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September 20, 2015

Shocking Revelation! Your Doctor Now Works For FEMA And DHS And It Is Not In Your Best Interest


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In this business not a whole lot is "shocking" anymore. Uncover and expose enough government corruption, nefarious agendas, documents showing what the government would rather stay under the radar, and you inevitably become slightly cynical where "verify" comes well before "trust" when it comes to government programs and appearances.

The relationship between doctor and patient should be sacrosanct, especially given the Hippocratic Oath, but after following a link in the details of The Next News Network video shown below, titled "DHS/FEMA CREATE PATIENT TRACKING SYSTEM," we come to an article over a website called MassPrivateI, which is astounding in what it reveals.

The amount of research and links provided backing up each of the assertions deserves high praise..... the writer has done an outstanding job showing that not only are doctors and medical professionals willingly helping DHS and FEMA track patients, they are doing so all the way to the morgue.

We will go over some key points below, offering a few relevant quotes but I encourage all readers to click over to the original article because it truly needs to be read in it's entirety.

The points made are as follows:

Hospitals and health care clinics are tracking EVERY patient for Big Brother and know their identities; Hospitals are putting RFID chips inside name bracelets which allow a hospital to track a patients whereabouts in real-time; 

Companies providing patient tracking devices have close ties to DHS:

Teletracking has a close relationship with DHS, click herehere & here to see a few examples.
Because Versus Tech has a close relationship with Teletracking, GE Healhcare and Cerner Corporation, if you connect the dots, Versus Technology works with DHS indirectly.

Centrak has a close relationship with DHS, click here, to see how they work with the Department of Veterans Affairs government office. Cemtrak, also has a close relationship with the U.S. Army'sAdvanced Chemistry Laboratory.

Stanley Healthcare which is part of (Stanley Security) has a close relationship with DHS, click here,here & here to see a few examples. Click here to read more about Stanley Healthcare's patient tracking tech.

COMCARE, a national advocacy organization has helped to create a NATIONAL patient tracking system backed by FEMA


"The ComCARE Alliance is a broad-based not-for-profit national coalition of 100 organizations representing nurses, physicians, emergency medical technicians, 9-1-1 directors, emergency managers, transportation officials, wireless, technology and transportation companies, public safety and health officials, law enforcement groupsautomotive companiesconsumer organizations, telematics suppliers, safety groups, and others." 

"We are working to encourage the development and deployment of life saving communications technologies that will enhance America's emergency response capabilities. Perhaps most important, we encourage and facilitate cooperation across professional, jurisdictional and geographic lines, seeking to break down the walls that separate us and limit our effectiveness."

Please click over to MassPrivateI for the rest and you will see that right now, your doctor  works for FEMA and DHS and it is not in your best interest.

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