wars" many years ago. Millions of Americans who had never heard of HAARP, government control of food and medicines and many other topics that alternative news outlets have been pounding upon to try to awaken the American people for several years now were instantly exposed to them.


All of this leads us to ask, will this be the only season of the X-Files 'revisited' with the govt soon to shut them down? Or, is the X-Files being used to 'awaken' millions of Americans to the possibilities that it has raised here? One more question to consider; will X-Files be used to lead Americans down 'the wrong' path as Mulder clearly believes they led him?

Is it only a coincidence that X-Files brought up 'ununpentium', also known as 'Element 115', a real 'element' that was only just months ago added to the periodic table? Is it only a coincidence that 'Element 115' was studied by Area 51 researcher Bob Lazar and is believed to help generate the gravity field for 'flying saucers'? 


While at this current moment we are unable to verify whether or not X-Files is being used to help awaken the masses or will eventually be used to lead the masses down the wrong path, we see this new (old) show is getting an awful lot of attention and as the 1st video below clearly tells us, topics that have generally only been covered by the alternative media are now seeing massive amounts of attention from people who may have never been exposed to them thanks to the X-Files. 

The fact that Americans are now doing searches in much bigger numbers than ever before for such topics as the depopulation agenda, EMP attacks, the banking collapse and alien deception should be a good thing for liberty and humanity. Let's hope that this isn't used for all of the wrong reasons as we approach the 'coming event'.

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