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December 27, 2018

Why 2019 Will Be The Year Of The Prepper - With Civil Unrest Events On The Rise And Wars On The Horizon, Surviving A SHTF Event Should Be A Priority For Everyone


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Any number of events could force Americans to live without the ability to head to the store and pick up dinner or even basics like toilet paper, from a massive weather system knocking out electricity in your geographical area to a terrorist attack, or even just a natural solar event such as the Carrington Event of 1859, but as we head into 2019, we also note other events that could force Americans into survival mode.

One does not have to look at the recent events in France with the Yellow Vest movement, and mass civil unrest that went on for weeks, when we can look into our own backyards, so to speak, such as the out-of-control Antifa groups turning Portland, Oregon into a jungle of lawlessness on a regular basis, (Also Seattle!) to see that tensions are high in America, and the potential of an extended period of civil unrest on a massive scale is more than just a possibility.

Externally we are noting the situations in Syria, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine, any of of which, if the Deep State and the warmongers in the U.S. congress have their way, will lead to global tensions and outright war.

Internally it is even worse for Americans, with the establishment media doing everything in their power to constantly manufacture outrage and violence, liberals in congress trying their hardest to cause a civil war by screaming impeachment at every turn, Democrat politicians stoking their bases liberal anger at anyone that disagree with them, while encouraging outright physical confrontation, and then throw the Antifa groups into the mix, and we see the potential for mass civil unrest coming in 2019.

My analogy is that this is like playing with matches while standing in a puddle of gasoline......eventually something is going to blow.

That is the bad news..... the good news is, whether it is an external event, a solar event, war, or economic collapse, terrorist attack, or mass civil unrest, the best shot at survival for Americans is to be prepared for the worst, so anything less than that is something that you can survive. If we are prepared to the best of our ability, than there truly is nothing to fear.



ANP does not sell survival foods or gear, although we see nothing wrong with those that see the demand and offer the supply, we are a capitalist society after all. I note that we do not offer those items personally to point out we do not profit off of encouraging folks to prepare, we simply believe that heading into 2019, preparation is needed now more than ever.

We have written a number of prepping articles and absolutely love how readers share their tips, ideas, favorite prepping websites and videos, in order to help each other learn little tricks and habits that should become second nature in order to be ready in the proverbial SHTF scenario, but we also note that for many the typical "prepper" tips don't apply due to their personal situations.

Urban Prepping: For example, some do not have a place they can bug out to and live in the city, so they have limited room for stockpiles, or no gardening spaces, but there are a number of websites that deal specifically with "Urban Prepping," or learning to grow items insides their apartments or homes, even during winter months.

The website BePrepared has some excellent ideas for "Prepping in and Urban Setting," such as unique ideas for those with limited space, such as beds or ottomans with built-in storage spaces, or how to utilize your closet space to stockpile more items, and even how to use some of your stored supplies as furniture, like 5-gallon buckets full of survival food as a little side table.

Other websites that address Urban Prepping are: City Prepping, (they have a YouTube channel as well with tips and ideas), Backdoor Survival, The Prepper Journal, Off The Grid News, Urban Survival Site, Happy Preppers, and Skilled Survival.

New To Prepping And Overwhelmed?: Another thing we have noted over the years are those that look into prepping, see what is needed and think, I just don't have the funds or resources or time to do it all at once, so they do nothing. With that said, I have found an excellent article showing how to stockpile 295 pounds of food in one year, spending from $5 to $10 a week.†

What I like about the way Bio- Prepper handled this, is the way the food are separated week-to week, so that after the first few months, you have enough of everything for that same amount of time, then it starts again with the original suggestions, so that after the first year, people have accumulated "36 pounds of rice, 40 pounds of beans, 18 pounds of pasta and 16 pounds of flour. To add protein, other nutrients and of course variety youíll also have 30 cans of tomato sauce, 40 cans of vegetables, 16 cans of fruit and 67 cans of meat or fish. On top of that you have salt, spices and some other extras that will let you turn your stockpile into tasty meals."

As is pointed out at the end of the article, "Best of all, itís done without having to make a single huge purchase; just skip a couple of bottles of soda or bags of snacks each week, and you can spend the money on building up a valuable emergency supply instead."

Bio-Prepper focused on food stocks, but there are also very inexpensive ways to gather other basics, like medical supplies, utilizing sales or even dollar stores, same with batteries, water, and other necessities.†

Related:Dollar Store Finds for Preppers: the complete, original list

The point here is there is no reason at all to be overwhelmed when thinking about beginning your survival preparations, and everything does not have to be done at once. Those that have been prepping for years still add a little here and little there, and it adds up fast.

Other websites with suggestions for Prepping For Beginners, include The Prepper Journal, Survivalists 101, Preppers Survive, Survival Sullivan, and† Graywolf Survival.

Prepping Is Not One-Size-Fits-All: One of the things we see quite a bit of, discussion-wise, are those that insist that prepping "healthy" is the only way to go, versus those that cannot always afford the most healthy, or to buy in bulk, which is why I say prepping is not one-size-fits-all. Sure, the basics are the same, one needs food, water, medical supplies, and other basic necessities, but only you as an individual knows how much you have available to spend, your physical condition, how many you are preparing for, and what is best for you and your family.

One frequent thing I see is people that wave away using a dollar store for stocking up on food, too much salt and preservatives, and granted, if one can afford to spend a fortune on the "right" foods immediately, great, but when a person is starving, any food with calories, nutrients, protein, will keep you alive and if you have a limited amount of money each week or month, you get as much as you can to start building your stockpile.

There are so many different aspects of prepping that it is almost impossible to cover each of them in one article. Heating your home in the Winter with no electricity, making your own soap, finding homesteading tools at garage sales, pickling meats, canning your own food.... you get the point. Those are all aspects of prepping that readers are encouraged to share in the comment section, via links, videos, personal accounts or images.

Have at it folks.


With an increase in violence being seen across the country, from Antifa groups attacking anyone they disagree with, and liberal politicians like Maxine *Mad Max* Waters urging supporters to gather a crowd and start physically confronting those with a different ideology, we are looking at a possible period of upcoming civil unrest, which can quickly lead to economic and societal collapse, where being prepared to survive without the ability to go shopping, could be the difference between life and death.

Externally there are a multitude of dangers, from attacks against the grid, to solar events, and even just dangerous weather events that could cause a loss of electricity where one would have to survive for a period of time on just what is in their home, because we have all seen how fast "panic shopping" can empty store shelves.

So, the bottom line here is we all need to be prepared and there is no time like the present to begin if one hasn't already.

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